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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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G8-Heiligendamm: State paid agent provocateur unmasked

06-06-2007 22:56

Oe of a group of five was catched.
During a G8 summit blockade near Bad Doberan, following repeated media warnings a so-called "agent provocateur" has been unveiled. This violence provoking state employee has sneaked into the peaceful anti-G8 sit-in action and instigated people to violent deeds.

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Prison-death demonstration, Styal Prison, 13 June 2007

06-06-2007 22:30

Demonstration to protest against the death of another woman prisoner
Helen Mary Cole, aged 48, died on 3 June 2007
while in the care of Styal Prison, Cheshire
Demonstration will take place on Wednesday 13 June 2007 starting at 1.00 pm
Reporters and photographers are welcome to attend

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G8 Police 'Almost Raid' Rostock Camp

06-06-2007 21:50

The police intrusion at the Rostock G8 camp this evening was a clear attempt at provocation.

Arriving in force they entered the adjoining field which had effectively been squatted to accomodate the spill over campers from when the site had become crowded.

Report follows below:

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Is leafleting now 'anti-social behaviour' in the eyes of the state?

06-06-2007 21:45

During May 07 a lone female anti-fur protestor had been peacefully handing out leaflets that exposed the fur trade outside a shop which at the time was selling rabbit fur scarves in Droitwich, Worcestershire.

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Starbucks Workers' Union - IWW activist and film showing this thurs!

06-06-2007 10:30

Starbucks Bosses fear the Black Cat of the IWW!

Together We Win: The Fight To Organise Starbucks

Plus a Previously Unseen Undercover Documentary - Union Busting In Starbucks

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The Hypocrisy of Religion: Catholic Cardinal threatens State Politicians

06-06-2007 08:55

SYDNEY-- A comment by Catholic Archbishop George Pell directed at Catholic Premier, Morris Iemma and other Catholic politicians, is clearly an attempt by the church to interfere with matters of State. Is this a case of an insular Cardinal pining for the good ol’ days when the Holy Roman Empire ruled Europe with a corrupt iron cross or is it a case of blatant religious hypocrisy? Perhaps the Cardinal’s comments, relating to stem cell issues, constitute a clear case of criminal blackmail – legal advocates may find a prime target in Cardinal Pell. A legal action could be interpreted as the State clearly delineating a distinction between matters of church and matters of State – Cardinals may discover they can’t have their cake and eat it with impunity!

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Down With Police Terror Against the Anti-G8 Demonstrators!

05-06-2007 23:15

Down With Police Terror Against the Anti-G8 Demonstrators!
For Mass Protests Against State Terror Based on the Social Power of the Working Class!
Down With the Witchhunt Against the “Black Block”!

Spartakist Leaflet - see attached PDF files: statement in English, German and French and Spartakist Jugend (Young Spartacus) statement from 27 May 2007

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Rostock No Borders. Moronic cops attack demo at the sight of pogrom.

05-06-2007 21:25

Cops attempt to kick things off...
In 1992 Germany saw its first pogrom since the days of Hitler. A hostel in Lictenhagen used by refugees and immigrant workers was burnt to the ground by a gang of pissed up nazis as 3,000 local racists cheered them on. The 30 cops in attendance looked the other way and the event became an international scandal. It happened after a hysterical racist campaign by the conservative right and their tabloids (sound familiar?). Following the pogrom racist laws were passed and refugees rights were eroded.

Given the history of Lichtenhagen you would have thought that the cops might keep a low profile?

Yeah right...

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Gender Equality & Homophobia in Pakistan

05-06-2007 21:07

This is shortly what happens on judicial sailoring of two Transgender at their case of marriage in Lahore court district.....

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Rostock No Borders2. Foriegn Office Blockade.

05-06-2007 20:35

First port of call on the day of action against borders and immigrations controls was a blockade at the foriegn office.

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Christians protected under Saddam Hussain

05-06-2007 20:21

A Catholic priest and three of his assistants were shot dead overnight outside a church in northern Iraq, the local police commander said.

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Memories haunt Palestinian refugees

05-06-2007 20:17

An old Arab adage says God blessed humans with the ability to forget their miseries, but for Palestinian refugees in Jordan bitter memories are part of everyday life.

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Sunday afternoon in Rostock

05-06-2007 20:05

A few snaps from Rostock on Sunday afternoon.

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Video Rush: Rostock, Lichtenhagen Solidarity Rally, Police Attack Again

05-06-2007 07:39

Video rush of the Lichtenhagen Solidarity Rally for the 1992 Nazi fire bombing, 04/06/2007.

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Black Bloc in Rostock

04-06-2007 23:14

Black Bloc at the anti-G8 manifestation in Rostock, 2nd June

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SOCPA - THE MOVIE - world premiere

04-06-2007 22:04

for nearly two years, indymedia rikki has been closely following the events and battles around the serious organised crime and police act section 132 which criminalised "unauthorised" demonstrations around parliament. the hour-long film documentary will be premiered at the renoir cinema on sunday june 17th, followed by a panel discussion.

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Video Rush: Rostock, Anti GM March

04-06-2007 19:10

Video Rush of the anti GM March, 03/06/2007.

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[video] Three short movies on Rostock riots

04-06-2007 18:40

Few videos from Saturday clashes with the police

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Families in immigration detention February/March/April 2007

04-06-2007 11:17

Figures obtained by the Ntional C0alition of ANti Deportation Campaigns under the Freedom of Information Act