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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Rememberance Vigil for Vittorio Arrigoni tonight, Italian Embassy

15-04-2011 11:26

6pm Italian Embassy, 14 3 Kings Yard, Davies Street, London W1, nearest tube Bond Street

Our beloved comrade, brother, activist and friend Vik, Vittorio 'Utopia' Arrigoni was murdered by a Salafist extreemist cell in Gaza last night. They kidnapped him, beat him, blindfolded him and hung him. Israel's blockade on the tiny Gaza strip (1.5 million people in a540km by 10 km space) and the social engineering through shock blasts of violence, containment, siege and disposession has been going on for decades. We can't even rule out that there was a more direct hand in this from the Israeli government, but even so, the influence is there, direct or indirect. Please come and mourn with us.

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Marcos is not a hero! Protest the plan to make him one!

15-04-2011 02:14

FERDINAND E. MARCOS is not a hero to the Filipino people. His martial law regime sent hundreds of thousands to jail, made people 'desaparecidos' because of their political beliefs. He is now being elevated to become a "hero" and plans are afoot by his families and allies to have him interred in Libingan ng mga Bayani (Cemetery of Heroes).

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Taunton Benefit: Solidarity with M26 arrested activists!

14-04-2011 21:25

In solidarity with ALL arrested activists from protests and direct action in London on March 26h, Anonymous Promotions have organised a benefit for Green & Black Cross who are raising funds for their legal fees.

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A call for common actions in solidarity with Belarusian anarchists (12-15 May )

13-04-2011 23:31

It's been 7 months now since the "case of arsons" was started in Belarus.
All this time our friends and comrades have been held behind the bars.
Having started with random detentions of activists of radially different political views in September last year, the case is finally coming to an end -
it is being brought to trial.

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Portuguese Petition : The relevance of the ratings agencies

13-04-2011 22:07

Last week, a group of Portuguese economists filed a demand for a legal investigation concerning the most recent actions of the three main ratings agencies - in what presumably could be an attempt at manipulating the normal functioning of the financial markets , and an insurgence in the normal functioning of the Portuguese democratic process. An online petition is now available for anyone who is willing to provide support to this action. (in Portuguese)

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Dale Farm Eviction - Solidarity / Numbers Needed...

13-04-2011 19:03

Numbers Needed For The Attempted Eviction Of Dale Farm Travellers..Any Assistance In Halting This Government Sanctioned Act Of Ethnic Cleansing / Facism Appreciated...

(lifted from P Poser-Solidarity & Respect)

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Witnesses Needed

12-04-2011 20:29

Were you at the student demos in December 2010 or the 26th March anti-cuts demo?
Did you witness anyone being arrested?
Did you film or photograph any arrests?

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show your support for Campaign To Save Bahman (Shirkou) Moaarefi From execution

12-04-2011 20:27

Stop brotality of islami regime
To all anti-capitalist,
To all anti-religious atrocity
To all those who fight for Justice,
To all political parties, Human Rights & Women organisations,
To all Freedom fighters and those whom fight to save civil librety

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Anarchist action - Mitie vehicle torched.

12-04-2011 11:05

Let us be clear on something: we are not demanding anything. The libertarian world that we desire is here, in our beating hearts and clenched fists, not to be found through the concessions of our enemies, allegience to this or that party/union/'social movement'. We have no dialogue to be made with the world we have discovered ourselves to be at war with, as it is at war with us. And we are not alone. Across the world the attacks multiply - some claimed clearly by comrades in the perspective of the struggle against State, Capital and Hierachy in whatever forms, many, as always, a mute expression of the rage of stolen lives, broken hearts, trampled desires. Also made beautiful in their rebellion.

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For those who do want to contact Century Films

12-04-2011 08:06

The following email has been circulated privately, but in light of the on-going debate, perhaps there is a point to telling Century Films to back-off from doing a documentary based on Mark Kennedy's story. Sometimes it is not enough to ignore, sometimes a clear response is needed - but it does not always have to be dressed up as a well-written press release...

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Wave of raids and arrests against anarchist networks in Italy

11-04-2011 21:11

5 arrests in Bologna, 7 banning orders, 60 raids all over Italy

On April 6 more than 300 officers were employed in an “anti-terrorism” operation named ‘Outlaw Operation’ that specially targeted anarcho-insurrectionalist activists.

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Machism on Brazilian social movements

10-04-2011 21:35

Self-defense feminist against a male chauvinist militant from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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Giant crime against Libya is fact !

08-04-2011 12:05

MEPI-Logo ....
Hidden behind propaganda a giant crime against Libya is fact .......... What is done to Libya is a giant crime containing: waging a war of aggression to rob out a nation, a campaign of horrific murders and psychological warfare to deceive the Libyan people and the people of the world. Let’s have a closer look what did the propaganda tell the world and what really happened in Libya. Here is part I of a timeline containing some relevant events in relation to the war against Libya, showing that the actions against Libya are based on nothing else than lies.

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Review: Poll Tax Riots films

07-04-2011 16:10

Last Sunday OARC was host to two films that told the story of the Poll Tax riots that happened in Trafalgar Square in 1990.

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Sayonara, Japan: Is the capitalist game over now?

07-04-2011 16:01

Is the game over? Will and could we wake up now and annihilate capitalism? And there we go ... more earthquakes, more tsunamis to come ...

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Report launch: political protest and the police

07-04-2011 12:31


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Black Blocs: Masking up saves incarceration

07-04-2011 03:01

Without being overtly judgemental, the 16 faces police released on April 2nd (who they say are involved in criminal damage, scuffles with police on March 26th) are not 'sterotypical black blocers' - ie those who dress the part. No doubt it's great they joined our cause, but it goes to show that wearing BLACK trousers, hoodies AND covering faces with a bandana, scarf or balaclava avoids further questions by police about your identity. Not to mention keeping it on at all times and only 'dressing down' away from any action.

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Syria CS gas may have been made in the UK

06-04-2011 19:05

CS gas canister used in Daraa, Syria

The CS gas used by Syrian security forces against civilian protesters may have been made in the UK. Video footage from a protest in the southern city of Daraa shows a CS gas canister bearing the distinctive red stripe that appears on some UK-made CS gas canisters. At least one person has died as a result of inhaling the supposedly 'non-lethal' gas, while many others have been killed by bullets and guns made in other western 'democracies'.

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For the Attention of anyone contacted about Kennedy Documentary

06-04-2011 18:15

a couple of days ago we posted the following piece.
Which unfortunately led to a slanging match between various posters(including ourselves) using names with big A's, circled @'s, little a's, the colour black and something to do with blocs (not Lego) . Various threats and rude words were used.