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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Vans travelling to Scotland: WARNING!

19-06-2005 17:23

Police are hassling van drivers travelling up to Scotland in advance of the G8 protests.

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Leak of Secret Plan to protect G8 leaders Sparks Security Alert

19-06-2005 14:56

Tony Blair's preparations for the G8 summit were last night thrown into disarray as confidential security information relating to the Gleneagles meeting was leaked to The Independent on Sunday.

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Opus Dei cabinet minister supports Plater College closure

19-06-2005 13:37

Opus Dei cabinet minister, Ruth Kelly, has refused to intervene in the increasing scandal over the closure of Oxford's Plater College.

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Stunning Revelations Expose Shocking Vatican Deceptions

19-06-2005 07:31

I thought you might be interested in reading about some stunning recent developments that have decisively exposed age-old Vatican deceptions. I apologize for my anonymity at this time, but you'll fully understand why when you see the contents of this book.

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Activist Trauma Gathering

18-06-2005 15:30

Activist Trauma gathering is happening now in Oxford from the 18th till the 19th June, all welcome, working on logistics of support for anti-G8 activist, and our own support.

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18-06-2005 08:07

A website has been set up which requres 10 000 to pledge they won't sign up for an ID card. So far they are more than one-third of the way there, with an October deadline...

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18-06-2005 01:01

A Call Out For Legal Observers during the remaining anti summit in Sheffield and beyond

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Clowne Videos

17-06-2005 22:22

Video clowns in park
clown videos

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Class Act

17-06-2005 17:01

The sentiment behind the prohibition of panhandling is disguised behind the word “aggressive”. But really, this is about the creation of a class of untouchables and the creeps that don’t want to touch them.

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Six die in Burundi church massacre, two more killed in other attacks

17-06-2005 13:25

"The first criminal attack was committed in one church at Muhuta district where a group of FNL fighters fired in the church and killed six people including a pastor. They also injured seven others," [army spokesman] Manirakiza said.

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Press Reports 7 G8 Arrests in Sheffield Thurs 16th June

17-06-2005 12:49

Corporate media report 7 arrests last night during the Sheffield Anti-G8 protests. Protestors were surrounded by hundreds of police and held for several hours. This follows three arrests on wednesday night.

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Internationals Abducted by Israeli Security Forces

17-06-2005 12:05

On Tuesday 14 June, three internationals were
abducted by two Undercover Israeli agents on the streets of west Jerusalem in broad daylight.

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"Amnesty" spectre looms as Burundi approves "Truth commission"

17-06-2005 10:36

"The government of Burundi has endorsed a UN plan to set up a truth and reconciliation commission as part of the country’s peace process...

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Suprise Attack from the Rebel Alliance

17-06-2005 09:16

Samba in front of the Marriott Hotel
At 7.15am a rebel alliance of Rhythms of Resistance and a squad from the clown army descended upon the entrance of the Marriott Hotel to greet arrivals for the G8 Ministerial meeting.

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G8 Sheffield :: Arrivals for dinner at Cutlers Hall

17-06-2005 02:21

G8 Sheffield :: Arrivals for dinner at Cutlers Hall.

On the other side of the security cordon, a range of VIP's arrive for the dinner. surrounded by a massive police operation, to keep, protesters, the hungry and riff-raff out of the way........

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Operation Octagon Wednesday

17-06-2005 01:22

Defences around the Marriott hotel, were the main ministers meetings are held. Then the police lines in the operation opposing the protest.

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Unofficial Protestors

17-06-2005 00:26

Banner drop at convergence centre
At around 5.30pm at the convergence centre people dropped a large banner over the street between the convergence centre and the building opposite. The banner was a drawing of a business man with his pants down holding the earth saying "the G8 is taking the world behind its back". Police turned up at the convergence centre and attempted to take down the banner. Finally people in the convergence centre agreed to take it down after police threatened to bring van loads of coppers down.

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Heavy fighting and imprisonments after Amsterdam squat evictions

16-06-2005 20:51

On May 31 over ten squats were being evicted in Amsterdam by a big army of riot police during the so-called eviction wave which happens every three months.

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Birmingham City Council Dictatorship

16-06-2005 19:35

What was Birminghams Central Park
Birmingham City Council otherwise known as optima on the parc central estate are dictators

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Sheffield Anti-G8 June 15 Videos

16-06-2005 15:31

5 videos for the streets of Sheffield on June 15th.