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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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UK: Police Monitoring Website Takedown Illegal

16-11-2010 14:43

The takedown of in response to a request from a police officer violates freedom of expression and the website should be immediately restored. The UK should reform its laws as part of its proposed Freedom Bill to require that any requests to remove websites by public bodies or private parties is approved by a judge.

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fitwatch complete archive

16-11-2010 13:51

We compiled an archive of everything we could find of the site.

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The email that closed the fitwatch site

16-11-2010 13:07

Text of the email from the Metropolitan Police that shut down the fitwatch blog.

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Sussex Uni is in occupation

16-11-2010 10:36

About 200 students went into occupation an hour ago at Sussex

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Last Fitwatch post before the site was suspended

16-11-2010 03:23

Whilst we strongly suspect it was our advice to student protesters which led to the Met police contacting our host to suspend our site, this was the last article posted on the site.

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Police Fitwatch Blog Censorship Attempt Laughed Off By Internet

16-11-2010 00:59

Within just a couple of hours of the news that the police had closed down the fitwatch website (1) the piece which so offended the sensitive flowers has been blooming across the internet.

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Greece: American activist seriously injured by 'Delta' squad

16-11-2010 00:23

What follows is a compilation of accounts of comrades who were at tonight’s demonstration in central Athens, close to the injured activist and whose reports are verified and trustworthy. Please spread. We will post more information here, as it comes.

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Fitwatch website suspended for "attempting to pervert the course of justice"

15-11-2010 18:51

Following contact from New Scotland Yard, the Fitwatch website and domain name ( have been suspended for a minimum of twelve months for "attempting to pervert the course of justice".

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Direct action against coaltion and wars-Central London |Sat 20th NOv

15-11-2010 13:23

Everyone to the streets-London24th November. The fightback continues.
March from Hyde Park corner to Trafalger Square and be ready for action.

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15-11-2010 09:28


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Democracy Live? It looks pretty dead to me...

14-11-2010 17:10

Public Notice
Article about a recent House of Lords debate of 8th Nov 2010. Following a question by Baroness Trumpington of the Conservative party asking: "Is any agency responsible the removal of those occupying the pavement in Parliament Square?" , Home Office Minister Baroness Neville-Jones declares the UK government's intention to bring in new legislation to remove the Parliament Square protesters.

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London demo against Western Sahara Killings

14-11-2010 10:14

Whilst tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets across Spain against the brutal removal of a protest camp in Western Sahara, an angry demonstration was also being held outside the Moroccan Embassy in London.

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Government Scraps Several Animal 'Welfare' Laws in Favour of Big Business

13-11-2010 15:40

The Con-Dem Government has scraped several animal welfare laws put in place by the previous government to protect animals in captivity – proving that the Tories aren't just the enemy of the working class, but the animals too!

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Peace Oil in Guildford

13-11-2010 02:21

Peace Oil from Israel
So-called Peace oil is an Israeli product that is on sale in the run-up to Christmas in churches across London and the Home Counties.

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Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Zwei Fuhrers!

12-11-2010 11:46

A message from your masters...

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Call for Action: Stop the repression on Saharawi people

11-11-2010 17:34

By filling this form you will send an e-mail to your country's representatives in the European Parliament in your own language. Please, write with respect and clarity. The aim of this utility is to allow you to reach every MEP with a unique message written by yourself (i.e. not using "copy&paste"):

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Social Service Activist Group

11-11-2010 12:14

We are a reform movement against the abuse of government power that is sanctioned in the secret family courts.

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Jimmy Mubenga demo tomorrow -- Press Release

11-11-2010 11:03

This Friday, 12 November 2010, exactly one month after Jimmy Mubenga's death,
the Mubenga family will march from the Angolan Embassy to the Home Office in
central London.

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November 10th Demonstrator Defence Campaign

11-11-2010 10:28

Were you or anyone you know at the National March against Cuts or at the Conservative HQ in Millbank London ?
Posted on November 10, 2010 by nov10
November 10th Demonstrators Defence Campaign