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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Irish Redress Board Condemns Innocent Men

04-05-2008 23:00

Draconian Irish law is seen and felt at its worst when members of the public become victims of false allegations made against them at the Residential Institutions Redress Board,Dublin,Ireland.

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“The End of America” is Thomas Paine Reborn.

04-05-2008 22:51

“The End of America: Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot” by Naomi Wolf (Chelsea Green Publishing 2007) is the Thomas Paine hue and cry to The Peoples’ nation suffocating from tyranny. This concise booklet, of 155 pages of text, is an absolute must read for “every” American who cares about liberty—irrespective of political affiliation.

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Brazil: Repressed March of Marijuana.

04-05-2008 21:10

The Brazilian Democracy demonstrates as it is imperfection and as the federal constitution it is not respected in the country. Prohibition of if revealing public in walks are characteristic of an authoritarian country. Legalize-Já! Thus it is the false Brazilian democracy: in first of May militant anarchic (Cob/Ait), the also lesser ones of ages, they had been tortured and threatened of death in a police station of São Paulo. In Rondônia a without-land slaughter (LCP) happened to few days, to put was not divulged na media and the government ignored the occurrence. Now, the march of marijuana was forbidden in almost all country, great them 13 city where it went to occur the march, only four will be able to carry through it, Porto Alegre, Recife, Florianópolis and Vitoria.

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Anniversary of the repression in Atenco

04-05-2008 19:38

Yesterday an action took place in Atenco in memory of those fallen on the 3rd of May 2006 as a result of the repression of the community meted out by

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Sizewell Mayday Critical Mass

04-05-2008 19:19

In support of the Mayday Climate Action Day, some people from Rising Tide and Earth First got together this Saturday for a Critical Mass to Sizewell nuclear power station to highlight that nuclear is not a solution to climate change.

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ABC report on Slupsk police violence, Poland

04-05-2008 11:04

The arrest and charges against the participants of the demonstration against U.S. missile base in Poland.
Słupsk, 29-30 March 2008

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South Africa: Activist found murdered on Mayday

04-05-2008 07:54

"The police force exists for no other purpose than to keep the workers and the poor in slavery, the capitalists and the politicians in power. We cannot call on the cops to protect us from crime, when they are the armed force of the biggest criminals of all. It is only by self-organisation, self-defence and direct action that we can win water, houses, electricity or decent working conditions – and ultimately build a great global movement of the workers, the poor and the peasants, to free ourselves of the cancers of greedy capitalists, lying politicians and murderous cops."

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Something smells different in Cuba

04-05-2008 00:03

ººº With respect to the situation in Cuba these past few weeks, the Cuban Libertarian Movement – MLC (affinity group of Cuban anarchists in exile) speaks up to answer the unknowns and the challenges facing Cuban society. Ours is the voice of uncompromising commitment to freedom, equality and solidarity that has always been the sound of the Cuban anarchists.

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Free Binayak Sen Film Festival

03-05-2008 18:13

Resist the silent Emergency
14 May 2008 will mark one year of imprisonment for Dr Binayak Sen, the well-known public health and civil rights activist, arrested on false charges of ‘assisting’ the Maoist insurgency in Chattisgarh.

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Appeal to observe one year of Dr. Binayak Sen’s unjust detention

03-05-2008 18:06

Resist the silent Emergency
On May 13th/14th, 2008 Dr. Binayak Sen, an activist with a lifelong commitment to the issues of community health and human rights, will complete his first year of unjust imprisonment at the Raipur Central jail in Chhattisgarh. Organizations across the globe will be holding events on the evening of May 13th, 2008 to mark one year of his imprisonment. We appeal to your organization to hold rallies, candlelight vigils or lectures against his unconstitutional detention. Please let us know at freebsen@gmail. com if your organization would endorse this appeal.

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Human Rights Abuses & The Demonisation of 'The Enemy' in Secret Britain

03-05-2008 16:35

For the many Muslims incarcerated in legal limbo in the UK and their terrified families and friends, darkness began to fall almost as soon as the first news about the events of September 11th and World Trade Centre broke, initiating America's latest incarnation of its 'War on Terror'. The shadow hasn't lifted since.

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London Olympics terror threat used to vastly increase surveillance powers

03-05-2008 15:17

The threat of terrorism at the 2012 London Olympics is being hyped up in order to justify a vast increase in the surveillance powers of the British state.

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Brian and Barbara attacked in Parliament Square

03-05-2008 15:06

The attacks took place late last night with police and CCTV looking on.

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Boris - A Taste of Things to Come

03-05-2008 11:46

Class war is well and truly back on the streets of London after the Home Counties elected bumbling toff Boris Johnson to become Mayor.

Demonstrators outside city hall were met with TSG and FIT Teams who took it upon themselves to protect the BNP and force legal protest off the streets.

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Dale Farm travellers unveil new Community Centre

03-05-2008 10:05

Travellers at the Crays Hill (Dale Farm) traveller site will today unveil a new £12,000 county council-funded community centre at a special launch event on Saturday.

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Hammersmith Goldhawk Road get Total Oil out of Burma protest

03-05-2008 01:17

Six protestors demonstrated at the Raven Total station on 372 Goldhawk Road, Hammersmith, 30th April. They called on the French oil company to stop funding the military dictatorship with 500 million dollars a year. Total has long been an accomplice of the corrupt junta's theft of Burma's resources, funding their brutal oppression of the Burmese people and the genocide of ethnic minorities. Total's pipeline was built with slave labour.

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Mayday march attacked by police in Istanbul

02-05-2008 23:16

The Turkish state cracked down heavily on an attempt to celebrate May Day in Istanbul. Here is a minute by minute report.

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Should Indymedia Antwerpen(Belgium) be removed from the net ?

02-05-2008 23:02

Indymedia Antwerp
Viewpoint Indymedia Antwerp concerning law affair against protest against slaughter

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Kurdish protest at the Syrian Embassy in London

02-05-2008 20:09

About 50 Kurds gathered at the Syrian embassy in London yesterday (Thursday, May 1st) to commemorate the forty-day anniversary of the killing of 3 Kurdish men at the hands of the Syrian security forces in the northern town of Qamishli while holding a street party to celebrate Newroz on March 20th. Protesters held up Kurdish flags and shouted anti-Syrian government slogans, while being penned in by the Met. The designated protest area was also 'shifted' down the road a little so protesters found themselves facing the Venezuelan embassy instead of the Syrian!

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Message from SHAC: May Raids Anniversary

02-05-2008 19:27

Novartis HQ smashed & painted during HLS march in Barcelona
As I'm sure you're all aware, it was recently the year anniversary of the May 1st raids. Where over 30 people's right to stand up against Huntingdon Life Sciences was stolen from them.