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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Guantánamo’s ghosts and the shame of Diego Garcia

20-10-2007 09:27

A parliamentary committee is to investigate claims that the British colony - shamefully cleared of its native population to make way for a US base - has been used to hold "ghost prisoners" in the "War on Terror."

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Riots in Switzerland

20-10-2007 08:39

Switzerland, Bern. The conservative and right winged party SVP tried to do a "march to Bern" on october the 6th. This march was planned as a part of the racist and antisocialist election campaign of the SVP. Planned was also a celeberation on the central place of Bern. What u got 2 know: the fascist leader Mussolini and his party once did a "march to rome" and adolf hitler and the NSDAP did a "march to Berlin". So this march of the SVP was a clear provocation.-

Massive riots stopped the march. At the central place of Bern a huge stage, several vans, mics - everything belonging to the SVP - was destroyed by anarchists and communists. The marchers were not able to reach the place though police fought for them against the rioters.

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Punish The Poor. The new government of social insecurity.

20-10-2007 08:32

Video Informal economy.
The criminal justice policy (in the US, reluctantly followed by the EU) has turned out in more punishing.
See the attached video.

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Video of plinth occupation in Parliament Square.

20-10-2007 08:13

Following the forcible eviction of tents from the grass of the Square by Greater London Authority security guards on 17th October, protesters sought an alternative site, where they could not be accused of causing an obstruction. Video:

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Boycott Italy for the abuses against Roma People

19-10-2007 18:49

The campaign in favour of a people promoted on an international level by EveryOne Group opens the eyes of the world onto the shame of Italy’s persecution of the gypsy people.

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Berlin solidarity demo for NZ arrestees.

19-10-2007 18:19

German solidarity demo was held outside NZ embassy, in commercial district of Berlin in support of NZ arrestees.

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Trafalgar Club mugs meet again

19-10-2007 14:15

Tomorrow night at the plush Ardencote Manor Country Hotel in Claverdon, Warwickshire, the great and the bad who support the British National Party through its Trafalgar Club dining club will tuck into a meal that they hope will be better than the stale sandwiches they were fed last year.

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Solidarity with prisoners, not with screws!

19-10-2007 11:48

Prison officers’ national strike
Article published in Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! 199 October/November 2007

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GLA damage the grass of Parliament Square.

19-10-2007 09:20

Fence damage
One excuse after another to harass Brian Haw's legal protest.

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24-hour Total petrol station shuts due to protest

18-10-2007 21:33

During the Thursday evening rush hour, the 24-hour Total petrol station on Marylebone Road in London shut down due to the presence of protestors calling for Total to pull out of Burma.

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The History of the Kurdish Freedom Struggle in Turkey.

18-10-2007 19:16

Why is Turkey threatening to invade Kurdistan and what is the history of the Kurdish struggle for freedom within Turkey?

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Police repression in New Zealand

18-10-2007 19:09

Police raid houses across Aotearoa under anti-terrorism legislation, at least a dozen arrests.

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New Peace Statue in Parliament Square.

18-10-2007 13:52

Striking a dramatic pose.
Bored with all the statues of warmongers in the square, peace campaigners today decided to erect their own People's 'living' statue on a vacant plinth.

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British government accessing telephone records

18-10-2007 13:42

At the beginning of October, the Labour government “activated” part three of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) granting various branches of the state wide powers to access telephone records without recourse to a judge.

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"Common Ground" Community Garden Finally Evicted

18-10-2007 12:55

Say "Cheese"
Report on Thursday 18th Octobers eviction of Common Ground Community Garden.

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New photographic evidence in case, Philadelphia Cops Framed Mumia Abu Jamal

17-10-2007 22:46

New photographic evidence has surfaced proving Philadelphia police lied under oath, tampered with evidence at the scene and fabricated a witness.

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Total Oil London HQ receives body bag

17-10-2007 20:16

Campaigners continue the weekly protest at Total Oil's headquarters in London.

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Boycott Total petrol Now!!

17-10-2007 14:04

Britain is the worlds 2nd largest investor in Burma.

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"Indonesian territorial integrity"'s just a bloody map

16-10-2007 19:50

An article exposing the UK Government's collusion with Indonesia in stopping the people of West Papua from voting for freedom from Indonesian colonial rule

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Myanmar's “Saffron Revolution”: The Geopolitics behind the Protest Movement

16-10-2007 19:13

Burma’s “Saffron Revolution,” like the Ukraine “Orange Revolution” or the Georgia “Rose Revolution” and the various Color Revolutions instigated in recent years against strategic states surrounding Russia, is a well-orchestrated exercise in Washington-run regime change, down to the details of “hit-and-run” protests with “swarming” mobs of Buddhists in saffron, internet blogs, mobile SMS links between protest groups, well-organized protest cells which disperse and reform. CNN made the blunder during a September broadcast of mentioning the active presence of the NED behind the protests in Myanmar.