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G8 Police 'Almost Raid' Rostock Camp

rostock reporting | 06.06.2007 21:50 | G8 Germany 2007 | Globalisation | Repression | World

The police intrusion at the Rostock G8 camp this evening was a clear attempt at provocation.

Arriving in force they entered the adjoining field which had effectively been squatted to accomodate the spill over campers from when the site had become crowded.

Report follows below:

At first the police wanted to enter the whole camp saying they had a warrent to enter, but when challenged they said that they had only applied for a warrent to raid the camp, and were waiting on the approval.

Even so, convoy after convoy of vehicles kept arriving outside the camp - well over one hundred in total - with police units in riot gear and with shields forming up into squads opposite the entrance to the camp and forming lines along the parts of the camp fence that bordered the road.

For a while the atmosphere was incredibly tense, especially as more units arrived and seemed to be preparing to enter the camp.

It should be said that the people inside the camp near the front gate seemed calm given the high level of intimidation that the police actions represented.

Police officers were reportedly heard discussing their operation saying that they would need more units to seperate the good from the bad, and that they had to find evidence of the bad protestors participation in disturbances.

Inside the spillover camping area where around 30 police officers in riot gear had entered, the campers made light of the situation, playing guiters, dancing, and sitting down in front of the police.

As time passed more people were returning to the camp, with some being subjected to random searches of their clothes and bags.

As more press arrived at the camp entrance and began filming and interviewing the senior officer it became clear that the police were standing down as they began to pull their units back and leave the spillover camping area.

What had begun suddenly was over equally quickly with the vehicles pulling out and speeding off in their convoys.

As people emerged from behind the camp gate many were discussing the police actions. "Sure, they just want to intimidate us" said one. "They wanted to provoke us" said another camper, "but they couldn't". Another person said they thought it was a ploy to attract people back from the ongoing blockades to show solidarity with the camp.

Whatever the truth about the intentions of the 'almost raid', the real story of the day is the success of the multiple blockades encircling the roads that lead to the G8 at Heillingdam.

While it seems the authorities have declared all anti-G8 protests tomorrow to be illegal, hundreds of those still blockading the roads have just voted to remain in place throughout the night, maintaining their protest, expressing their dissent.

And I for one, salute them.

rostock reporting