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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Death of a Glacier: Valle de San Felix, Chile.

09-06-2006 04:18

An email doing the rounds of millions of internet users is upsetting the planet pillaging, and earth trashing 'Barrick' mining corporation.

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RFID to track ACT prisoners

09-06-2006 03:52

(RFID) bracelets or anklets
Inmates at Canberra's first prison will wear radio frequency identification (RFID) bracelets or anklets to track their location, under plans by government.

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Fingerprinting at primary school libraries!

08-06-2006 23:10

Schools are being pushed into using biometric technologies by central government. Many schools are talking about using fingerprints instead of library cards - but some parents are resisting.

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Al-Zarqawi, Tiny Children Killed by US in Iraq

08-06-2006 22:29

In a PR coup
In a PR coup for the Coalition forces in Iraq, an air strike on a building on the outskirts of Baqouba, the provincial capital of Diyala, has reportedly killed al Qa'eda lieutenant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Several of al-Zarqawi's aides were killed in the sortie, including Sheik Abdul Rahman, the al Qa'eda leader's spiritual advisor. The discovery of women and children's clothing in the wreckage of the multi-storey building in the aftermath of the attack suggests carnage resulting from the Americans' 500-pound bombs was not limited to al Qa'eda militants.

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08-06-2006 20:36

Muslims in east London should withdraw co-operation with the police in the wake of last week's terror raid in which a man was shot, a Respect party activist has said. Yvonne Ridley said the community was being "terrorised" by the Metropolitan Police and should end all contact with the force.

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Google IS political...

08-06-2006 19:14

Google want you to join the fight for net neutrality. Meanwhile, Windows PC found to be phoning base every day...

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Home Office thug Reid strikes again! - Support urgently needed!

08-06-2006 16:04

A 23-year-old man of Thai ethnicity was seized in a dawn raid on his flat in Lerwick, Shetland on Tuesday. The Home Office want to deport him to Thailand - where he has no family, can't speak the language, and faces imprisonment or conscription on arrival.

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Greece: Students attacked by police

08-06-2006 15:24

The huge student demonstration that took place in Athens, Greece this morning was violently attacked by the police.

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More than 25.000 students demonstrated today in Greece. Police attacked the demo

08-06-2006 14:38

The police attacked the demo with chemical bombs

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This is absolutely ...UNFORGIVABLE

08-06-2006 02:50

Now, this is absolutely UNFORGIVABLE, And yet, how many more innocent lives have been taken this way? What about tomorrow?

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Haiti: The ICFTU, AFL-CIO, ILO, and ORIT in Haiti

07-06-2006 22:29

Massive layoffs and persecution
The most prominent international labor organizations active in Haiti, the ICFTU, AFL-CIO, ILO, and ORIT, working to support and strengthen labor unions that agitated for the ousting of Haiti’s democratically elected government, have simultaneously refused to condemn the massive layoffs and persecution of public sector workers and trade unionists committed by its illegally-imposed successor.

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possible landmark socpa verdict due on friday

07-06-2006 10:28

war law specialist chris coverdale appeared at bow street magistrate's court yesterday in connection with an 'unauthorised' protest at parliament square in march. his extensive and well-researched defence raised questions about the legality of the war, and the judge will announce his verdict at 10am on friday.

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Who we truly are in Canada

07-06-2006 09:02

Who we truly are in Canada and a serious rebuttal to the unlawful Justice system!!

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The big boys have yachts. The small boys have row boats

07-06-2006 07:33

Gunboat diplomacy
I mentioned at the beginning that the big boys have yachts and the small boys have row boats. Could I suggest that both are vulnerable to shifting tides and the threat of being sunk. It is about time we spoke up and took the necessary action that would sink the rotten ship 'HMS Howard' and end this government's increasing militarisation of the region and his gunboat diplomacy. To not do so will only send us on a voyage from which no one will return unscathed. Let alone our Timorese brothers and sisters.

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A Guided Tour of Class in America

07-06-2006 02:53

The role of the churches grows
BE: It's partly that the evangelical churches have reached for these things, and then there's the faith-based approach coming from the Bush administration where the dream was: Let's turn all social welfare functions over to churches. A lot of the megachurches now function as giant social welfare bureaucracies. I wouldn't have found this out if I hadn't been researching Bait and Switch and gone into some of them, because that's where you go when you want to connect with people to find a job. That's also where you find after-school care, child care, support groups for battered women, support groups for people with different illnesses. As government helping functions dwindle, the role of the churches grows. What's sinister is that so many of these churches also support political candidates who are anti-choice, anti-gay, and -- not coincidentally -- opposed to any kind of expansion of secular social services.

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Activists imprisoned in America video

07-06-2006 01:29

Rattle the Cage Productions just completed a short video on the recent SHAC 7 conviction. The video is intended to spark an interest in those who are unaware of the appalling erosion of free speech in this country ((USA)) and to inform the average American ((and the world)) of the plight of the SHAC 7.

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Anti repression demo - London - 10th June

06-06-2006 23:06



// SATURDAY 10TH JUNE, 7.30PM >>


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The walling up of Al Numan village in the illegally occupied West Bank

06-06-2006 21:56

Al Numan village situated in the SouthWest bank between Bethlehem and Jerusalem, was ignored by Israel when it illegally extended Jerusalem's borders and occupied Palestinan land in 1967. The community of Al Numan are severed from the rest of Palestine by the Apartheid wall, yet they are not considered Arab Israeli so are forbidden from entering Eretz Israel as they have not been issued with the required blue card.
Listen to an audio report about the difficulties this small community struggles against.

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06-06-2006 20:32

There is no "war on terror." The invasion and occupation of Iraq are not part of a "war on terror." Neither are the current threats and war preparations against Iran. The "war on terror" doesn't exist—no matter how many times the Bush administration cites it to justify its aggressions, no matter how often Republicans and Democrats debate how to best carry it out, and no matter how frequently it's referenced in the U.S. bourgeois media.