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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Our Man in Karachi...

11-05-2005 07:21

No, it wasn't James Bond. He didn't seem to care. And I never saw him again, this servant of the vultures and jackals. A man who, like his brutal bosses: 'knew too much to be good for mankind'. That's why I'll never forget 'the Karachi-man'.

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Video of the emotive funeral of the Comrade Gladys Marín, president of the Chile

11-05-2005 05:40

A Video of the emotive funeral of the Comrade Gladys Marín, president of the Chilean Communist Party with millions of people in the streets of Chile marching to say farewell to one of the most important icons of the contemporary socialism fight.

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Anti-CAT leaflets

10-05-2005 19:26

Simplistic anti-Caterpillar leaflets for schools,campuses etc..

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Mordechai Vanunu, Refuseniks-voices of conscience

10-05-2005 19:11

what would Ghandi say, in the case of Mordechai Vanunu?And to the Refuseniks, who risk prison for refusing to whether join the army or stay?

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Traveller eviction: Dale Farm

10-05-2005 17:01

Dale farm will soon be facing eviction. It is a site near
to us, with about 1,800 people living there. So basically,
an entire village will get bulldozed. This Saturday, there
is a march by travellers and supporters: The Dale Farm Freedom March. It is a good first step in finding out how we can help, and a chance to show some solidarity.

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Greece: Mayday of Solidarity and Dignity in the dockyard ZONE of Piraeus

10-05-2005 13:29

This year’s 1st of May was on a Sunday and on a religious day of the easter. So Mayday in Greece will take place on the 10th and 11th of May.

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New Corporate Watch Report on G8

10-05-2005 13:23

Excellent new report by corporatewatch on the G8 in Scotland.

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Deep Ecology

10-05-2005 08:39

Persephone's Notes from
Facing Climate Change and Other Great Adventures
Joanna Macy's talk on 9th May 2005

Full transcript of talk plus audio/visual material to be published within two weeks.

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EDO injunction latest

09-05-2005 14:29

Update on the ongoing civil injunction being pursued againt anyone who might want to protest against a Brighton arms company supplying military equipment for the occuation of Iraq

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Technopolis - gathering in Leeds 9 - 12th June

09-05-2005 12:23

Three days of learning, discussion and games to explore new technologies of control and our resistance to them.

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The Jerusalem Post Smears American and British Critics of Zionist Israel

08-05-2005 23:34

Since Zionists cannot win with Truth and Reason, they resort to lies and name-calling.

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15 year old anarchist killed by police on mayday, Bogotá,Columbia

08-05-2005 21:48

News is circulating that yet another anarchist has died due to state repression on Mayday. Within hours of the Dublin anarchist picnic Nicolás David Neira Alvares was clubbed to the ground by up to eight police on the Bogota Mayday march and beaten on the head until he passed out. Police then prevented his comrades getting to him so it was some time before they could get him to hospital where he died earlier today.

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lock glueing against general election

08-05-2005 13:32

on the eve of the general election, locks in leeds were glued up with quick metal to help sabotage the democratic system.

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MAYDAY tesco action video

08-05-2005 00:15

Short 5mins video of the tesco action on mayday.

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Don't Feed the Wolfowitz!

07-05-2005 17:07

We have a bloodthirsty war criminal in charge of the World Bank!

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Nottingham Student Peace - Crystal Ball, Marcus Garvey Centre :: The Pictures

07-05-2005 16:52

Crystal Ball was an amazing night of delicious Food by Veggies, great music from the people who organise Demo Club including Jazz, acoustic and others as well as a film area, dance performances and even a Bush & Blair casino!! Held at the Marcus Garvey Centre on Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham

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07-05-2005 04:59

Things only got worse.

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My friend Mordechai Vanunu

06-05-2005 22:35

this article is about my friend Mordechai Vanunu( and little about me. I came to know him last year as a member of Gush-Shalom in writing to him and always keeping in touch. Unfortunately I had never the chance to visit him yet.

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Young anarchist wounded by the police in Colombia

06-05-2005 21:46

a young anarchist was wounded by police during may day demonstrations in bogota, colombia.

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06-05-2005 20:57

I sincerely hope the British People won't stand idly by, like the Americans did, and allow this to happen. Take a page from the Ukrainians, the Lebanese. Both of their Movements were CIA-sponsored, but we've been given a glimpse into their Handbook for Non-Violent Revolution, and should not waste the opportunity this presents us with. Not with Fascism on the march ...