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Turn the Royal Mile into the "Republican Mile"

frosty | 14.04.2011 17:53 | Mayday 2010 | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | World

Fuk the royal wedding!!!!!

29 April · 11:30 - 14:30
"Republican Mile", Edinburgh

The royal wedding is almost upon us, and with it another reminder of our status as the subjects of an unaccountable system of privilege and power.

In light of David Cameron's reassurances that people will be allowed to freely mark this “special day”, without regard for “red tape”, we want to embrace such reassurances to express our contempt for the archaic and inherently undemocratic i...nstitution of the monarchy.

On this day, we hope to see the Royal Mile transformed into the “Republican Mile”, in a celebration of democracy and people power, and a two-fingered salute to the monarchy, the ruling classes, and all that they represent.

Bring loudhailers, sound systems, royal and political effigies; anything to make enough noise to be heard in the centres of power, whether in London or Edinburgh. If anyone knows how to perform a rain dance, please teach us, and we can endevavour to send some dark clouds to Buckingham Palace. Most importantly, bring a spirit of rebellion!



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