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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Personal Account from Bolivia

11-06-2005 14:45

Personal account of current events in Bolivia

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Video of the Chilean “Demonstration Against the Exclusion” on May 21th

11-06-2005 05:45

A New Video of the great “Demonstration Against the Exclusion” on May 21th, 2005, outside the National Chilean Congress, were the President Ricardo Lagos was giving his last annual account to the parliament.

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Turkey: conference on Armenians cancelled

10-06-2005 16:56

The Platform for Rights and Freedoms in Turkey has issued a statement describing how an academic conference on Armenians in the late Ottoman Empire was cancelled owing to state pressure, with the justice minister calling the organisers "traitors". The statement examines the current state of freedoms in the country, seeing them as more apparent than real.

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banner-painting at rampARTs saturday pm for monday's US EMBASSY TERRORIST DEMO!

10-06-2005 15:15

come and tell bush what you really think! banner-painting from 1pm at the rampARTs (17 rampart st, off commerical rd e1, nearest tubes whitechapel and aldgate east)

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High Noon in Brighton police showdown

10-06-2005 09:42

Suusex police vow to make sure 'ordinary residents and shoppers' don't have their day 'disrupted' by a demonstration in Brighton against local arms dealers EDO/MBM. The demo meets at The Level at noon.

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Insurance condition on G8 march

09-06-2005 20:16

A G8 protest rally near the Gleneagles Hotel will only go ahead if insurance cover for up to £5m is put in place, say Perth and Kinross councillors

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DEFY-ID picket at Frank Field's surgery this Friday!

09-06-2005 19:19

This Friday June 10th Liverpool DEFY-ID are going to picket Frank Field's (he voted for ID card bill last time round) constituency surgery at Birkenhead Town Hall at 5pm.

Please come along and show your opposition to this alarming POLICE STATE legislation.

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09-06-2005 17:55


On June 11th, following a rally on the Level, Brighton peace campaigners will march to John St Police Station and demand that Sussex Police investigate local arms dealers EDO MBM for complicity in war crimes. A bundle of evidence demonstrating EDO’s involvement in the illegal war in Iraq will be supplied. SMASH EDO invites press and anyone who is against the arms trade and for freedom of speech to join them on this national demonstration.

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Is this our most dangerous Newspaper?

09-06-2005 08:48

The Influence of Fools:
They were afraid Lodhi may get more than his weekly ration, the one roll of toilet paper normally handed out to prisoners per week by jail authorities, in his box within a box with no fresh air or sunlight.

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No real alternative media in USA, please help!!

08-06-2005 20:46

I have irrefutable information which has a direct bearing on the militarism, sexism and general dysfunction endemic to american society. This information, if given widespread distribution in the USA, might have the power to undermine bush's plans for world domination.

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Sandra Bakutz acquitted

08-06-2005 18:54

Sandra Bakutz while in prison in Turkey
Austrian journalist arrested in Turkey on February 10, 2005 on a charge of belonging to an illegal organisation has been acquitted at proceedings in Ankara, Turkey which took place on June 1.

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Palistinian Protest Against work of the wall in Ramadeen in Hebron

08-06-2005 17:21

Palistinian Protest Against work of the wall in Ramadeen in Hebron

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Anti-G8 Event in Brighton: How the Cops See Crowds

08-06-2005 16:16

Anti-G8 Event. Please publicise widely>>>>

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Petition against the extradition of Inigo Makazaga

08-06-2005 16:08

Inigo Makazaga is a Basque political prisonerjailed in Belmarsh for more than 4 years fighting against being extradited to Spain. He is waiting for the decission from the Home Office. Here is his story and download, sign and get more signatures for the petition against his extradition.

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08-06-2005 15:38

"This is how we find the dead. We enter any mahallja and ask, "Where are your dead?" "Right here, round the corner," the locals say. Or "Next street", or "Over there."

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Poland fails EU human rights obligations

08-06-2005 12:12

“In the name of the values of democratic Europe, we make an urgent appeal to you: See to it that the “Warszawa Parade for Equal Rights” can take place and that the basic rights of free opinion, speech and assembly won't be violated.”

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JACKSON TRIAL Or Inquisition

08-06-2005 10:00

"Ye shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall
I stand alone in my opinion, among those who hold a S.B. Sheriffs Press credential. But heck so did Jesus. I am not saying MJJ is as good as Jesus, but Jesus said, HIS followers would be persecuted. I have seen that MJJ does much good for inner city kids of all races. He has been persecuted.

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Sheffield G8 in Yorkshire Post

08-06-2005 01:29

An article from yesterday's Yorkshire Post on the protest bans in Sheffield.

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Sheffield G8 Policing plans

07-06-2005 22:41

The details of the repression planned for Sheffield have been released...