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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Mini report from my last vist to Calais

22-06-2012 19:33

Repression is worst than I have ever seen, I reckon they are really trying to clear Calais of its migrants before the Olympics.

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Decision (not now) expected any time on Assange asylum application

22-06-2012 16:55

supporter outside the Ecuador Embassy, London
Reports from supporters outside the Ecuador Embassy in London are that a decision is expected any time on Julian Assange's asylum application.

Update 6.30pm: no decision now expected today.

Supporters welcome at ongoing vigil outside the embassy.

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Our student union was supposed to protect us, not spy on us

22-06-2012 13:16

by Sacha Hassan

reposted from Liberal Conspiracy

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Ian Tomlinson - More Cops Identified

21-06-2012 18:29

Protestors help, cops do nothing, innocent man dies
Ian Tomlinson - more cops identified - PC Andrew Moore, PC Colin Nye, PC Carl Small, PC Kerry Smith, PC Nicholas Jackson, PC Andrew Massey

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More photos from Wales-Israel match protest

21-06-2012 12:49

Here are a few more photos from yesterday.

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Report and Photos from protest at Wales-Israel match in Wrexham

21-06-2012 11:29

How would you feel if your town was cut in half by an 8 metre high wall?

Yesterday evening, pro-Palestine activists from the local area and across the country including south Wales, north west Wales, Liverpool, Chester, Manchester and London demonstrated inside and outside the Wrexham Racecourse football ground. The action was called in protest at Israel's participation in international competitions while the Palestinian team is prevented from taking part, while Palestinian footballers including Mahmoud al Sarsak remain imprisoned without charge or trial, and while Israel continues to maintain its Apartheid regime.

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Wales-Israel Football Protests

21-06-2012 09:42

Around 50 members of The Palestine Solidarity Campaign organised a protest picket of the Israel – Wales Women's European Championship qualifying match in Wrexham, N. Wales today Wednesday 20 June 2012 – Outside the main entrance of Wrexham Stadium.

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Defend Our Right to Protest: the Olympics and Beyond

21-06-2012 09:27

Tuesday 26th June, 7 - 9pm
Harmony Hall, Truro Road, Walthamstow, E17 7BY

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Wales-Israel football match in Wrexham - Palestinian fans ejected

20-06-2012 21:39

Ejected simply for not following the dress code (no Palestinian shirts)
30-40 people turned up in Wrexham this evening to protest Israel's involvement in the European football Championships, in this case the women's competition. First off, here are some photos of fans ejected from the ground during the course of the evening for making their support for Palestine known in various (in some cases very discreet) ways.

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10×100: sign the call for Genova 2001

20-06-2012 18:57



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Rally for Julian Assange taking place now at Ecuador Embassy, London

20-06-2012 13:06

photo from recent solidarity vigil at the Supreme Court
People are gathering at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London now in solidarity with Julian Assange who took refuge there yesterday and is seeking political asylum in Ecuador.

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Wrexham Divided: WPJF on Israel-Wales match tonight

20-06-2012 08:33

Suppose Wrexham was cut in half by a wall 8 metres high
At tonight's Israel-Wales women's Euro qualifier football match, members of Wrexham Peace & Justice Forum will invite matchgoers to put themselves in Palestinian shoes and consider how their lives might be affected by a wall running through their town, cutting them off from family and friends, education, health care, water, their land and livelihoods.

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BBC lie about events surrounding Ian Tomlinson's death

18-06-2012 21:17

PC Simon Harwood
BBC website lies about events surrounding PC Simon Harwood's killing of Ian Tomlinson

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another eviction wave in amsterdam

18-06-2012 09:00

huge eviction wave in amsterdam tomorow.....

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One week, Two actions: Vigil For Bradley Manning & Rally for Julian Assange

17-06-2012 20:05

Vigil for Bradley Manning at US Embassy
Mon 25 June, 3pm: Vigil for Bradley Manning at US Embassy.
Thu 28 June, 3pm: Rally for Julian Assange at Swedish Embassy.

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Day of Action in Solidarity with prisoner John Bowden

16-06-2012 15:23

London ABC and friends visit the Parole Board.

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Late report on Jubilee Prison Demo

16-06-2012 15:20

London ABC and friends make some noise in solidarity with prisoners inside HMP Brixton.

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Call for an international mobilization in solidarity with the convicted rioters

14-06-2012 23:09

On 13th July the last grade of judgment against 10 comrades, convicted for having participated in the clashes occurred in Genoa in 2001 on the occasion of the G8 summit, will be held.

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Supreme Court rejects application to reopen Julian Assange's extradition appeal

14-06-2012 20:46

The UK Supreme Court today rejected the application to reopen Julian Assange's extradition appeal.