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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Letter to RMT ESF Rep regarding the IFTU and Occupation from Sami Ramadani

23-10-2004 14:33

This is an analysis detailing why it was wrong to invite Subhei Marshadani, the General Secretary of the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions to the ESF and some of the reasoning behind opposition to him at the ESF by an experienced and astute anti-Baathist and anti-occupation academic based in the UK.

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Oxford Says No To Bush - Demonstrate 30 October

23-10-2004 13:52

Oxford Says No To Bush - British Troops Out Of Iraq
Saturday 30 October 2004
Assemble 12.30, Manzil Way (off Cowley Road)
March to town centre for rally with speakers

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French networks statement about the ESF events

22-10-2004 23:51

A statement from French organisationsabout the ESF condeming the police interference and the GLA/SWP.

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london :: George Orwell was right

22-10-2004 19:09

......Continous Control..................

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FSB (ex-KGB) present at ESF; tried to assassinate Chechen refugee

22-10-2004 18:06

The Russian government funded travel of several delegates to the London ESF.
The FSB (ex-KGB) were present in London and tried to assassinate a Chechen
refugee - Ahmed Zakaev - with a Molotov cocktail. Autonomous Russian
delegates hope to provide more info later.

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EDO/MBM Visited by a Creature of the Night

22-10-2004 16:44

Dracula pays EDO/MBM a visit and sends an open invitation to all other ghouls, ghosties and creatures of the night...

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Endorse urgent petition to defend our right to protest in Parliament Square

22-10-2004 15:56

Dear friends,
Please ask your organisation to sign this petition to defend all of our right to protest in Parliament Square. Time is short, please return your organisation’s contact details and your signature by the Friday, 29 October, if possible, as the Government wants to include this legislation in the Queen’s speech next month. Return your endorsement to the Global Women’s Strike by email to or by fax or post. Individual signatures are also welcome; please indicate if you are signing for your organisation or as an individual.
Thank you

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Pavilion Housing Association lurches from bad to worse

22-10-2004 15:11

After a damning report by the Audit Commission, and a soon to be published equally damning report by the industry regulator, one would have expected Pavilion to be making some effort to improve, instead they lurch from bad to worse, and continue to show the same arrogant contempt for their tenants and the local community.

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Waverley propaganda on housing privatisation

22-10-2004 15:03

Waverley is leading its tenants into privatisation through a one-sided discussion. Alternative views are not tolerated. Tenants are not being told the truth, critics are being silenced and vilified, and meetings are being manipulated by council officials.

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Pictures from a ESF 'Horizontal'.

22-10-2004 12:33

FIT team at start of Critical Mass ride.
Heavy police presence at the 'horizontal' ESF.

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U.S. Victory Parade for Tweedledum or Tweedledummer: Sat 6th Nov, 2pm, P Gs

22-10-2004 10:53

U.S. Victory Parade for Tweedledum or Tweedledummer: Sat 6th Nov, 2pm, Peace Gardens, Sheffield.

Whether it’s Tweedledum or Tweedledummer that ends up in the Oval Office, come and join the Victory Parade!

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International Press Institute letter to David Blunkett

22-10-2004 09:55

The International Press Institute based in Vienna a global network of editors, leading journalists and media executives issued this on 20th October.

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No more room for terrorism, no more room for Ben Ali

22-10-2004 05:48

Bush's help to dictatroship.

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Proposal for MASSIVE pro-IMC DEMO...

22-10-2004 01:01

How many people read Indymedia? And how many think it's a hugely important resource? How many are ANGRY at what's happened??

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Zionist rabble attempt to disrupt meeting of Palestine Solidarity Campaign

21-10-2004 22:22

Manchster meeting of PSC disrupted by Zionists

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Petition for activists in Dublin

21-10-2004 15:58

During the EU meeting in Dublin some activists had be arreted. One for example cannot leave Irland please send this petition quickly against because Polly proces is on 10 November
International legal support team\Larc
62 Fieldsgate Street, London E1 1ES England
merci\thank no nation no border salut Alain

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Early day motion about Indymedia

21-10-2004 14:22

An early day motion has been submitted to parliament about the Indymedia server seizure.

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GR Scotland tries to capitalise on disruption

21-10-2004 14:20

This message is being circulated by Gill Hubbard. I don't know why I
recieved it because Scottish CND or me were never part of the Scottish ESF mobilisation committee although Scottish CND has affiliated to the G8 Alternatives group - which was originally a ESF Committee clone...

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Indymedia Answers from MP

21-10-2004 11:42

Richard Allan and Jeremy Corbyn have asked the home office about the indymedia seizures

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pictures of registration at Conway Hall, Thursday, 14th of October, London

20-10-2004 21:24

Two pictures featuring the police intervention at the registration point for the official ESF at Conway Hall. Unfortunately haven't thought of the camera untill too late to document arrest.