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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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OutRage!-demo 8 Sept against Canada's Sharia Law proposals

07-09-2005 11:58

gar rights group,OutRage! are holding a demo against the proposed Sharia Law court in Canada Thurs 8 Sept 12-2pm Canadian High Comm- 38 Grosvenor St, London.

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Dsei Graffiti Adventure!

07-09-2005 11:12

oh no its the pigz!.....

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Notes From Inside New Orleans

07-09-2005 10:13

I just left New Orleans a couple hours ago. I traveled from the apartment I was staying in by boat to a helicopter to a refugee camp. If anyone wants to examine the attitude of federal and state officials towards the victims of hurricane Katrina, I advise you to visit one of the refugee camps.

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Still We Ride - Critical Mass Film

07-09-2005 09:08

A documentary by In Tandem Productions - May 2005

An action-packed documentary that glimpses into the shocking showdown between the monthly Critical Mass bike ride and the New York City Police Department in the months after August 2004.

Introduction and discussion with two of the film's directors, Andrew Lynn and Elizabeth Press.

Friday 23rd of September 8pm @ the Midlands Arts Centre.

Screened with shorts from the International Bicycle Film festival (45mins).

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Of Disasters, Natural and Otherwise

07-09-2005 05:45

The city I called home for ten years is dying
But one thing you said back then finally makes sense to me, in a way it never did before. In the battle to save the people of New Orleans, you are either with us, or against us. And it is crystal clear what side you're on.

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06-09-2005 20:58



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Nottingham Stop The War Coalition Meetings

06-09-2005 19:33

Meetings are held every week at 7.30pm in the International Community Centre on Mansfield Road.

See noticeboard in reception for room number.

Upcoming events will be posted on this site (the website is down at the moment)

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06-09-2005 19:02

The following is a resume of the current position on the ID cards legislation and a brief critique of the Governments position.

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Met Police shot Azelle Rodney dead, similar to Jean Charles de Menezes case

06-09-2005 17:13

Azelle Rodney another victim of the Met Police
Police "lies" over man shot by cops

THE MOTHER of a man gunned down by armed police has hit out at lies put out about her son. Tearful Susan Alexander accused the Metropolitan Police of spreading false information in the wake of the fatal shooting in Edgware, north London.

Mr Rodney, who had just celebrated his 24th birthday, was shot seven times in a pre-planned police operation in April 2005.

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Democracy and the rule of law: the Iraqi alternative to US occupation

06-09-2005 17:11

The Iraqi National Foundation Conference is an independent Iraqi initiative for a democratic and unified Iraq. The anti-war movement should see building substantive links with this group as an urgent and immediate priority.

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06-09-2005 13:49

'On 7th September 2005 Mikey's family will be marking the second anniversary of his death. We would ask that you spend a moment in thought on that date for Mikey and all those that have died in custody.'

Friends of Mikey Powell Campaign for Justice in association with Injustice



'staying focused - keeping up the struggle'

A Memorial Event for Mikey Powell and David Oluwale

Benefit screening of ‘INJUSTICE’ + Q&A with families & filmmaker

'Injustice' is a radical documentary about the struggles for justice by the families of people that have died in police custody in the UK. This award winning film is banned by Channel 4 and the BBC.

Sunday 2nd October 2005 (Doors open 12 noon Film starts at 12.30pm)
Midlands Arts Centre, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham, B12 9QH
Entrance £3.50 (£2.50 concessions)
Info: 07770 432 439 or 0774 008 3915

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MORI poll ID cards-independent?

06-09-2005 12:33

MORI polling organisation also has a commercial interest in ID Cards, as they are running the selection process for the 10,000 "volunteers" who are to participate in the Passport Office's Biometrics evealuation trial (technically not actually to do with ID cards at all, but with the introduction of a Biometric Passport Card which will only be valid for travel within the European Union)

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Hurricane katrina New Orleans - Houston

05-09-2005 20:59

Views on the New Orleans disaster from President George Bush's state

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ResisDANCE! (Bristol benefit night)

04-09-2005 22:58

Benefit poster
The Bristol-based Bristle magazine collective celebrates publication of its 20th issue, in it’s 8 year existence, with a massive benefit party at the Malcolm X Centre on September 17th (full details below). This event is being organised in association with the Bristol Dissent group (, with proceeds going to help those Bristolians facing charges arising from the anti-G8 protests in Scotland this July (Bristle will take just a small cut to fund future publications).

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Agrexco - Letting Apartheid Bloom

04-09-2005 17:05

The Effects Of Illegal Settlements In The Jordon Valley

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Iraq isn't safe - No Deportations - Sheffield Protest

03-09-2005 20:12

Some photos from the protest at the deportation of Iraqis.

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GMP use taser again

03-09-2005 10:11

GMP have used their taser guns for the 2nd time

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'Different times' call for bill of rights, says QC

03-09-2005 02:36

To ensure no future government can erode basic human rights
But I don't know where he gets that from at the moment Australia's Human Rights record is appalling just ask any Refugee! Anyway I do understand pragmatism so I won't knock him any further because he wants to compromise with the government about their human rights record.