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pictures from today's tamil march in london

rikki | 20.06.2009 20:15 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles

there was a huge turn-out of more than 100,000 for the tamil march in london this afternoon. police turned a blind eye to the hundreds of tamil eelam flags which were proudly displayed. the march was good-natured, though sombre and dignified.

despite various call-outs, one negative aspect of the day was the almost complete lack of solidarity from british groups.

there was no autonomous bloc, and the only groups i saw represented other than tamil organisations were the women's global strike and a handful of people sporting a stop the war coalition banner.

still, the tamils came out in their tens of thousands, asking the world not to ignore the genocide the sri lankan government is committing, and is now also busy hiding evidence of.

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