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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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NOT GUILTY! Pauline Campbell strikes important blow for women prisoners.

27-09-2007 15:26

Another death provokes another demo by Pauline Campbell.
Yesterday Pauline Campbell was found not guilty of blocking the highway at North Avon magistrates court. The trial followed an incident at the prisons gates on January 24th this year. Pauline had been arrested at the same prison (HMP Eastwood Park) the previous October. She was released without charge. See:

This time the Police had clearly had enough and were determined to get a conviction. In January Pauline was protesting at the death of Caroline Powell a mother of five who had been found dead in her cell. When Pauline did her usual action of blocking the Prison van trying to enter it took the local Police nearly an hour and a half to show up. When they arrived they came prepared with 3 vehicles 6 officers and an evidence gathering cameraman. It was very clear that this time they intended to get a conviction.

Sadly for the cops they could not be bothered (amongst other things) to check the local boundaries, i.e. where the highway finished and the crown property started. They also did not endear themselves to the court by changing the charge against Pauline midway through the process. Her acquittal is a victory for prisoner rights campaigners everywhere.

The photos below have not been published until now for legal reasons.

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Policing the No Border Camp

27-09-2007 13:25

There was nothing all that unusual about the policing of the Gatwick No Border Camp last week: intimidation and harassment, spin and lies, unlawful arrests.. all too familiar to those who've been around enough to realise that the police are not only about stopping crime and fighting terrorism. But it is always worth knowing the details of exactly what happened, how and why.

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We will do what we have to do: RESISTI!

27-09-2007 09:59

Communiqué from the Indigenous Revolutionary Clandestine Committee—General Command of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation.

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Cleaning House : the dodgy functionaries in whitehall . . . .etc

26-09-2007 16:07

. . . . the people that leave MOD procurement to join US-based arms corporations seem to have got very little publicity in comparison to the MPs or political appointees that put a foot wrong to the tune of getting a couple of extra trips out of expenses . . . . the "rotten burrough" of westminster that threw poor people out of theit homes to install influential friends was checked out, but this creeping petty criminal coup of " you scratch my back i scratch yours" is asking for much sharper enquiries - despite the large amount of sacrificial patsies it has got waiting, "pseudo-group" omertas, or old pre-"cyberbullying" scams it twists.

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Ecuador - Indigenous leaders kidnapped, left for dead

26-09-2007 11:42

At the end of August, two Indigenous Leaders in Puyo, Ecuador, were
attacked after months of receiving death threats for their efforts to
protect the territory of the Zapara people in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

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Conspiracy of dunces

26-09-2007 01:41

Following on from the prosecutions of Daniel McGowan & Rod Coronado [1] is the story of Eric McDavid, a young poet-activist currently on hungerstrike and who is back in court next month. Eric was stitched up by the FBI in a sting operation on the ELF that we should all learn from.

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Another woman prisoner dies in HMP Send.

25-09-2007 21:28

Another demo following another death at HMP Send.
Lisa Doe aged 25 died in HMP Send on September 11th. Like the previous death of Emma Kelly in Send last April, Lisa was also on so called 'Suicide Watch'. At her trial two forensic psychologists said Lisa had a 'brain abnormality'. The demonstrators outside Send on Thursday insist that Lisa should have been in some kind of hospital rather than a prison.

Her aunt and cousin arrived to lay flowers and pay their respects.

Bereaved mother Pauline Campbell blocked a prison van taking a prisoner into the prison. She has done this many times before. The Police arrived and eventually she was persuaded to let the van proceed. She usually sticks it out until she is arrested but on this occasion it was not convenient.

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IRAQ: Now we have Article 41

25-09-2007 20:53

Now we have article 41.In brief, it says go to your cleric and he will deal with whatever issues you have.

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Dispatches: Politicians: is it one rule for us and another for them?

25-09-2007 14:58

Last night's Dispatches (repeated Thursday 3.45am) exposed the extent of MPs' perks, the lack of transparency into expenses and top-level collusion to quash attempts to improve standards.

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Consequences of a forced regime change in Iran

25-09-2007 00:03

As the Neocons and their allies continue to push for a devastating war against Iran, they are joined by some Iranian exiles who profess that they cannot wait a minute longer for the war to start. They are claiming, as their Iraqi counterparts did, that they are supporting the Neocons because they want to free the long suppressed Iranian People.

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Just doing your job, officer

24-09-2007 19:38

Taking part in the NoBorders camp near Gatwick, this short piece reflects on two assaults, one robbery and a security alert all witnessed within the space of two short, but exciting hours as a trainee Legal Observer for the camp's action in Crawley town centre, raising awareness. Forget being a special copper, try legal observing. It's far better, and you get to choose your own notebook.

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It's official - swearing's illegal!

24-09-2007 15:33

How an activist got arrested for swearing in Crawley.

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Stop Genocide of Baloch People in Iran and Pakistan

24-09-2007 00:15

Baloch Society of North America
APPEAL TO WORLD : Stop Genocide of Baloch People in IRAN and PAKISTAN

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Forces control 8% of Baghdad

22-09-2007 14:50

Maj. Gen. Joseph Fil, speaking to reporters at the Pentagon from his Multinational Division-Baghdad headquarters, painted a generally positive picture but acknowledged that the fighting remains hard.

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Cops target independent journalists on Noborder march

22-09-2007 13:42

An independent videographer was arrested on the Noborders march today at 12:45. From preliminary reports, it appears that the arrest occurred when he filmed cops who were policing the march (not a crime) and then refused to give his details when asked to do so. It is unclear to us why anyone should be required to provide his name and address when filming the police. The arrest occurred under Section 50 of the Police Reform Act, a recent piece of legislation allowing police to arrest someone who doesn't give details when suspected of anti-social behaviour, so perhaps filming cops is an anti-social activity.

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Thousands Protest racial injustice in US South

21-09-2007 23:02

Racial tensions first erupted after a black student tried to cross an invisible color line and sit under the schoolyard's "white tree" to be greeted the next morning by nooses hanging from the tree.

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Torture of Baloch People is Justified -- Pakistan Government

21-09-2007 21:43

Video Pakistani Minister
"There are some cases of torture for investigations, to know the news and know the network and to enter into the network.In my opinion, for such kind of people and things, you know you have to do something like this." -- PAKISTANI MINISTER

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Anti-racism march! 3 November 2007

21-09-2007 18:41

There will be an anti-racism march in Rusholme, Manchester on Saturday 3 November 2007, in defence of all asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants and all victims of racism.

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John Bowden Update

21-09-2007 14:19

John is being moved to the open prison HMP Noranside, intead of Castle Huntly where he was held before the smear of Matthew Stillman that anarchism=terrorism.