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Treasurer shifted and more financial chaos as cash disappears into BNP pit

Lancaster Unity | 15.06.2008 12:29 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | London

More chaos down in Welshpool

Main bank account down to rock-bottom
Local accounts plundered to make up shortfall
Continuing anger over Spanish jaunts
Treasurer sidelined to BNP post office job
Begging letters get more hysterical
Panic over £30,000 gamble

There's more chaos in the British National Party this weekend as branches reel from the news that once again their accounts have been rifled to prop up an incompetent and extravagant party management.

Furious fundholders have been in touch with us to complain that their local accounts have been raided again because head office has disastrously overspent and can no longer manage to balance the books without thieving from the branches. Another fundholder with a direct line to the treasury has revealed that the main BNP account has hit rock-bottom and stood at less than £3000 a few days ago - not a great deal for a so-called 'major' political party.

BNP head office has often rightly been accused of mismanagement and worse, and the party's former treasurer John Walker (replaced yesterday by former Solihull organiser Jenny Noble) has been rumoured to have hit the bottle heavily as the party's financial situation continues to worsen. Having the incompetent moron Dave Hannam as his second in command can't have been a lot of help either...

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