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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Continuing Conflicts that Create Refugees, April 2010

04-05-2010 12:11

Five actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated and none improved in April 2010, according to the International Crisis Group's monthly bulletin CrisisWatch 81, 04/05/10.

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Iranian dissisdent Bita Ghaedi due to be deported Wednesday - *emergency action*

04-05-2010 10:16

From Maria in Parliament Square:


Bita Ghaedi: airport action tomorrow."

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antifa action

04-05-2010 06:43

antifa action in napoli 1 may

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Vienna: Stop Deportation on the 4th and 5th of May 2010!

04-05-2010 01:07

Protest in front of deportation prison on May 1st in Vienna
The next frontex-collective-deportation is planned to happen on the 4th of May. More than 20 persons, two of them players of the football team "FC Sans Papiers", who are currently arrested in the detention centre Rossauer Lände, are about to be transferred to Schwechat airport on Tuesday. Demonstration: from 12am @ deportation prison Rossauer Lände 7-9.

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Labor Day statements from the Philippines

04-05-2010 00:10

LABOR URGED TO USE LABOR VOTE TO ADVANCE LABOR AGENDA. May 1 protest demands a stop to layoffs and contractualization.

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Election billboards subvertised

03-05-2010 23:11

Messages like “Don’t vote – take control” and “Tories = New Labour” have appeared on Conservative billboards across Manchester.

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Britain's Election: Welcome to No Choice Democracy

03-05-2010 14:22

British voters go to the polls on Thursday in a general election that promises to be historic – for all the wrong reasons.

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Terrible attack on solidarity caravan in Oaxaca, Mexico

02-05-2010 18:47

The UK Zapatista Solidarity Network condemns the attack on an aid and solidarity human rights convoy travelling to San Juan Copola in Mexico. 2 people killed by paramilitary gunfire.

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Non Protest

30-04-2010 22:11

In order to draw attention to the continued existence of the SOCPA legislation concerning the no-protest zone and following on from the comic genius of the mass lone demonstrations, there is due to be an unusual event in Parliament Sq..

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Save Bita Ghaedi from Deportation, Home Office - Pictures

30-04-2010 18:04

Confronting the Home Office.
For the second time in as many weeks supporters and campaigners gather outside the UK Home Office to implore what remains of the British Government to halt the deportation of Bita Ghaedi back to Iran.

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French government officials “deplore” French/Western Sahara human rights

30-04-2010 16:11

Today a cross-party group of 40 French government representatives joined French civil society leaders in condemning the attempt by France to block a United Nations resolution that would introduce human rights monitoring in Western Sahara.

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Notes On The Ways To Solve The Armenian Question

30-04-2010 00:39

The Armenian question or rather the Turkish-Armenian question is a very complex and deep-rooted one and as historical experience has demonstrated cannot be solved through simple formulas.

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Bita Ghaedi Protest, Home Office, London - tomorrow

29-04-2010 13:04

Petition handed into Downing street.
On 5th May 2010, the day before the electorate goes to the polls, Bita Ghaedi will once again face deportation back to Iran on flight BD931 to Imam Khomeini Airport, Tehran. It is the second attempt to remove her, the first failing on 20th April 2010 after widespread grounding of aircraft affected by a large volcanic ash cloud which closed down UK airspace.

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Armed attack against Peace Caravan in Oaxaca, Mexico: Two activists dead

29-04-2010 01:36

A paramilitary attack has resulted in two deaths and three missing, two of them comrades of the Red Kaos. The attack was carried out by a paramilitary group observing the convoy, which started yesterday in the Triqui region.

Beatrìz A. Cariño and Tyri Antero Jaakkola have died. Noe Bautista Daniel Venegas and David Arellano, Red Kaos's collaborators and all members of Vocal, are missing.

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Oaxaca: Paramilitaries Ambush International Aid Caravan, Two Dead

29-04-2010 00:28

San Juan Copala, Oaxaca - On Tuesday afternoon at about 2:50pm, people believed to be paramilitaries affiliated with the ruling party of Oaxaca ambushed an international aid caravan en route to San Juan Copala. At least two people are reported dead.

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Blair Peach killed by police, Met report finds

27-04-2010 10:25

Blair Peach was killed by police at 1979 protest: police report released after 30 years says Blair Peach was most likely killed by an elite riot squad officer.

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Trident: women campaigners to challenge police abuse of power

27-04-2010 08:20

More women blockade AWE on 15 February (not the arrestees)
Four women from Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp(aign) will be attending Newbury Magistrates Court on Wednesday 28 April 2008 to challenge bail conditions which have limited their freedom of movement and freedom to protest since 15 February 2010.

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Press Release - Solidarity Caravan to the Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Co

27-04-2010 07:40

Caravan of local social movements and international observator tryin toward the militarized area of San Juan Copala, under threat of paramilitaries

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FRANCE - call for solidarity - Why we must free the Villiers-Le-Bel Four

27-04-2010 07:27

It's not how it's gonna happen: Why we must free the Villiers-Le-Bel Four

A communique from the Villiers-le-Bel support committee regarding the upcoming trial, on charges of "police homicide attempt" The next 21st of June, it won't be summer time, it won't be the Fête de la Musique (1); it will be the start of the trial of our friends, of our brothers. Maka and three others from Villiers-le-Bel will have to face the accusation of having shot at the police during the riots of november 2007.