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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Polish Solidarity Night In Bradford

05-11-2004 00:08

A benefit night of Polish food, music, and drinking!

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Naming the dead: a small report

04-11-2004 20:54

just a small report on today's "naming the dead" action on cornmarket street

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04-11-2004 20:29

I know you don't want to hear it. You can't face one more hung chad. But I don't have a choice. As a journalist examining that messy sausage called American democracy, it's my job to tell you who got the most votes in the deciding states. Tuesday, in Ohio and New Mexico, it was John Kerry.

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ASCII reopens on Saturday

04-11-2004 20:11

It was reported some time ago on this IMC that the ASCII computer collective in Amsterdam was evicted last month. (The eviction was broadcast from the inside, via a webcam, but anyway.) The good news is that the boys and girls are reopening this weekend, in a newly squatted building in the Wibautstraat, A*dam.

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demonstration against marks and spencer

04-11-2004 16:26

demonstration in support of the boycott of Israeli goods

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Stop the Apartheid Wall!

04-11-2004 14:23

Action organized in Oxford by Oxford PSC

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04-11-2004 02:43

Hello from Seattle!
We are not going to take another four years of President Bush without the letting the world know this country is not united, but deeply divided and Mr. Bush does not have a mandate to continue his war in Iraq.

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Mad Pride release new CD in time or Xmas!

03-11-2004 16:49

Mad Pride are proud to release our fourth CD - the artist DJ Unfit For Work - the debut album - "still alive LAMF".

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Election stolen again: We offer our apologies and embarrassment to the world

03-11-2004 15:37

We offer our apologies and embarrassment to the world.

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Close Campsfield 11th Anniversary Demo Planned

03-11-2004 13:19

A demonstration is planned for Saturday the 27th of November to call for the closure of Campsfield House in Oxfordshire, one of the centres where refugees are imprisoned while their claims are being read. It commiserates 11 years of the centre's existence and pledges contnued support for the people held inside.

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Religious extremists target women as Iraq chaos grows

03-11-2004 10:37

A report from the Organisation for Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI) about attacks on women by religious extremists. For more information on OWFI, see their website at No, folks, not all Iraqis or Moslems are saints, any more than we are. With this level of violence and chaos in a country, there will always be wolves who roam and attack at will (eileen)

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Indymedia solidarity action in Grenoble, France

02-11-2004 23:46

An italian bank has been targetted by the "pirate paint" group, as a solidarity-action towards Indymedia, against the seizure of its hard-disks. This is a press-release claiming responsability for the action.

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Ethnic Cleansing Drive in Britain

02-11-2004 22:12

Borehamwood Borough Council, whose domain includes the world-famous Elstree film studious, is about to spend 250,000 Euro in an ethnic-cleansing operation against nomadic families living on their own land in the district.

But they won't be doing the dirty work themselves. Hired for the job is a company called Constant & Co., which boasts that it carries out a hundred such "move-ons" every month.

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Message from the People of Falluja

02-11-2004 17:38

We know that major new attacks on Iraq's cities are imminent, with the prospect of thousands more killed and maimed civilians. Thursday's Naming the Dead and Die-In at 3.00pm in Cornmarket will give you a chance to express your sorrow and indignation over those already unjustly killed.

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Social housing privatisation scam

02-11-2004 15:42

Across the country council housing tenants are being conned into signing away their homes in the privatisation scam.

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ESF Legal Observer at Kings Cross

01-11-2004 13:10

Behaviour of "official ESF interferer" Jane at Kings Cross station.

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Police Violently Attack Halloween Party (sat night)

01-11-2004 11:02

Thames Valley Police (TVP) attack halloween rave party on saturday night smashing their way into the building pushing everyone outside and then baton charging them down the street, also using dogs. Quite a few injuries from batons and dog bites. FUCKING OUT OF ORDER!

Below are some of the comments on one party noticeboard, pretty clear to see what happened from the number of posts... more pics coming soon

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Australian prisoners' linked to Bin Laden: Ten News

01-11-2004 02:57

Hatzistergos: "For example, because of a perceived risk that they may engage in, or incite other persons to engage in, terrorist activities."

Terrorist prisoners held in a "box within a box" with no "fresh air or sunlight" at Goulburn HRMU may incite alleged terrorists in Long Bay to blow up Long Bay Prison's Twin Towers?

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New Statesman article on server seizure

30-10-2004 19:09

What the FBI did
next (in London)
On 7 October, the London premises of Rackspace, a Texas-based company that houses and manages web-server computers used by Indymedia - the independent, internet-based global information service - received a surprise visit. A couple of men turned up, seized two web servers and promptly shut down 21 Indymedia sites.

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Two anti_Bush activists arrested in Leeds

30-10-2004 17:59

Two young activists arrested at a peaceful anti Bush demo in Leeds, Yorkshire