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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Deportation Prison in Basel

15-08-2005 10:30

Info and little comments about situation in prison for deportation in basel/swiss

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Community set to oppose downer propaganda: Bashir

15-08-2005 07:47

[file photo] (Rooters)
9-ll, Bali, Spain, Australia's Embassy in Jakarta, London and Egypt all have similarities and follow the same pattern, in that without them it would have been impossible to get the support from the west necessary to pre-emptively and illegally strike a sovereign nation state and whoever is behind these bombings wanted to go into an illegal and degrading war and not preach and teach peasants in Indonesia.

Full article | 1 comment UK IndyMedia interview re: hackers protecting open publishing sys

15-08-2005 02:47

An interview of UK IndyMedia system administrators at DEFCON hacking convention about how hackers can work together to defend open publishing systems. The interview is being released as part of the new site

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15-08-2005 00:01

The Coroner had also set strict parameters
The Inquest itself was also flawed as legitimate evidence and witnesses were blocked by the legal team purportedly representing the Hickey Family and by the Counsel assisting the Coroner. The Coroner had also set strict parameters for what could be discussed in open Court.

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Racism & the GMP - The police's secret hunt for BBC mole.

14-08-2005 14:07

(The Observer) - Greater Manchester Police secretly targeted a black officer who co-operated with a BBC documentary that exposed racism at a police college.

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German police raid activists' house for using 'Yomango' on website

14-08-2005 09:50

From 5th to 13th August, over 100 activists gathered for a week of discussions, socialising and action at the Prekär Camp 2005, an action camp raising issues of precarity, and its impact on daily life and social movements, near Lüchow, north east of Hamburg, Germany.

On Wednesday 10th August, activists from the camp evicted a local social benefits office in Lüchow of its executive, who is according to activists "well known for his strict and inhuman interpretation of the new german labour and social security benefit laws". The following day, police raided and searched a house for an alledged call for criminal offences on the pracarity camp's website. It has now become clear this was in relation to the use of the word 'Yomango' on the website.

The offices of 'Anti-Atom-Aktuell', a monthly grassroots magazine on anti-nuclear issues, were also affected by the raid. They have given out a statement, explaining they are unable to work as equipment and papers have been seized. Some people say the police intentionally raided the offices of the magazine in an attempt to repress media activists. Furthermore, Anti-Atom-Aktuell being a prominant source of information within the anti-nuclear movement, the repression against the magazine, located in the region of the Castor-Protests, is considered by some as an attack on the movement in general. Early July, german police also raided the offices of LabourNet; a german website adressing issues of (un)employment and precarity.

Websites: Precarity Camp | Anti-Atom-Aktuell | Yomango | LabourNet | Photos benefits office eviction

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Notes from new Palestine: revolutionary suicidal tendencies

13-08-2005 22:49

anthany james dawson
it has been 6 years since the martyredome of anthony james dawson and the silence remains by all who thought they once meant something to activism as they lay cozy in union jobs. all the deaf, dumb and blind and coopted media run by the sycophants of can west mediocrity, be it the mainstream facist press to the sellout alternia-rags sold out to arrogant bigots with tunnel vision, no imagination and with axes to grind, still hold no sense to know the question – what time is it?

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Dale Farm Photos

13-08-2005 20:24

A group of activists from Cambridge and London visted today the Dale Farm traveller site, that is under threat of eviction. Here are two photos of the bariccaded entrance -- showing the determination to resist and stop evictions!

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Iraqis say 15 dead after military shooting -- but U.S. denies

13-08-2005 19:48

Iraqis say 15 dead after military shooting -- but U.S. denies

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Figures: UN's nuclear watchdog IAEA permanently controls Iran

13-08-2005 18:06

Coming September 3, when IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei reports on Iran's nuclear activities, the figures below will be used concerning the number of visits in the field to inspect in Iran.

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Iceland actions latest

13-08-2005 15:21

We have relocated to Reykjavik and the camp in the East of Iceland has been dissolved. We have accomplished what we set out to do in the East and are extending our campaign to the capital in spite of heavy state repression, police surveilance and harassment.

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Danish "Rebellion" repressed

13-08-2005 15:21

Danish anti-terror legislation campaign group Oprør (Rebellion) is once again in the searhlight, due to the appeal below, which the police has ordered removed from their site. It is, of course, now appearing everywhere in cyberspace in solidarity.

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13-08-2005 14:57

Around forty Anti arms trade protestors were prevented from marching through Brighton today (saturday 13th August) by over 150 officers, some in public order gear with dogs.

The camapaigners were trying to draw attention to local arms dealers EDO MBM.

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Sussex Police show customary restraint towards peace demo - ringleader nicked

13-08-2005 14:26

In a typically restrained and reasonable manner, Sussex Police stopped an attempted march through Brighton against local arms manufacturer EDO.

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Civil Liberties - Torture - An Idea For Our Time

13-08-2005 10:36

Civil Liberties
Torture - An Idea For Our Time

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Under the Shadow of 'Disengagement'

12-08-2005 19:55


Please find below the link to an article by Mijal Grinberg,an Israeli jewish anti-occupation activist. Mijal has taken part in anti-occupation anti-wall protests on a regular basis, and writes about them.

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Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty new operative phrase for former 'D'-notic

12-08-2005 14:59

The seizure by police in Bristol of an IndyMedia server is a worrying example of the growing gap between the so-called establishment and the ordinary citizen, or as was more widely known to many, "them and us".

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OutRage!- The Iran demo + pic links

12-08-2005 11:42

OutRage's demo 11 Aug Iranian Embassy

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12-08-2005 06:12

It is not often that semantics attracts our attention, but the recent media saturation with the latest word-fad has prompted this response. The latest word that is ‘sweeping’ through the vocabularies of all right-wing speech writers is (you got it) “sweeping”! Have you noticed that there’s a ‘whole lot of sweeping going on’? “Sweeping new terrorist laws; sweeping new security measures; sweeping new changes”, etc. It is a shame that Bush, Blair and Howard haven’t been swept out of office. But it’s a bigger shame that we are being swept back into a quasi-feudal world of Lords and slaves – no need to guess what your status will be, but more on that later – for now, “the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. Disregard it at your own peril!