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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Dresden II: Bush takes on Falluja

09-11-2004 04:37

Bush's re-election bears blood-drenched fruit with the assault on Falluja.

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Song...Deir Yassin

09-11-2004 02:25

Old Woman From Deir Yassin Made Homeless By Zionist Aggression
My sincere wish is that people, the world over, shall hear my song, Deir Yassin and be moved by it's message of hope for the Palestinian people. This work is in the public domain and hopefully some Irish, Scottish, or British folk group will find it worthy of recording. None of the groups that I have contacted have ever gotten back to me, so I guess my song sucks!!!

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Coke...The Pause That Kills!!!

09-11-2004 01:14

Student Killer-Coke Can

As you read this article, the Coca-Cola company is using para-military goon squads to kidnap, torture, and kill union organizers at their plants in Columbia, South America.

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Germany: police threatens 16-year old activist with weapon

08-11-2004 20:47

- protests against the tran with nuclear waste rolling to germany
- after the death of the 23-year old frenchman situation seems to escalate
- in the night streetfights between police and protesters
- today: german police threatens 16-year old girl with weapon

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Over 30 Protests all around the UK against attack on Falluja

08-11-2004 18:09

US Soldiers are now storming Falluja. Across the UK there are protests in many towns and cities. People are calling this a war crime in an illegal war. There will be more protests tomorrow (tues) and on wednesday (see below):

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08-11-2004 13:06

Subverting workshop at Maelstrom.

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Rage and mourning across Germany

08-11-2004 12:31

Rage and sorrow have been manifested across Germany at the death of a 21-year-old Frenchman run over by a nuclear waste train in France.

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08-11-2004 06:02

Gypsies are facing eviction from their own land this week,
despite an all-party commission's recommendation today
(8 Nov) that a duty be placed on local authorities to provide
spaces for caravan parks.
Families at Twin Oaks, Ridge, near South Mimms are now
dug in waiting for Blair to act: will they get a place to go
or see their caravan site bulldozed, as happened at
Chelmsford earlier this year.

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Honoring the Fighters of Fallujah - a message to Iraq

08-11-2004 01:49

It is one thing to march with a sign down a street, and it is quite another to do what that Iraq Resistance Movement in Fallujah is about to do, and get on the wrong side of bunker busters and Abrams tanks and F-15 and cruise missiles. My God I am deeply deeply moved right to the core of my being by that Iraq Resistance Movement in Fallujah. I salute them. I honor their courage. I vow from this day forward to remember them, to tell their story. Someday the whole world will honor the Iraq Resistance Movement in Fallujah. I swear it here today, they will.

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The more people you kill the more votes you get!

07-11-2004 22:41

War is peace, slavery is freedom, attack is defence

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Boycott Marks and Spencers campaign. Brighton.

07-11-2004 18:12

Marks and Spencers fund the state of Israel this has been one of their main objectives from its start.

They sell illegal goods off of the Israeli illegal settlements and make statements such as Palestinians should be expelled to countries like Iraq.

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Hard-disks nailed to the italian consulate in Dijon (fr), in solidarity with IMC

06-11-2004 21:35

Trophy of shame nailed to the italian consulate
In solidarity with Indymedia, a gathering/action was called in Dijon, France, in front of the italian consulate. Hard-disks were nailed to the front-door, a banner was deployed and flyers distributed, in order to put pressure upon italian authorities and inform the public about the Indymedia network and the ongoing repression against dissident media. Report below.

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The Final Solution For Fallujah And Ramadi

06-11-2004 18:45

The CIA has perfected the torture techniques inherited from the Gestapo and is now ready to implement its version of the final solution (Endlösung) in Fallujah and Ramadi by killing everyone there that opposes its agenda.

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More dirty tricks against animal right protestors

06-11-2004 14:39

On this coming Wednesday, animal rights protestors will be back in the High Court to hear the outcome of the latest ruling on the injunction brought by Oxford University to crush legal protest.

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America: The loonies have taken control

06-11-2004 00:52

Only Dick Cheney can make "to serve and to guard" sound like "to rape and to pillage".

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poetry night in Neath

05-11-2004 22:29

Poetry night in Neath ..a benefit for Medical Aid to Iraq

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no2id petition

05-11-2004 11:28

click on the link-

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Election 2004: Americans Endorse War, Religious Fanaticism And State Terrorism

05-11-2004 00:17

"...the US is now preparing to implement the final solution for the women and children of Fallujah, creating more mass graves in the post Saddam era. Yet, we will keep hearing about the innocent US civilians of 9/11, but not the millions of innocents that has perished since 1948 or 1924 or even since 9/11."