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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Safer Spaces Exposed

17-10-2014 12:21

A Safer Spaces Policy is being launched today, 17th October 2014, the day before the London Anarchist Bookfair, where the seed for the Solidarity Collective was sown in 2013. This seems an appropriate date to choose for our launch.

Hard copies of Document 1 will be available at the Bookfair. We hope for a successful Bookfair this year and that this contribution will result in serious debate and discussion, more awareness of the issues and some positive action to stop the cycle of physical and psychological violence that is tearing us apart.

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Cops at the door - a Bristol anti-repression statement

16-10-2014 15:34

In the midst of a period of intensified police harassment of some anarchists & other radicals in & around Bristol, the Bristol Defendant Solidarity project and numerous other groups have issued a statement of defiance, mixing support & solidarity for those who need it, with legal advice & rights info.

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A month of solidarity with Chelsea Manning (Part 2)

09-10-2014 20:18

A stroll along Dun Laoghaire east pier
Last month, the Manning solidarity crew in Wales and Ireland were back in action, organising a visit to Dublin for Chelsea Manning's Welsh-Irish mother during which Afri (Action from Ireland) hosted a memorial evening for the late Gerry Conlon who died this summer and who met members of Manning's family during a previous trip to Dublin last year.

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International solidarity call for D.A.F & The People of Kobanê

09-10-2014 09:57

Call from Denver Anarchist Black Cross for international financial & material solidarity for Turkish anarchist group Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet & their campaign to open the border so the people of Kobanê can be assisted in their struggle against ISIS.

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War against ISIS/Daesh: Solidarity actions, demos, occupations, clashes.

09-10-2014 09:41

Report compiled by RabbleLDN, anarchist site based in London, UK.
Kurdish groups in Europe and Turkey have stepped up protests in solidarity with their comrades on the frontline in Kurdistan.

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‘In Defense of Kubani’ – Call for Actions of International Solidarity

06-10-2014 12:46

Urgent call for acts of international solidarity with the people of Kobane from the comrades of Anarchist Network, an international network of Persian-speaking anarchists.

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War against ISIS/Daesh: Turkish embassy cars burned in Berlin by Commando Beriva

06-10-2014 12:10

Kurdish Martyred Resistance Fighter Berivan Sason
People of Kobane, hear us. In this bitter hour of the inhuman threat, we see you freedom lovers in the world and we call to you: take courage. The city of Kobane is surrounded by the ISIS-murderers. On three sides ISIS confronts the city. If they take the city. it will inevitably lead to a massacre of the remaining Kurdish people on site.

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War against ISIS/Daesh: Anonymous Declares #OpKobane In Solidarity With Kobane

06-10-2014 11:52

In response to the call for international actions of solidarity with the brave
people of Kobane who are fighting both ISIS and the fascist Turkish military &
Turkish police who are helping & supporting ISIS we hereby declare the beginning of #OpKobane!!

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UG#693 - Social Destabilization Post WW2(Operation Phoenix to the War On Terror)

03-10-2014 18:12

A new speaker on the show, Douglas Valentine, outlines the CIA's development of "Operation Phoenix", which helps explain how the Police State in the USA today has been so rapidly rolled out after 9-11; social destabilization techniques which the CIA tried out in Vietnam and developed in Latin America in the 1970s are being applied in Mexico and increasingly in USA itself. In our second hour, we continue with more from FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds on Gladio Operation B in Turkey, and NATO's links with high level drug trafficking.

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Prisoner Dies In Isolation Cell

03-10-2014 00:24

On 18th May 2014 Mr Koala Rosmane died after two years in Bruchsal Prison, Germany. A few days later the prison director, Mr M, was suspended.

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Revolt at immigration concentration camp, Athens airporf

01-10-2014 20:48

The revolt started Wednesday afternoon with detainees shouting freedom... NOW migrants climbed the wall and say they will kill themselves. All are held solely because of their migration status. The 100 detainees have lit fires in a space much too small for them, and three, who have been held llonger than 18 months have climbed fences and threaten to kill themselves.

Ali Amin from Maroc and Drazi Nordin and Bahrar Ismail from Algerie have climbed a very high wall to protest being held longet than 18months, they are wounded and have put nooses on their necks. They threaten to commit suicide.

They want there freedom

Hunger strike is being held by other detainees:

"Ελευθερία, Freedom, Liberte"

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Mass Lobby of British Parliament for Palestine

22-09-2014 12:03

Some photos from the Mass Lobby for Palestine of the Westminster Parliament on Tuesday September 9th 2014.

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UG#692 - The European Deep State Post WW2 (NATO's Secret Armies)

21-09-2014 04:26

This time we focus on a seminal event in the evolution of European deep state groups, the NATO-backed "stay behind network" which first broke the surface in Italy (as Operation Gladio) but which was a factor in most if not all Western European countries after WW2. Daniele Ganser's particular focus is the role of Gladio in Spain. Our second speaker is Sibel Edmonds, whose main focus is the Turkish deep state and its relationship to the War On Terror.

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Surveillance Project Exhibited in Nottingham

21-09-2014 00:23

Eks’Vee: NTU MA Photography degree show
Nottingham Trent University
Exhibition: 20th September – 4th October

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SOCPA7 Events taking place this week

08-09-2014 19:54

Inside the walls of Europe’s largest animal testing laboratory, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), over 100,000 animals are imprisoned and more than 500 animals are killed every day.

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URGENT : Widespread Arrests of Anarchists & Radical Leftists In Egypt

07-09-2014 13:09

Emergency call-out for international solidarity for anarchists & radical leftists facing severe repression under military rule in Egypt.

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Anarchist report from Ferguson

30-08-2014 22:21

Three Rivers Earth First! sent me to scout Ferguson and do a report back. Here it is.

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Snitch-jacketing in our movements: time to stop destructive rumours

27-08-2014 10:28

Unfounded rumours are destroying the reputations of activists without good reason. In the following statement the Activist Security collective is saying that not only do we need to check this behaviour, but that people who continue to spread unfounded rumours about individuals after they’ve been asked to stop will be publicly named.

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No Borders S. Wales & Stop NATO day of action against racism, prisons & borders

26-08-2014 13:09

A key means through which NATO and its constituent members maintain their power is through the control of the mobility of all but the richest few, which has given rise to increasingly militarised border regimes across the globe.

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Support the Socpa 7

21-08-2014 15:16

Help us to support 7 protesters who are facing up to 5 years in prison for fighting animal testing.