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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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London Demonstration For Solidarity With Iranian People's Protests

23-06-2009 23:53

Show your Solidarity With Iranian People's Protests, or come to discuss what you think about the recent Iranian elections.

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Tamils March for Release of Prisoners

23-06-2009 19:11

Pictures from Saturday's British Tamils Forum march in London. Pictures Copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved

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UK No Borders Actvists Stopped and Searched at Border

23-06-2009 14:23

No Borders activists on their way to the Calais No Borders Camp where stopped before boarding their ferry by British Border control at Dover.

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Autonet - an autonomous internet

23-06-2009 11:35

Autonet is a project to create a wireless, global internet that can provide more reliability than corporate phone companies by being community based and freely licensed.

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Police Intimidation at Stonehenge

22-06-2009 18:54

An intrusive and intimidating police presence aims to disrupt the free spirit of summer solstice 2009 with dogs, horses evidence gatherers and hi-tech arial surveillance.

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Tamils March to save ‘imprisoned’ brethren in Sri Lanka (Sat 20th June)

22-06-2009 17:53

the message is simple
Over 100,000 people converged on the streets of London on Saturday 20 June 2009 to remember the tens of thousands that perished in the Sri Lankan state’s final onslaught against the Tamil civilians and to call for the release of 300,000 that remain under threat of death, disappearance, rape and torture in government-run internment camps.

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Croeso Americanaidd: An American Welcome for Arfon Gwilym

22-06-2009 17:28

In June of 2009, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security denied respected musical artist, publisher and Weslh language activist Arfon Gwilym entry into the United States to perform at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington. D.C. (info: )

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Eviction notice on Lewisham Bridge occupation Weds 10.30am

22-06-2009 11:41

Bailiffs are arriving at 10.30 on Wednesday morning.

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Rabeh Osman Held Under False Pretences

22-06-2009 10:58

Rabeh Osman Sayed is an Egyptian national who is currently serving a sentence in Italy’s Guantanamo, Macomer Prison in Sardinia. He was arrested in connection with the Madrid Bombings of 2004, where the Spanish Authorities requested his extradition on the allegation that he was the “mastermind”. A key part of the evidence in connection with the extradition were surveillance transcripts from the Italian intelligence agencies that were provided in translated form to the Spanish Authorities as well as statements that they say were obtained fairly.

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Mario Mauro must not be elected President of the European Parliament

21-06-2009 22:02

Mario Mauro and Ciprian...
Mauro does not represent the values expressed in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, he is a promoter of homophobic and xenophobic ideologies and challenges European civil and democratic achievements.

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Like a Storm: The Insurrection in Iran

21-06-2009 20:19

No one is waiting any longer: Iran has exploded and not even the Islamic regime is surprised. Years of student strikes, militant street battles, workplace struggles, constant repression―and then a spark. One spark to unleash the tidal wave of rage and despair that was once confined to barely audible whispers behind closed doors. Now the fury is here and everyone is in the streets, young and old, men and women, militant and pacifist.

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Scientology is about to implode

21-06-2009 15:58

The pyramid scam otherwise known as the Church of Scientology has received the first of three major body blows from which it is unlikely to ever recover.

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REMINDER: Police Accountablility Demo

21-06-2009 14:05

A Demonstration to Demend that the Notts Police are Accountable for their recent misdeeds, especially Spending £700,000 to pre-empt an alleged demonstration.

On Wednesday

At County Hall, Trent Bridge

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Tamil Demo - Short Film

21-06-2009 11:00

20 June 2009 "MASS PROTEST MARCH - Let's March To Save our People!"

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Report on Tamil March, London - Sat 20th June (+ article on backgrnd to crisis)

21-06-2009 10:46

Tamil Block (one of many)
On Saturday 20th June, around 100,000 people (mostly Tamil) marched in Central London in support of the plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka. The march was organised by the British Tamil Forum (
(Photos all courtesy of Rikki):

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Save our People, Tamil march and rally, London - pictures

21-06-2009 09:10

Concentration Camp.
After the final assault finishes in Sri Lanka and 130,000 Tamil citizens are left dead, displaced, missing or detained by the Sinhalese in concentration camps, the British Tamil diaspora continue with their campaign to open the worlds eyes.

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Prayer Rally To Remember Rano Massacre In The Phillipines

21-06-2009 04:18

THE infamous but almost forgotten Rano massacre in Digos City will mark its 20th year on June 25.

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“We did not give blood to give up now” Eye witness report of June 20 Repression

21-06-2009 00:27

"Marg Bar Diktator"
Hands Off the People of Iran received this report from an activist in Tehran this evening.

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pictures from today's tamil march in london

20-06-2009 20:15

there was a huge turn-out of more than 100,000 for the tamil march in london this afternoon. police turned a blind eye to the hundreds of tamil eelam flags which were proudly displayed. the march was good-natured, though sombre and dignified.

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Defend the Iranian Students' Movement

20-06-2009 11:32

Manchester HOPI rally for imprisoned Iranian students - March 2009
The eruption of mass protest across Iran has saw Iran’s youth at the forefront of the struggle and have suffered greatly at the hands of the security forces. Below is a sample of what students and young people are facing in Iran now, we also list the imprisoned, missing and now released students. No doubt these lists will expand as the hours go on, and is not comprehensive.