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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Protesting for the right to protest

21-01-2008 17:53

My freedom to hold a banner
Feel free to download or use this placard idea anytime you need to protest for your right to protest.

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Proof from cases of how Peter Hain and DWP force poverty on people

21-01-2008 13:45

As Rupert Murdoch ['SUN'] 'clears' Peter Hain's wife 'Dr' Elizabeth Heywood from any involvement in Hain's sleaze, it may be only a matter of time before the others also 'clear' Hain of any wrongdoing.

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The Gaza Strip's People are dying, Help us!

20-01-2008 22:58

The Gaza Strip's power plant has completely shut down on Sunday because it no longer has the fuel needed to keep running. One of the plant's two electricity-generating turbines had already shut down by noon.

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PDC fact sheet: Mumia is Innocent! Free Him Now!

20-01-2008 22:28

Partisan Defence Committee Fact Sheet

Murdered by Mumia: Big Lies in the Service of Legal Lynching

Mumia is Innocent! Free Him Now!

Read the PDC factsheet that debunks the renewed lies of the prosecution and those who want to see Mumia Abu-Jamal, death row class-war political prisoner, revolutionary black journalist, the "Voice of the Voiceless" silenced by legal lynching.

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Brighton F.T.P Demo and film

20-01-2008 16:05


That was the uncompromising message delivered by Brighton activists on Saturday 18th on the Freedom to Protest march.

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IPCC to investigate taser incident

20-01-2008 14:51

Bradford police use use taser

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Bangkok Gastech 2008 10-13March 2008 - Join the Global warming party!!

20-01-2008 11:07

PTT corporation of Thailand and other global bedfellows with the Burmese Military junta will be greasing palms at Bangkok Gastech 2008. Joined by evil corporations from around the world it could be the perfect opportunity to infiltrate, disrupt and do some good all at the same time.

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Support the Sequani Six (SOCPA defendants)

20-01-2008 01:14

A member of Coventry Animal Alliance has written the following appeal, on behalf of the 6 defendants currently on trial(at Birmingham Crown Court) for taking part in peaceful protests outside Sequani, an animal testing lab in Ledbury. This was originally written primarily for the attention of animal rights groups, but it is of equal relevance to any group or individual who has an interest in justice.

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Canada Puts US, Israel on Torture List-But Then Apologizes

19-01-2008 22:26

The Neo-Conservative Canadian (Alliance) Government has placed both the US and Israel, which are known to engage in routine torture, on a list of countries known to engage in torture. However, when pressed by the countries' Lobby groups, they relented, apologized, and vowed to alter the lists.

I guess they don't want their siplomats acting in accordance with the facts afterall ...

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Home Office intimidation of voluntary asylum workers

19-01-2008 20:12

The Border and Immigration Agency is now threatening 'unqualified' people who write letters on behalf of asylum seekers with prosecution, as part of their latest campaign to deprive them of any form of representation.

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Right to protest march considered succesful.

19-01-2008 18:44

Brighton freedom to protest demonstration goes ahead despite the comical efforts of Sussex police to impose order.

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How to be a seriously organised animal rights criminal - Section 145 SOCPA.

19-01-2008 14:41

Our hypothetical campaign situation resulting in a civil liberties cluster-fuck happy reading…

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Haiti: FRAPH Founder Toto Constant Opts For A Trial In Mortgage Fraud Case

19-01-2008 13:09

Toto Constant
On January 9 in Brooklyn, New York, former death-squad leader Emmanuel “Toto” Constant, 51, rejected a plea bargain that would have sentenced him to three to nine years for his role in a mortgage fraud crime ring.

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next Campaign for Free Assembly meeting tomorrow @LSE

19-01-2008 12:19

Campaign for Free Assembly public meeting
Sunday January 20th 2pm-4pm
London School of Economics room H216, Connaught House

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Marylebone Rd protest against Total Oil support for Burma junta

19-01-2008 01:19

Eight protestors held a demonstration at the Dorset House Total petrol station at 170-172 Marylebone Rd, calling on Total to stop funding the brutal military junta in Burma with hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

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DC Protest For Sea Shepherd Hostages Video

18-01-2008 22:10

Yesturday, activists from NYC banded together with activists from Washington D.C. to protest the kidnapping and hostage taking of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society members Giles Lane (UK) and Benjamin Potts (Australia). At the end of yesterday's protest activists received the call: The Sea Shepherd heroes had just been released.

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Lack of Cooperation May Kill the Whales

18-01-2008 19:36

"With "allies" like the Australian government and Greenpeace, it is becoming increasing difficult to keep the Japanese fleet from killing whales," said Captain Paul Watson. "Australian Customs deliberately led us away from the fleet and Greenpeace is guarding the coordinates like the crown jewels to prevent us re-locating the fleet."

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Sea Shepherd Hostages Return Back to Steve Irwin

18-01-2008 19:32

Benjamin Potts and Giles Lane reunited with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
The two men were transferred to the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin at 0930 Hours Melbourne time (2030 Hours GMT). Both men were happy to be reunited with their shipmates and eager to return to chasing the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Oceans. Both men reported that although they were roughed up when they first boarded the whaling ship, that they were treated well during their time onboard.

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Institutionalized Spying on Americans

18-01-2008 15:52

This article reviews two police state tools (among many in use) in America. One is new, undiscussed and largely unknown to the public. The other was covered in a December article by this writer called Police State America. Here it's updated with new information.

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"How non-violence protects the state" - Tour starts Jan 23rd 'til Feb 2nd

18-01-2008 12:17

Book Cover
UK speaking tour with author Peter Gelderloos

Jan 23rd - Feb 2nd 2008

*Gandhi said it's better to resist violently than to use nonviolence to
hide your passivity. Meanwhile, Bono, the Burmese military, and 9 out of
10 humanitarian NGOs agree, peaceful resistance is the best!*