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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Democracy US style

21-11-2003 16:51

Democracy US style, has about as much to do with democracy, as food McDonald's style, has to do with food.

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Various shots from the Stop The War demo in London 20/11/03

21-11-2003 14:35

Police in Pall Mall
Various images from in and around the Stop The War demo in London, protesting against Bush's state visit to Britain.

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Police Behaviour at Bush protests - Better or Worse? No more anti-terror search

21-11-2003 03:46

In London, I haven't witnessed a single anti-terror search during the week of anti-Bush protests. Did the Liberty case in the High Court have an effect on the police tactics or was I just in the wrong places to witness the searches? If you were searched in London, please let Liberty know, since they lost the High Court case and are due to appeal it next year.

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Thessaloniki 7 supporters at bush demo

21-11-2003 01:26

During the Thursday Stop Bush Demo, I spotted a black and white banner in support of the Thessaloniki 7.

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Occupation for & In Athens

20-11-2003 20:53

Daily newsreports on Greek tv as well as occupation of Athens University tonight

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Congratulations to Laura Peek, Times reporter!!!

20-11-2003 16:03

Congratulations to Laura Peek, reporter to The Times, who managed to infiltrate an open training on non-violent direct action and win a frontpage article. The "hardcore of the protest movement", as well as Indymedia London is happy that Laura survived her adventure "at the headquarters of an organisation calling itself Larc" and lived to tell this tale of stunning investigative journalism to the British public. We also congratulate her on the millions of pounds her article will generate for the honorable mister Rupert Murdoch - defender of the common man and self-styled anti-establishment representative.

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Miami Protests Update

20-11-2003 15:17

The legal marches taking place in Miami are now being declared illegal.

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Bush Visit Protested in Bradford

20-11-2003 01:15

Bradford saw a notable amount of Anti-Bush protest throughout Wednesday 19th November. This included a rally, a visit to the police station and a strange occurance with the bus stops, or should they be...

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Part of Bush Demo in Manchester - Video

19-11-2003 23:04

Video clip of part of the 10,000 strong demo in Manchester on 19th Novemeber 2003.

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police awards - FOXTROT OSCAR !

19-11-2003 21:53

We take it from them all year round - come and stuff up the hypocritical backslapping fest of the state's violent chicken-shit dog-boys.

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19-11-2003 15:25

News posting on a weekend of prisoner solidarity activities in Bradford and Leeds in support of the Thessaloniki 7 and the Campaign Against Prison Slavery.

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Ode' To George W.

19-11-2003 13:27

Seeing as George is about to hit the town in London, I thought I'd post this little something I got down whilst I watched lil' George address his lil' servants in the the Australian Parliament last month. A very sad day in Aussie history!

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From Simon Chapman to Bush in London - policing & repression

19-11-2003 10:55

The policing of mass demonstrations is becoming increasingly repressive and politicised

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Amnesty Guantánamo Bay Demonstration - thursday

19-11-2003 03:50

President Bush Visit

End the US abuses at Guantánamo Bay - Demonstrate!

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Black Bloc: the ultimate logo

19-11-2003 03:21

By Laura Corradi
PhD Universita di Venezia
University of California

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Salonika 7 Hunger Strike: Solidarity Action

19-11-2003 00:49

Seven people arrested last June during the anti-EU Summit demonstrations in Thessaloniki, Greece, are still in prison awaiting trial. Five on them have been on hunger strike for over 41 days and are currently hospitalized in critical condition. A solidarity action has been taking place in Edinburgh since Monday 17th November

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Bush visit: Parliament Square protesters demand protection and rights

18-11-2003 17:29

President Bush’s visit:
As huge sums are spent on security arrangements, MPs call for protection for Parliament Square protesters and their rights

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Bring Down Bush - Solidarity from America

18-11-2003 14:04

I am writing you in solidarity to applaud your protest. Make it loud and vivid for your sisters and brothers in America who no longer can.