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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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FitWatch faceup to FIT

17-08-2007 10:48

FIT tooled up and ready to go.
The Forward Intelligence Team (FIT) were photographing and video individuals and families, including small children, as they arrived at the Climate Camp on Thursday. This was in addition to permanent CCTV and helicopter surveillance of the Camp.

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Climate Camper Arrested Under Terrorism Act

17-08-2007 09:50

Early this morning, 4 people made their way to Heathrow Airport to support a picket of drivers and warehouse workers at the cargo handler Nippon Express. The staff at the company walked out two days ago after the company once again refused to settle a pay and shifts dispute.

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SOCPA - parliament square GLA raid this morning!!!! URGENT

17-08-2007 09:48

urgent newsflash
gla backed by 'flatcap' officers have arrived at parliament square. it seems they are going to attempt an eviction of the tents there.

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Media Wars - Thursday at the Climate Camp

16-08-2007 20:57

Dancing with .............police photographers
What was the police FIT (Forward Intelligence Team) doing at the main gate of the Climate Camp, today?

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Police use anti-terror powers against environmental protest

16-08-2007 20:41

The Camp for Climate Action got under way Tuesday amidst a major police operation and provocative “terror” stories in the media.

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The Cuban Five: Mission against Terror and Hypocrisy

16-08-2007 19:31

The allegation of «Conspiracy to gather and to transmit information on National Defense» is the technical charge, according to US criminal law (18USC & 794), commonly called «Conspiracy to commit espionage». It is without doubt the central topic of the legal process against five Cuban prisoners wrongly held in the United States...

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CHEVRON to stand trial for complicity in murder of Nigerian protesters

16-08-2007 16:39


US Federal Judge Finds Evidence that Chevron Was Complicit In Murder of Nigerian Villagers

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Fascism of the Heart

16-08-2007 14:15

Tolerance is learned, not inate. The disabled have practically no lobby. Their interests and their rights are simply ignored. The logic of the National Socialist annihilation policy was the logic of the reduction of the person to his/her economic function.

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Russian Nazis execute two immigrants

16-08-2007 12:22

Russian Nazis behead and shoot two immigrants video taping it all!

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URGENT: Don't Deport Pegah Emambakhsh

16-08-2007 11:23

Pegag Emambakhsh is an Iranian national who sought asylum in the UK in 2005. Her claim failed despite appeals and she was arrested in Sheffield on Monday 13th August and is being taken to Yarlswood detention centre from where she will be deported tomorrow, Thursday 16th August.

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Guantánamo detainee details years of torture

15-08-2007 17:25

A British resident, Omar Deghayes, detained at Guantánamo Bay as an alleged terrorist, reports that he has suffered years of torture, sexual abuse and death threats. Last week, Omar’s family released a dossier documenting his terrible ordeal, which he dictated to a lawyer visiting the United States-run military prison.

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Video of police trying to remove super-glue women from climate camp gate

15-08-2007 12:41

Video clip in MP4 H264 low res 320 x 240. 2 mins 30 secs. Approx 4mb.
Use VLC ( to view.

Made available under creative commons non-commercial, attribution, share-alike license.

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No olympic in China until Tibet is free

15-08-2007 11:39

14 Tibetans were on hunger strike, in New Delhi (India) from the 8th of July to the 9th of August. Among their objectives, they wanted to convince international community to boycott the Olympic Games to be held in Beijing in August-September 2008.

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EXECUTION ALERT: Kenneth Foster scheduled to die 30th August 07

15-08-2007 10:25


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Oaxaca Street Art

15-08-2007 00:11

Some photos taken from the street art, graffiti and stencil work around the centre of Oaxaca city.

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Video of attempted mass police incursion onto climate camp site

14-08-2007 23:52

Video is H264 MP4. approx 4mb. 320 x 240, Use VLC ( to view.

Copyright, some rights reserved. Available under the creative commons non-commercial, attribution, share-alike license. Non-commercial means DONT'T upload it to corporate video sharing sites!

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Stand off after police incursion at climate camp, tuesday evening.

14-08-2007 23:00

Stand off
At around 7.30 a group of around 20 police tried to march through the camp but were met with a very large and vocal group of climate campers determined not to let them go any further. After a brief scuffle police retreated and a standoff developed that lasted around half an hour, eventually dissipated by driving rain.

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Unruly militias as British recede

14-08-2007 21:09

Hameed Hussain who fled the city recently says the Iraqi police and army are not in control of the city. "Practically, the militias have the city under their sway."