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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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No, We Shouldn't Bomb Darfur Either.

02-07-2004 15:06

David Clark argues in today's Guardian that the "international community" ought to threaten the use of force against the Sudanese government if it fails to curtail the human rights abuses currently taking place in the south-west of the country...

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The Death of Sgt. Van Dale Todd

02-07-2004 08:11

Are Iraq veterans going to be treated the way Vietnam veterans were?

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how longs bristol imc been off line?

02-07-2004 06:28

is there any reason why bristol indymedia is offline?

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250,000 protest in hong kong

02-07-2004 01:47

Hong Kong voices dissent

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Knowledge is Power or Life in the Pseudo (Money) Economy

01-07-2004 16:40

"When one hears the parties, they all seem to refuse responsibility and are only interested in preserving their power, not in any particular task of doing something for our country and its people.. Who can endure this political Punch-and-Judy show? Pseudo-debates in which unimportant things are discussed and charges of incompetence are heard on all sides. The media re not weary of drumming their worldview into our heads.."

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01-07-2004 15:40

Back in April we reported that West Papuans were planning a mass boycott of the Indonesian parliamentary elections. On the day of the elections West Papuans burnt down polling stations, sank a boat carrying ballot papers and almost unanimously refused to vote. This represented one of the biggest acts of resistance against Indonesian occupation by the West Papuan people for some time. And surprisingly there was little retaliation from the police or military. This may have been in part due to a swathe of simultaneous solidarity demonstrations at Indonesian embassies around the world including London.

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Anti-Occupation demo Edinburgh Wednesday 30th June 2004

01-07-2004 04:46

Iraqi Scot Susan Karim (left) with Scottish writer A L Kennedy (right).
This is a 2,000 word report with six photos about the anti-occupation demonstration held in Edinburgh on Wednesday 30th June 2004.

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Protest the Democratic National Convention on July 25

30-06-2004 17:42

Sunday, July 25
National Rally/March through the streets of Boston, MA to Protest the DNC
12 noon - Boston Common

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Women and the antiterrorist law

30-06-2004 15:24

Arrest and jail conditions of women detained under antiterrorist laws in the Spanish state

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Ban on the Election Candidature Herritarren Zerrenda in the Basque Country

30-06-2004 14:50

On 24 April, in Donostia, a group of independent citizens –with no links to any specific political parties or social organisations- presented the initiative called Herritarren Zerrenda, HZ –the Citizens’ List- in order to stand for election to the European Parliament.

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riot cops and baliffs eviction travellers

30-06-2004 10:30

Riot cops along with around forty baliffs from constant and co, arrived at bulkington travellers site in nuneaton this morning. Some people have been beaten up, arrested and removed from the site. Solicitors are on their way now to try to lodge a high court injunction

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Grassroots Projects in Palestine (better format)

28-06-2004 23:51

The Balata Refugee Camp art installation from Palestine recently toured England, Wales, Scotland, Sweden and the US. Balata Camp remains under attack. Various community projects supporting resistance in the camp have sprung out of the tour. Here is a rundown of some of the plans.
Also, the film 'The Sun doesn't Shine in the Camp' is currently available for showings in the UK to fundraise for these projects. Email us ASAP.

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Against "Human Rights"

28-06-2004 23:04

The Kosovo war was fought "not for territory but for values" according to Tony Blair. The bombing of Afghanistan in 2001 was conducted to help "the oppressed people of Afghanistan", according to George W. Bush, so that they may know "the generosity of America and our allies". Meanwhile, according to Jack Straw, stopping the bombing "would only prolong the suffering of the Afghan people". Pro-war adepts could easily adduce similar comforting thoughts about the war waged on Iraq in March 2003. The ideology of human rights is not only unversalist, but also universally accepted. Human rights organisations now regularly call for "humanitarian intervention" and decry the lack of attention to such crisis spots as the Democratic Republic of Congo. David Rieff notes that humanitarian organisations are now "among the most fervent interventionists". From a politics of fence-sitting to one of active political engagement, the ‘human rights’ movement has conducted a rapid and striking volte-face in the past decade, a paradigm-shift of shocking proportions. It is as if Ptolemy and Aristotle had given way to Copernicus and Descartes in ten, instead of 200, years. And David Chandler, for one, would like to know why...

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Pilot who shot down Flight 93 on September 11th named

28-06-2004 21:32

"At 9:35, the Happy Hooligans, the Air Guard flying the F-16s were ordered to take the plane out. And they took it out from 9:35 to 10:00" - Colonel Don de Grand-pre.

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Anti-Social Behaviour Orders

28-06-2004 15:35

Are Anti-Social Behaviour Orders being used to silence dissent?

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First Hearing of the Diaz Trial.

27-06-2004 18:05

Yesterday saw the preliminary opening of The Diaz/Bolzaneto Trial at the main Genoa Tribunal. The first Group of 29 police officers from the diaz raid, are to be tried first. The 44 police plus three doctors from bolzaneto are to be tried as the Diaz case finishes.

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Fahrenheit 9/11 victims the Carlyle Group buy cinema chain

27-06-2004 17:59

The Carlyle Group whose ties include members of the Bush family and until recently the Saudi bin Laden family have bought the Loews Cineplex chain.

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united against torture

27-06-2004 17:16

international contest

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Action against Caterkiller

26-06-2004 22:35

Action against Caterkiller in Solihell