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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Somalian protest against US-backed Ethiopian invasion, 15.06.08

16-06-2008 20:56

UK, London. Somalian anti-Ethiopian/US invasion protest. 2008
Alongside the more talked about anti-Bush protest in Parliament Square on Sunday was another less well-known protest, whose protesters were happy to be swept up by the anti-US throng.
This was the Somalian protest against an Ethiopian invasion into their country- an invasion which is publicly backed by the USA because they see the Somalian rebel leaders as dangerous terrorists associated with al-Qaida.

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StWC 'will not co-operate' with police

16-06-2008 17:01

Stop the War Coalition has written to the Home Secretary protesting the decision to ban yesterday's anti-war march and the "violent policing of the demonstration." The letter, signed by Andrew Murray and Lindsey German, warns: "there can be no question of any further co-operation between the Stop the War Coalition and the Metropolitan Police in regard to future protests until these concerns are addressed to our satisfaction."

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Osaka Riots A Personal Account

16-06-2008 16:31

This is one persons account of the riots in Osaka, the time they are talking about is Friday 13th the day of the G8 Finance Ministers meeting.

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Arrests and police injuries at Bush demo

16-06-2008 16:30

Update from the 25 arrested, eleven people remain in custody and 11 others were released without charge.

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A victim of high tech harrasment

16-06-2008 16:25

This is a true account of the harrasment I have endured over 6years.It started because I made a complaint to someone, I have had to move house 9 times since then because this person along with a group of other people have followed me and made my life hell.The police haven't helped me .and no-one believes me.I think what is happening is called gangstalking.

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Hicham Yezza released after 31 days in detention

16-06-2008 16:21

Following the cancellation order on his deportation, and after being detained for over 30 days, Hicham Yezza has been released on bail after the Home Office refused to grant him temporary release.

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Turkey: Conscientious objector Mehmet Bal beaten in prison

16-06-2008 16:18

Mehmet Bal
Turkish conscientious objector Mehmet Bal, who was arrested by plain clothes police on 8 June 2008, has been severely beaten in prison.

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Police brutality and snatch squad at Bush demo

16-06-2008 15:48

For those of you who think we're moving towards a police state, this video will show you that we are already living one.

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Housing association police state

16-06-2008 15:38

CCTV watching our every move, arbitrary arrest and detention under terrorism legislation to stifle protest and dissent, banning of the film On the Verge, 42 days detention for suspected terrorists. Day by day our civil liberties and human rights are being eroded and taken away. Housing associations are now part of the surveillance society.

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Pix from Bush demo Sunday

16-06-2008 13:44

Can't seem to upload pix for some reason, so flickr link will have to do, pix over 3 pages. Comments welcome:

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Fast for justice in India

16-06-2008 13:25

I want to alert folk in the UK to a couple of campaigns that are happening right now. Both relate to India and both are of particular interest in that they are using the technique of fasting as a way of drawing attention to the struggle. I have pledged to support the first campaign by participating in the fast; others may be interested in how they can offer their support.

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film of bush demo whitehall yesterday

16-06-2008 09:17

8 minute film of bush protests in parliament square yesterday. more than a thousand police blockaded whitehall and brutally foiled any attempt to voice peaceful protest outside downing street while the disgraced war-criminals had their cosy dinner before being consigned to the dustbin of history

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Tibetan supporters vigil outside Chinese Embassy London June 19th

16-06-2008 07:23

Once again, TCB calls its entire members on Thursday, for an important vigil at the Chinese Embassy 19th June from 15:30 to 19:00 heralding the Olympic Torch's possible arrival in Lhasa. Please make an effort to join the vigil during the Embassy's opening hours so that our voices are heard.

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Blood on the streets as Bush enters via Brown's back passage.

15-06-2008 22:06

St James Park blocked off by riot cops
As demonstrators clashed on the barricades to Whitehall today, George W Bush snuck into Downing Street via the St James Park entrance. Riot police blocked the road from Parliament Square to the park, but few realised what had happened anyway.

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Incendiary attacks in Paris (France)

15-06-2008 21:28

In the framework of the international week of solidarity with Isa and the others, many vehicles were burned simultaneously on the night of Friday the 13th to Saturday the 14th in Paris

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Guantanamo bay / Binyam Mohamed Protest, London 15.06.08

15-06-2008 21:02

UK, London. Binyam Mohamed / Guantanamo Bay protest. 2008
Images from the protest in London appealing for solidarity with Binyam Mohamed - the last UK resident in Guantanamo bay threatened with the death penalty.
Binyam Mohamed is a refugee from Ethiopia, who was granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK, was seized in Pakistan and rendered to Morocco, then sent to Afghanistan, and then Guantanamo Bay.

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Truth & Justice for Collusion Victims

15-06-2008 18:57

This is to anounce a speaking tour with a film show to expose British state forces collusion with loyalist paramilitaries in the killing of Irish citizens. The relatives of those killed are campaigning for truth & justice

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Update on Riots in Osaka, Japan with Photos

15-06-2008 15:26

Here is an update on the situation happening in Osaka, Sunday 15th June.

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Austrian animal rights repression: Statement by Martin Balluch

15-06-2008 11:49

Austrian animal rights prisoner Martin Balluch is still on hunger strike against the violation of his human rights and the state attacks on legitimate campaigning organisations. This is his statement.