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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Australian SIEV X memorial Canberra 2006

23-07-2006 22:44

353 people who drowned
To mark the fifth anniversary of SIEV X, a permanent memorial will be built in Canberra on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin. Three Perth-based Iraqi men who each lost family are decorating 22 poles to remember their loved ones...

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London demo in solidarity with Lebanese and Palestinians.

23-07-2006 15:48

Singing in the rain.
Considering the short notice (less than one week) the demo was impressively large. Thousands came from all over the country to enjoy the heat-wave in Britain’s most polluted city and protest about the slaughter in Lebanon. Fortunately for everyone the weatherman had lied and it rained from early on in the demo till just before the end. Having been cooked here for over a week it has to be said that the rain was lovely.

Difficult to say how many came there were other regional mobilizations around the country. Definitely over ten thousand.

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The ever popular US Embassy.

23-07-2006 15:07

Bush gets the finger.
The demo was unsurprisingly at its most loud and angry when passing the US Embassy. The blatant way in which Bush and his chums are siding with Israel at present demonstrates yet more hypocrisy and double standards in the so called ‘war on terror’.

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Robert Fisk: A gripping diary of one week in the life and death of Beirut

23-07-2006 14:03

The local Beirut papers are filled with photographs that would never be seen in the pages of a British paper: of decapitated babies and women with no legs or arms or of old men in bits. Israel's air raids are promiscuous and - when you see the results as we now do with our own eyes - obscene.

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jean charles de menezes - solidarity in stockwell

23-07-2006 12:53

despite 'news' on bbc radio in london that this later 'unofficial' solidarity vigil had been cancelled, about 120 people gathered at Stockwell Tube last night, with Caporeira and an open mike.

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Israel, Lebanon, Palestinian Conflict: an Educational Solution

23-07-2006 05:09

Public Information Campaigns in Israel are vitally needed to educate the Israeli Public to (1) the illusory threat of a free and independent Palestine, indeed how this would benefit Israel, and (2) the stain left on the Jewish heritage and soul of Israel by such persistent aggression.

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Website with recent photos from Lebanon

23-07-2006 01:47
Showing results of the attack courtesy of the US taxpayer.

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Joseph Thomas conviction immoral

22-07-2006 23:59


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photos and short report london lebanon demo 22/7

22-07-2006 23:02

usual suspects
7 - 30,000 protestors, depending on who you believe, marched from whitehall to hyde park today. then they went home

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Vigil for Jean Charles de Menezes

22-07-2006 22:26

Approximately 50 supporters gathered this morning at Stockwell Tube station to mark the first anniversary of the murder of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes by the British security forces.

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London erupts in mass protest against Israeli crimes.

22-07-2006 20:11

Demonstrators assemble in the centre of London’s government district.
Around 10,000 people of conscience marched through central London today in fierce opposition to Israel’s mass slaughter of the Lebanese and Palestinian people and the British government’s complicity.

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Newcastle Demo 22nd July Pics

22-07-2006 15:13

Pics from the Newcastle Demo

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Sydney rally against Israeli aggression 22-7-06

22-07-2006 12:39

Sydney Rally
Keysar Trad, from the Islamic Friendship Association, told Green Left Weekly that more rallies, and bigger ones, would be needed if Israel didn't pull back from its invasion of Lebanon.

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A return to the King David Hotel.

22-07-2006 10:52

.. another israel fake cell, this time al-qaeda in Palestine (caught)
60 years ago, on July 22 1946, israel terrorrists - disguised as Arabs - murdered scores of british nationals including servicemen.

This week the great and the good[sic] of israeli politics gathered to celebrate the event.

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Refugees in Lebanon

22-07-2006 10:46

A poem from Prajna

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22-07-2006 10:08


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21-07-2006 23:05

The BBC are broadcasting direct from Trafalgar Square tomorrow (Saturday) as part of their dance week. With many protestors leaving Hyde Park after the march, spread the word and flood the Square. Take over the media. Stop censorship. Do real direct action to show the depth of feeling about this situation.

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Israelis are using Depleted Uranium in Lebanon

21-07-2006 18:51

Below are links to photos showing Israeli forces loading their tanks with depleted uranium weapons.

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Reagan's "Outrage," Bush's Silence

21-07-2006 15:08

What one American president did to stop an Israeli assault on Lebanon, what another won't do.