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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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DJ Snow is a bent judge and a blithering corrupt idiot

12-04-2008 07:52

what a tangled web they weave when they lie through their f*cking teeth


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Sir Ian Blair - Political Prisoners: Guts For Garters Mate!

12-04-2008 07:42

hell hath no fury as a mother LIONESS roaring in protection of her cubs

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Home Office Protest Over Forced Deportation of Iraqi Kurds

11-04-2008 18:22

The New Iraq
Around 80 people, many Iraqi Kurds, demonstrated at the Home Office in London today, Friday 11 April, demanding an end to forced deportations to Iraq.
Photographs are copyright, (C) 2008, Peter Marshall. All rights reserved.

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SOCPA - barbara tucker jailed for two weeks

11-04-2008 17:05

yesterday morning barbara tucker was arrested in parliament square for alleged breach of police bail
after being held for about 29 hours, she eventually was brought before district judge snow at horseferry road who sentenced her to two weeks in prison

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Asking Wallace Art Collection not to accept Total Blood Money

11-04-2008 15:19

The group again visited the Wallace Art Collection at Hertford House, Manchester Square, London on April 9th. They have been considering accepting money from the French oil company, Total that is the largest western sponsor of the brutal military junta in Burma and whose pipeline was built with slave labour. Total seeks to whitewash its dirty image by associating with the Arts.

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Oaxaca: indigenous, autonomous community radio journalists shot

11-04-2008 11:46

(ARTICLE 19/CENCOS/IFEX) - Two announcers of La Voz que Rompe el Silencio community radio station, which is based in San Juan Copala, Oaxaca state, in southeast Mexico, were shot dead when traveling on the highway connecting Joya del Mamey to Putla de Guerrero, two settlements in Oaxaca. Dead are Felicitas Martinez Sachez, 21, and Teresa Bautista Merino, 24. Four other people were wounded.

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Wed 16th: Demo in solidarity to the Harmondsworth detainees

11-04-2008 11:31

Althogh many detainees have resumed eating following the repression, some are still on hunger strike. The repression continues, we just had news that another of the hunger strikers has been taken and put in isolation. The detainees want us to demonstrate and make their voice heard.

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Cannabis Campaigners Complain about Spinning Brains

11-04-2008 09:44

Alun Buffry BSc, of the LCA, said: “This is serious scientific research and must be followed up immediately, yet it is being ignored by this Government. Likewise, the recommendations of the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD). After asking for a review on cannabis classification in law, it appears about to be tossed aside for expedient short term electoral gains.”

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Another TOTAL demo in Chester

11-04-2008 07:52

Completely empty forecourt
Members and supporters of Wrexham Women for Peace and Wrexham Peace and Justice Forum visited the TOTAL petrol station in Hoole, Chester again last night as part of the continuing calls for TOTAL to get out of Burma.

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Campaign for Free Assembly Next Public Meeting Saturday 12th April

11-04-2008 07:29

photograph by D. Viesnik
Saturday 12th April, 2-4pm. London School of Economics, Connaught House, room H102 (Holborn).

It’s time we had freedom to publicly assemble in the UK. The Campaign for Free Assembly is a group of individuals campaigning against the existing legislation restricting our freedom to assemble and the continued police repression of protest.

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All out on 19 April! Free Mumia now! (Includes new leaflet and endorsers)

11-04-2008 00:35

Free Mumia now!

Mumia Abu-Jamal
is innocent!

Abolish the racist
death penalty!

Saturday 19 April
1pm, US Embassy,
Grosvenor Square, London W1A
(Nearest Tube: Bond Street)

See attached PDF leaflet, contact the PDC for more information and to help build the demonstration, to speak and to endorse the protest. 020 7281 5504

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Struggles And Riots Against The High Cost Of Living In West Africa

10-04-2008 22:05

Demo in Abidjan
After demonstrations and riots in Burkina Faso and the bloody repression of the riots (perhaps 200 dead) and demonstrations by young people and workers in Cameroon at the end of February (a hasty justice pronounced hundreds of judgments against the young people, sometimes rounded up randomly, of years in prison), it is the turn of the Ivory Coast and Senegal to undergo demonstrations, struggles and... repression.

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April 9th: Iraq, Fifth Anniversary of “Liberation”

10-04-2008 21:57

Iraqis have had yet another western insult imposed upon them: the fifth anniversary of “liberation” and the shameful, staged toppling of the statue of President Saddam Hussein, the face covered by an American flag, by a US marine. A flag, the world was told, which had been rescued from the Twin Towers. Like the alleged hijacker's passport ( the latter presumably chucked from the 'plane before impact) the flag too, survived an inferno that melted steel. The Pentagon PR machine must have burned a lot of midnight oil dreaming up that rubbish. The statue's fall began the systematic destruction and erasure of the history of Mesopotamia and our humanity, ancient and modern.

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SOCPA - two arrests at parliament square today

10-04-2008 21:06

police arrested barbara tucker this morning and haven't taken her to court today, instead holding her overnight yet again to appear in the morning
charity sweet was also arrested for an alleged public order offence late this afternoon

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Dear DS Sunman ... from Babs Tucker

10-04-2008 06:55

Last night, Babs and the Ninja Ant made a citizens arrest of Mayor Ken Livingstone... the videos will be posted soon...

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Defend Tibet. Boycott Olympic Games. No Beijing 2008

09-04-2008 22:10

The famous monk Lobsang Jinpa is dead. Long life to Lobsang Jinpa!

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Follow SF Olympic Torch Tibet Protests here:

09-04-2008 20:31

Bus Stop Block (crazy driver)
On March 19, Direct Action to Stop the War successfully used Twitter for coordinating protest information. Today, Olympic Torch SF will attempt to pick up where DASW left, and expand the use of twitter into an open-publishing platform for news on the San Francisco Olympic Torch relay and the related protests.

For ongoing text-based coverage, please follow the SFTorch twitter account.

and of course here:


LIVE VIDEO (if it works ;)

from Students for a Free Tibet:
from Direct Action to Stop the War:
from Dimension7:


from Students for a Free Tibet:
from Team Tibet:

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Two indigenous radio announcers killed and four injured in ambush in Oaxaca

09-04-2008 14:43

Two announcers of the radio station ´´La Voz que Rompe el Silencio`` (the Voice that Breaks the Silence) were assasinated on April 7th whilst travelling by car to the west of the city of Oaxaca according to the civil society organisation Centro de Apoyo Comunitario Trabajando Unidos (CACTUS - Centre for Community Support Working in Unity).

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Harmondsworth: solidarity needed

09-04-2008 13:48

Please write urgently to the Home Secretary and ask others to do the same.

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N.S.W. Government Medical Officer of HealthQuest Terminated

09-04-2008 12:59

HealthQuest is the N.S.W. Government Medical Office which has been for years accused of serious human rights violations. Activists believe doctors at HealthQuest have 'certified insane' many public service whistleblowers in order to sack them for allegedly being unable to carry out their duties. The most notorious of the HealthQuest doctors was an English G.P., Dr Helia Gapper, who was forced to resign in the late 1990s after negative publicity. It is not known whether she has returned to England and is practising under another name.