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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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14-07-2005 15:18

According to corp media, the fourth bomber is ...

Lindsay Germaine (NY TIMES, BBC)
Lindsey Germail (Skynews)

Take your pick and then ask yourself why the corp media would be interested in targeting a prominent antiwar activist for public slander.

To protect the Poodle, that's right!

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Rumour Mongering - turning the tables on the Capitalist Media

14-07-2005 06:18

Or how to create a media system which is a public utility, instead of a capitalist brain washing outfit, in really easy steps...

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Neo Nazis To Return To Leeds To Spead Hatred on July 21st

14-07-2005 04:30

On July the 21st, the psychotic Griffin, the original neo-Nazi Tyndall, and fuhrer fetishist Collett, return to Leeds in the neo-Nazi racist and Islamophobic trial.

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The Ancient Wisdom of the Breath

14-07-2005 01:40

This may be the beginning of the most fascinating journey you have ever undertaken because it begins inside yourself.

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Vigil in Solidarity with those affected by the London bombings

13-07-2005 19:30

12 midday @ Millenium Square
6pm @ Dortmund Square

Called by the Stop the War Coalition and Leeds Social Forum

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13-07-2005 16:58

Here is the "freedom" for which the antichrist of this age George Bush is fighting at its starkest - SLAVERY IS FREEDOM: "the truth of the situation is that ... they cannot get out and it is entrapment from the front end with deceptive recruitment practices, again at re-enlistment time with the threat of deployment to Iraq under Stop Loss, again when contract ends and they are kept in and deployed via Stop Loss."

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Legal Support Group Statement on the Policing of the G8 Protests

13-07-2005 11:36

During the protests against the G8 over 700 people were detained or arrested by the police, often overnight, and around 366 people have been arrested and charged.

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Some people want to remain anonymous

12-07-2005 23:58

"Anna's journey"?
"She actually did provide her full name, Vivian Solon, to independent witnesses who tried to pass this information on to DIMIAA [Immigration Department] officers, and they weren't interested," he said.

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Allegdly Anarchist Bomb in Barcelona

12-07-2005 22:06

An allegedly anarchist "small, handmade bomb exploded today outside the Italian Cultural Institute in Barcelona, injuring a policeman and killing a bomb-sniffing dog", the Italian Embassy and Spanish officials said. The bomb was identified as a "Coffee Pot (mocha or Kafeta) with wires sticking out placed at the enterance of the institute" media reported.

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London suicide bomb attempts

12-07-2005 21:40

Official cover-ups of two suicide bomb attempts in London in the last week?

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Man faces stoning for gay sex.(Nigeria)

12-07-2005 15:46

A man has been sentenced to stoning to death for admitting to having had gay sex by a Sharia court in Nigeria.

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Report of being arrested near Stirling

12-07-2005 14:15

Illegal police action while arresting people near Stirling after blockade of the M9 ended on wed 06.07.05

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2 minutes silence at EDO

12-07-2005 10:04

This Thursday mourners will be observing a 2 minute silence at noon outside EDO/MBM's Brighton bomb factory for the victims of bombings everywhere.

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EDO appeal case postponed

12-07-2005 09:51

The appeal of anti-EDO activists against their conviction for aggravated trespass scheduled for July 13th-15th has been cancelled. No new date has been set for their appeal but it will be posted as soon as it is known.

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Blair rejects calls for probe into bombings

11-07-2005 21:02

Tony Blair's stonewalling attempt reveals that he knows who were involved in the 7/7-05 attrocities. Will Scotland Yard "take him to the pen" or will they let the criminals go?

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11-07-2005 17:55

The writer is a regular on Toronto radio AM640 Saturday nights. He is an amateur intelligence analyst. Sometimes things are not as they appear at first glance. Reaction to these events have orchestrated wars for eons. If we wish to end the scourge of wars we must learn how they are frequantly arranged to benefit the few while harming the many. It is said and revealed we in Toronto are next. May we learn in time.

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European Union Bombed into Submission?

11-07-2005 17:00

So: MI5, MI6, Scotland Yard, The Special Forces and Branches, the Metropolitan Police, all the 'Bobbies' in the streets of London, Military, Air Force and/or 'Naval Intelligence' - and all other domestic and even the foreign 'security services' like the CIA and Mossad have been asleep on their watch? And 'Homer' Clarke 'fixes' the EU ID-cards on Wednesday?

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Support Mehment Tarhan, gay Turkish Conscientious Objector on trial on 12 July

11-07-2005 16:48

Turkish gay conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan is back on trial on 12 July. He has been threatened, humiliated and tortured by other prisoners in the military prison of Sivas, where he's been since 8 April. He went on trial on 9 June, the judge realeased but he was rearrested and put bakc in prison

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Pride in refusing to kill - Defend Mehmet Tarhan

11-07-2005 13:20

Mehmet Tarhan, a gay man and anarchist activist, declared his conscientious objection to military service on 27 October 2001. He has continued publicly to oppose killing, including by the US and UK in wars against Afghanistan and Iraq.