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Dale Farm Eviction - Solidarity / Numbers Needed...

rue | 13.04.2011 19:03 | Dale Farm | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Numbers Needed For The Attempted Eviction Of Dale Farm Travellers..Any Assistance In Halting This Government Sanctioned Act Of Ethnic Cleansing / Facism Appreciated...

(lifted from P Poser-Solidarity & Respect)

Dale Farm is a former scrap yard which was bought by Travellers and is now home to about 1000 people. Basildon Council has refused planning permission for half of Dale Farm, and promised to bulldoze it (90% of Traveller planning applications are initially rejected compared to 20% overall).

They have set aside 8 million pounds for the eviction, and asked the central government for 10 million more for policing costs. At any point...they can issue 28 days notice, and then try to bulldoze what is effectively a small village.

We condemn this ethnic cleansing and will spend a night there if they serve 28 days notice. Plans are underway to set up a camp for people to stay, and there will also be room in peoples' homes.

At the moment, the current date is just a guess which we will update once we have more information. We will be setting up a presence at Dale Farm when the 28 days notice expires (most likely early May) with a weekend of amazing workshops and entertainment. Come down for the kick off weekend!

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