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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Cambridge stall for Simon

24-11-2003 13:22

We ran a very succesful info stall about the Saloniki prisoners
last Friday evening, 52 people signed postcards to the Greek ambassador,
400 leaflets were doled out and we made 28 squid in donations.

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24-11-2003 11:11

A report on West Yorkshire Prisoners Solidarity Weekend and announcement of this week's events in support of the Thessaloniki Seven.

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Heavy handed policing at Bush protests

23-11-2003 21:15

During the week of Bush protests, I witnessed police arrests where people were treated pretty roughly, but I also saw police being pretty restrained. There were an unprecedented number of police monitoring the anti-Bush protests, and consequently Bush was able to travel without ever really encountering the protesters (occasionally this involved Bush slightly rearranging his schedule, so he certainly felt our presence).

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Police violence - Listen to FTAA report

23-11-2003 17:06

Check out on the Democracy Now site for interesting and disturbing report on police tactics in Miami for FTAA protests.

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Sending Antiwar protesters to Guantanamo

23-11-2003 16:51

F.B.I will probaly soon begin to ship aktivists to Guantanamo..

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Fascist US police action in Miami

23-11-2003 04:12

Democracy Now! Producer Ana Nogueira Arrested | NLG Legal Observers Arrested And Beaten | Wellness Center Attacked By Police | Police Surround ICH

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Self protection in these fascist times

23-11-2003 03:58

Anonymity is probably your best defense on the Internet

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In the midst of Miami's FTAA chaos we fed the homeless

23-11-2003 02:44

Despite all the bad images and problems of the FTAA protest there was some very positive things that also happened. There were many people that took time to commit acts of social responsibility and acts of kindness.

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23-11-2003 00:07

Why are they trying to stop the world from seeing the documentary “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised?”

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Colin Powell is coming to Maastricht

23-11-2003 00:06

No More Lies
The Enmasse platform organises a demo at the eve of the OSCe summit held in Maastricht. Collin Powell will briefly visit this summit to promote his war on terrorism. We don't like that. Probably also a speaker from the stop war coalition will make te stage.

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refusing food in solidarity with Saloniki 7: Dublin, Ireland

22-11-2003 22:51

5 Irish people to go on 24 hour fast in solidarity with Thessaloniki hunger strikers on Tuesday

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Deception Dollars @ St*p Bu$h

22-11-2003 21:45

Deception Dollars on London streets 2003-11-20

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Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign: Latest Update

22-11-2003 15:41

Latest News From The Stop The Wall Campaign

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Hunger strikers' doctors statement

22-11-2003 13:20

Full text of the formal statement of the doctors of the hunger strikers.

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22-11-2003 12:54

dirty protest against dirty warmongers - Friday 21st November

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Support for Tessaloniki during and anti FTAA demo in Montreal

21-11-2003 21:50

menacing EU-block with banner
A menacing EU-block of two persons caried a banner for the Tessaloniki prisoners during a reclaim the streets march in Montreal yesterday november 20, against the FTAA.

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Hunger striker's health: critical

21-11-2003 19:49

Spanish and English version
En estado crítico los dos jóvenes españoles presos en Grecia y en huelga de hambre

In critical state the two youths Spanish prisoners in Greece and in strike of hunger

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21-11-2003 17:51