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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Rwanda: Truth Emerges: ICTR Defense Lawyers Straight Up

15-06-2008 04:26

ICTR Defense Lawyers Straight Up on major developments re: US/UK Sponsored Regime Change and ICTR Trial Process. Check it out and spread the news!

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Rioting in Osaka Japan

15-06-2008 04:19

Riots erupted this weekend in Osaka as a result of a day labourer being arrested, after an argument over food he paid for and did not receive. When he was taken into custody he was tied to a chair and subjected to brutal beatings by 4 police.

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Solidarity actions for Sean Kirtley

14-06-2008 21:22

"One More Cage To Empty" - Free Sean Kirtley
Sean along with many others had his door smashed in and his house raided by police back in 2006 as part of “Operation Tornado” which was designed to start a case and try and lock up peaceful animal rights campaigners using new SOCPA legislation which was created to protect the vivisection industry from effective campaigners such as Sean and the Sequani defendants.

On May 30th 2008 Sean was found guilty of "conspiracy to interfere with contractual relationships so as to harm an animal research organisation" and was sentenced to four and a half years for his role in running the SSAT (Stop Sequani Animal Testing) website.

Since his imprisonment there have been solidarity actions from Yorkshire, the south west and as far away as Mexico.

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Repressions against anarchists in Bryansk.

14-06-2008 19:08

It's more than a half year since pressing of Russian special services

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Oxford Professor Resigned Over Vivisection

14-06-2008 16:39

As laboratory vivisectors around the world are being picketed at their homes,
it is good to remember that Ruskin resigned from Oxford over vivisection
and that Wagner recommended frightening vivisectors.

Queen Victoria, Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding, Dickens, Tennyson,
Browning, Ruskin, Voltaire

on opposing vivisection

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Fire at Campsfield

14-06-2008 15:30

Sorry to have just pulled this off the BBC website but it looks like something is going on at Campsfield and this is all I can see about it.

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Western Animal Rights Network [WARN] Relaunch!

14-06-2008 12:46

After the conviction and imprisonment of Sean Kirtley for publishing information online that was already available in the public domain the Western Animal Rights Network have re-launched a new anonymous, non hierarchical version of the website and support network.

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Letter from Paola Gori in prison, Italian Eco-Anarchist

14-06-2008 09:48

"On the 29th of May 2008 the Italian police raided a number of houses whose occupants are connected to the eco-anarchist group 'Il Silvestre'. The charge against those raided this time is "subversive conspiracy". It is alleged that Il Silvestre activists robbed a post office to help fund their alleged direct action activities and publish their literature. As a result of these latest raids Paola has been remanded into custody.

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Black Mesa : Urgent Action! - Elders home & sacred Homelands face destruction.

14-06-2008 08:26

Big Mountain, Black Mesa Elder Faces Threat of her Ceremonial Lodge/Home being dismantled while Peabody Coal Company is pushing their massive coal-mining expansion plans on the sacred ancestral homelands of the Dine' (Navajo) & Hopi peoples of Black Mesa, Arizona..

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LGBT Youth Give Homophobia Its Marching Orders!

14-06-2008 08:12

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Trans Youth Community, have challenged all uniformed youth services to take part in this years London Pride! Research shows that LGBT young people are more likely to go to a pub or club despite being underage than go to a youth group or activity due to homophobia.

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42 Days: Creeping Internment

13-06-2008 23:08

The British state's attempt to push through detention without charge for 42 days is a precursor to a plan to impose indefinite internment, targeted disproportionately against Muslims and ethnic minorities.

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Fitwatch at Anti Bush Demo

13-06-2008 22:56

Last week, the Carnival Against the Arms Trade saw large numbers of people effectively tackling FIT.

In Brighton, we had them on the run. Now let's see if we can do it in London.

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13-06-2008 18:24

Majority of the ordinary ethnic Malay-Muslim group in Malaysia are brainwashed since young to support "Malay/Islamic Supremacy" (disguised under "Indigenous/Bumiputera Rights") and now "Malay Unity" ideology, through blind and misguided loyalty of patriotism, by the leaders of the ruling Malay-Islamic party UMNO and the Malay elite class deceitfully using Islam, the Monarchy (there are nine Malay Kings) and past history of British Imperialism. Genuine tolerance towards diversity and multiculturalism is degenerating.

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Nine arson attacks and one communique in Greece

13-06-2008 17:45

Media picture
The targets in Athens: A vehicle and the sign of HYUNDAI car agency at Neo Psychiok, Interspor (athletics branch) at Halandri, Goody's (fast-food, greek multinational corporation) at Keratsini, vast damages at Pireaus bank in Kifissia, while one and a half hour later another Hyundai vehicle was totally wrecked in front of another dealership at Patissia. In Thessaloniki, between 4:40 and 5:10 in the morning, arsonists hit: a Vodafone shop at Toumba, a Goody's at Agias Sofias (city center), another Goody's at Eptalofos, and Piraeus bank on Antigonidon street (city center).

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Hich: Bail Hearing Monday

13-06-2008 16:08

Although his deportation to Algeria on June 1 was stopped at the last minute, a bail hearing for Hicham Yezza has only now been scheduled for Monday June 16. Supporters are hopeful that there will be a successful outcome and Hich will be released from detention and allowed to defend himself properly.

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Ska benefit gig in London for Diaz Victims. THIS SATURDAY!!!! June 14th

13-06-2008 16:01

Yes this Saturday JUne 14th. There will be a benefit gig at the Grosvenor public house on Sidney road in Stockwell. The cash raised will help people travelling to Genoa to assist those seeking justice against the Police who half killed them in 2001.

8pm-late The Grosvenor, 17 Sidney road. Stockwell underground.

BOGUS GASMAN (8 piece Ska band from sarf landan)
THE KUT (all girl newcross rock on crutches!)
+ DJ Captain Scarlet playing ska and other stuff throughout the evening


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Plymouth anti-Scientology activist arrested before global day of action

13-06-2008 13:31

Stu Wyatt, a Plymouth campaigner against the Church of Scientology, was arrested yesterday at his home.

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An update on Japan G8 repression - 40 people arrested!

13-06-2008 10:26

Over 40 people have been arrested in pre-emptive sweeps of broad left and anarchist groups. Preliminary information available here:

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Sheffield 11th June Guantánamo Protest

12-06-2008 22:18

Sheffield 11th June Guantánamo Protest
A protest was held in Sheffield on 11th June 2008 by the Sheffield Guantánamo Campaign to highlight the situation of Binyam Mohamed, the last UK resident in the illegal US prison at Guantánamo Bay and is potentially facing the death penalty.

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Colin Powell, Keep Out

12-06-2008 20:51

Powell: Slated for Vancouver speech.
Colin Powell, George Bush's former secretary of state and previously the general in charge of the slaughter of Iraqi troops in the first Gulf war, is scheduled to speak in Vancouver on June 12. Possibly setting a new standard for hypocrisy, the title of his talk is "Leadership in the 21st Century."