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Brad Will's murderers freed for lack of evidence- Reporter San Frontiers

06-12-2006 13:01

Two suspects in cameraman Brad Will's murder freed for lack of evidence.

Reporters Without Borders voiced outrage today on learning of the release of Abel Santiago Zárate, the official in charge of public security in Santa Lucia del Camino (in Oaxaca state), and his bodyguard, Orlando Manuel Aguilar Coello, who had been arrested on suspicion of firing the shots that killed Indymedia cameraman Brad Will during a protest against Oaxaca's governor on 27 October.

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Police seize journalists phone records

06-12-2006 11:25

Apparently it took police 7 months to confess to this

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Sack Parliament defendants' meeting @ LARC 6pm 11th Dec

06-12-2006 11:20

LDMG (Legal Defence & Monitoring Group) will be hosting a defendants' meeting for anyone arrested or reported to the CPS for the 9th October 'Sack Parliament' actions, as most people arrested are bailed to return to Charing Cross police station on the 11th December. The meeting will be the same day from 6pm at LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London E1 1ES. If you are unable to come to this meeting and have not had any contact with LDMG already please email us

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No Justice - video of deaths in custody march

06-12-2006 10:28

Every year for the last nine years, on the last saturday of October, there has been a gathering in London of the friends and family of those who have been killed while in the custody of the state and it's employees....

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International Human Rights Day in Brum this Sunday 10th December

06-12-2006 09:51

This Sunday 10th December is International Human Rights Day, there will be a protest rally in the city centre at 1.00pm outside Waterstones on High Street.

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Sheffield Refugees get further police harrassment

05-12-2006 21:58

Cops arrive at Sheffield house in early morning and threaten violence after being refused entry. After community support arrives and several hours talking they leave promising to return with tools to breakdown the door. The threat turns out to be empty.

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Peace agreement, Olmert's style (by Latuff)

05-12-2006 18:45

Would you buy an used car from Olmert?
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terrorism.

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Letter from Jeff "Free" Luers, Political Prisoner, Dec 1

05-12-2006 16:18

On 3 December 2006 there was an International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners that involved people from countries around the world. In Palestine, the Philippines, Haiti, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, England, India, and the U.S. people marked December 3rd with rallies, marches, and other forms of resistance.

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Official notice of the APPO

05-12-2006 14:35

We greeted with joy the initiative of the EZLN

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Oaxaca - APPO - Flavio Sosa: Mexican police arrest head of Oaxaca activists

05-12-2006 12:22

Flavio Sosa one of the founders of the Oaxaca People’s Assembly, APPO
Flavio Sosa, one of the leaders of the Popular Assembly of the Oaxacan People (APPO), is presented to the media at a police station in Mexico City December 4 ,2006. Mexican police on Monday arrested Sosa, one of the leaders behind six months of protests in Oaxaca that led to violent clashes with riot police.

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Solidarity with Iranian activists

05-12-2006 11:13

Regards the struggle of Iranian activists

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The APPO Lives

05-12-2006 10:45

Communiqué from Somewhere in the State of Oaxaca, from the State Council of the Popular Peoples’ Assembly of Oaxaca

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Oaxaca: your struggle, my struggle

05-12-2006 06:44

Repression in Oaxaca escalated. An international call for solidarity.

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From SC to D.F - the tension increases

05-12-2006 02:49

The lastest from the IMC UK correspondent in Mexico.

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Zapatistas call (INT) day of action for Oaxaca

04-12-2006 23:35

Zapatistas call global day of actions in solidarity with the movement currently being brutally repressed in Oaxaca, on December 22nd AND for actions to take place continuosly around the world. Spanish below the English, Español abajo de el ingles.

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Eye witness report of of APPO tactics and "non-violence"

04-12-2006 20:01

Article of personal eye witness report from Oaxaca on APPO tactics and non-violence.

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UPdate on the murder of Brad Will

04-12-2006 19:51

As reported by Miami Herald Mexico.

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Glasgow: 6 Kids Abducted in 2 Days

04-12-2006 13:52

Dawn Raids on Sunday and Monday in Glasgow have taken 2 families with young children away from their communities. Where's your protocol now Mr McConnell?

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This Weeks SchNEWS - Get Me Out Of Here

04-12-2006 12:08

This weeks SchNEWS

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Possible 14 years in prison for helping MS Sufferers

04-12-2006 10:54

THC4MS supplied cannabis chocolate to people with MS for a number of years, they didn't make a secret of what they were doing, even to the extent of having meetings with the local police. They were under the impression everything was OK 'till the boot came at the door.