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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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UK Terror Plots Result In Irrational Fear Mongering

01-07-2007 22:42

The recent so-called failed terror plots in London have sparked irrational fear mongering from both the British and U.S. governments. This fear mongering has been magnified by the utterly shameful coverage of these events by the establishment media.

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FIT watch at Disarm DSEi meeting

01-07-2007 15:50

A journalist being stopped from getting on the steps by police
Some photos from outside ULU before the Disarm DSEi public meeting. As expected the FIT team were out in force taking photos and intimidating people. This time though a group of about ten were there to stop them taking photos.

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Account of DISARM DSEi public meeting

01-07-2007 14:30

This meeting was called to discuss plans for disrupting the world’s largest arms fair, DSEi (Defence Systems and Equipment International) which takes place on 11th – 14th September 2007 at the ExCeL Centre in East London.

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Great White bites off more than it can chew?

01-07-2007 11:11

Yet another BNP business venture hits hard times - and far worse are coming.

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Nottingham Congolese Community demonstrated against continued deportations

30-06-2007 21:22

On Saturday 30 June at 12 noon, The Nottingham Congolese Community assembed to demonstrated against continued deportations. Starting from The Old Market Square, they marched through Nottingham, past the railway station and continued through the Meadows Queens Walk to the Meadows Park near the embankment.

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Absurd London “Bomb Plot” Inaugurates “Control Freak” Brown

30-06-2007 00:28

Of course, you need evidence to claim “al-Qaeda” is behind the sloppy and wholly amateurish work in London today, but that has not stopped the corporate media or the fear-monger hacks with an agenda—i.e., slaughtering Muslims and divvying up the Middle East—from leading to conclusions and thus subjecting the public to non-stop propaganda.

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Guantánamo Bay: The Case of Omar Deghayes

29-06-2007 21:32

Audio Jackie Chase, Abu Bakr Deghayes and Jillian Creasy
On 28th June 2007 Abu Bakr Deghayes who is Omar Deghayes brother and Jackie Chase of the Brighton based Save Omar campaign ( ) spoke at a public meeting in Sheffield: "Voices from Guantánamo - How the War on Terror terrorises the Innocent" ( ).

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Audio - Talk by Ramona and Fred Africa

29-06-2007 01:14

An hour long recording of the talk given by Ramona Africa and Fred Africa of MOVE at the rampART social centre on Thursday 28th June 2007. ~14MB MP3, 22,050hz, mono @ 32kb/s

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Bukovksy: EU is Soviet Union Reborn

28-06-2007 22:35

It takes a victim of sovietism to recognize a likewise process in Europe. “Vladimir Bukovksy, the 63-year old former Soviet dissident, fears that the European Union is on its way to becoming another Soviet Union,” writes Paul Belien for the Brussels Journal. “In a speech he delivered in Brussels last week Mr. Bukovsky called the EU a ‘monster’ that must be destroyed, the sooner the better, before it develops into a fullfledged totalitarian state.”

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SOCPA - the movie 3rd July @ LARC

28-06-2007 17:15

For nearly two years, 'indymedia rikki' has been closely following the events and battles around the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act Section 132, which criminalised "unauthorised" demonstrations around Parliament.

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Jacqui Climbs the Ladder!!

28-06-2007 15:44

Have you heard, the MP for Redditch, Jacqui Smith is the new Home Secretary!! Hurrah!!!

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People of Britain: It's "Liberation Day!"

28-06-2007 15:05

We would like to welcome the United Kingdom, back into the "family of nations", now that the country has been "liberated" from the "repressive", "dictatorship" of Mr. Anthony Blair.

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Bristol Indymedia film night: MOVE documentary - 2 July

28-06-2007 14:18

Bristol flyer
Bristol Indymedia film night, in association with Kebele social centre, present “MOVE” the documentary, plus talk by Ramona Africa, long-time MOVE member.
Monday 2 July, 7.30pm for 8pm start, @ the Cube Cinema. £2/3 on the door.

Note: 1 July, 6.30pm, benefit cafe for MOVE at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY (

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Spin and rumours at the G8

28-06-2007 08:54

With proper wars it is a well-known occurrence for one side’s propaganda department to try and spread the most horrific stories about the other party. The opposition are depicted as brutal barbarians who ravage children and should be opposed at all cost. In military jargon this is known as ‘psyops’. During the protests against the G8 in Heiligendamm there were clear indications of a similar strategy. In this case the infamous ’’black block’’ played the part of the barbarians. This is a biased summary of the misinformation and its effect.

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SOCPA - brown's first day at the office

28-06-2007 00:17

looks like gordon brown is no great libertarian, as police mark his notably undemocratic coronation with high levels of repression and unlawful action in and around parliament square.

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Women representatives of Six Nations Territory Canada give Nottingham Sumac Talk

28-06-2007 00:09

Women representatives from the Six Nations on the Grand River community in Ontario, Canada gave a talk at the Sumac Centre, Forest Fields, Nottingham on Wednesday the 27th of June at 7.30 pm.

They spoke about the experience of reclaiming and defending a piece of land from development. Their action has been incredibly successful, having prevented the development and protected the land from an armed police incursion.

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Tony's last hour.

27-06-2007 23:16

Freedom of speech.
With all this talk of spin and cronyism its easy to forget the valuable contribution that Tony Blair has made to these fair Isles. Indeed as these pictures from his final hour in office demonstrate Tony has left us a unique legacy. View below to see just some of the parts of our lives that have been enhanced by his leadership...

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The "Use of the Armed Forces" in America under a National Emergency

27-06-2007 17:48

Taken together, NSPD 51 and Sec 1042 of the DDAA 07 define the contours of a "democratic dictatorship" in America (in the case of a National Emergency) under the authority of the White House.

We are not dealing with "Military Rule" or "Military Government" as normally understood, because the authority to govern is still vested in the President and Vice President. What is at stake is the unrestricted and arbitrary "Use" of the Military by the President /Vice President in the conduct of police and law enforcement functions.

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Ramona Africa and MOVE the movie in London, Thursday 28th

27-06-2007 17:28

Ramona Africa will be speaking at 8pm Thursday 28th @ 15 rampART Street, London E1

MOVE communication minister Ramona Africa, is touring the UK for two weeks to talk about the MOVE Organization, the events of May '85, the MOVE 9, Mumia Abu-Jamal and what they stand for. Come to listen to her story and watch the "MOVE" documentary.

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Prisoners revolt in Rye Hill, Warwickshire

27-06-2007 15:55

A group of prisoners at a privately run jail near Rugby 'went wild' on Monday, June 25th. The inmates took control of one wing at the Rye Hill prison, which is run by GSL, for almost two hours in the afternoon. A team of specially trained and equipped staff were then brought in and regained control of the wing. A spokesman for GSL said that, despite some damage at the prison, there were "no injuries to either staff or inmates".