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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Brighton Blue Arrow picket pigged out

02-09-2005 19:57

Police threatened to arrest leafletters outside Blue Arrow on Queens Rd in Brighton this afternoon. A seargeant used the Secondary Picketting Act 1992 setion 224 (2) under Trades Disputes law on 3 people handing out leaflets to passers by.

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It’s official – looking like Jack Straw is now a criminal offence.

02-09-2005 19:50

Police yesterday got a bit fed up as South Wales anarchists stubbornly refused to stop looking like Jack Straw.

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Colonialism in the 21st Century: Our Ally, the state of Israel (Part 2)

02-09-2005 16:12

The fraud of the Gaza withdrawal, the garish hysteria of the evicted settlers, and the real trauma of eviction in the occupied territories

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Plans for imminent forced removals to Northern Iraq, Stopped

02-09-2005 15:30

UK cannot for the time being 'Forcibly Remove' Iraqi/Kurds

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Terror: European Union & US neocons against Iran

02-09-2005 12:21

Tomorrow the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will - concerning Iran - report the figures below. The question of course is: with Iran under daily control, who are the criminals within the European Union advocating more war, and who profits* from it?

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'Manchester Asboconcern' Launch Meeting

02-09-2005 11:15

'Manchester Asboconcern' Launch Meeting

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The Amnesty International Pink Tank 'On Patrol'

01-09-2005 12:19

"Love is a human right"

tooooo right!

This is such a serious bit of kit. It really did need its picture taking .....

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Public Meeting 'Return'

01-09-2005 08:25

Earlier this year Hassan Qasrawi returned to his home in Palestine for the first time in forty years. He will give an account what he found at a public meeting organised by the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign, 8 September, Blind Institute, Sheffield, 7.30pm.

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Banned book from former UK ambassador available online

01-09-2005 08:05

Craig Murray was the UK ambassador to Uzbekistan who raised objections to the UK using evidence obtained gained under torture. A preview of the book the government is trying to ban is available online on 1st September only.

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Venezuela offers inexpensive gasoline to USA’s poor

31-08-2005 15:48

President Hugo Chavez said that he estimates that his offer will benefit from between 7 to 8 million needy Americans. He added that his embassy in Washington D.C. has already received 140 applications for the program.

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Iraq’s draft constitution: a recipe for neo-colonial rule

31-08-2005 13:49

The constitution that was endorsed by Iraq’s presidential council on Sunday, and is to be put to a referendum by October 15, is an outrage against the Iraqi people. From beginning to end, it has been written to advance US imperialist ambitions in the Middle East, notably long-term control over Iraq’s oil reserves and permanent military bases in the country.

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Uzbek activist held in mental hospital

31-08-2005 09:38

A leading Human Rights activist in Uzbekistan has been locked up in a psychiatric hospital in an echo of soviet style practices after distributing anti-government leaflets which prosecutors claimed insulted the countrys emblem.

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The american way to Iran ?

31-08-2005 00:26

has anyone heard the rumours going around about all american forces leave behind cancelled from september 14th to november/december time ?

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Jumping the gun on ID cards?

30-08-2005 22:37

Time to get active on ID cards before it's too late

Full article AT THE OPERA: an eyewitness account

30-08-2005 14:35 AT THE OPERA
The police gang like to fence the protestors in and surround them grunting and staring is the tactic and if taxpayers are prepared to be pushed to that level then it is time to stand up for your rights to protest as well. Don't let them stand over your youth and fellow citizens who should be allowed to protest and demonstrate without feeling sick in the stomach with fear and worried about being there.

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Scheme to Assassinate Wayne Madsen?

29-08-2005 17:17

Is the Bush Cabal So Desperate?

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WA/ Satellite Surveillance

29-08-2005 04:04

Similarly to the new rent-a-cop
However, his proposal for using high tech satellite tracking of specific types of offenders in WA could be seen as just another attempt to produce a 'tough on crime' vote winner. Such new technologies always look good on paper. Then comes the serious questions. How does one effectively police it, and will it really act as a deterrent?

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Fishing expedition pays off

28-08-2005 23:30

Arrest after ASIO fishing expedition
But what he actually implied was that there is no proof that Bin Laden was the culprit in his mind. Fair enough because that is what a lot of people actually think too. So what is the difference between us and him? He was raided and a fishing expedition took place in his home giving the authorities material that was otherwise private and confidential.

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ISM: Palestine Olive Harvest Campaign 2005

28-08-2005 19:19


August 28, 2005

International Solidarity Movement

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We're Not in Kansas Anymore

28-08-2005 13:43

At a glance everything pretty much looks the same. But people are being tortured and arrested with no charges. Pre-emptive wars are being waged. We're not in Kansas anymore Toto.