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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Reminder: Two demos against the UKBA in London

21-10-2013 12:58

Join us to demonstrate against immigration raids and the UKBA poster campaign

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Catholic among the Pigeons

20-10-2013 10:18

Ciaron O Reilly, Assange and Anarcha-Feminism at yesterday's bookfair and beyond.

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Speech (in English) by S'bu Zikode of Abahali baseMjondolo

19-10-2013 07:03

In this talk S'bu Zikode of Abahlali baseMjondolo gives a clear outline of the recent repression that has seen 3 activists murdered, three shot and many evicted, arrested and beaten in Durban, South Africa.

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Bedouin As Well As Palestinians Suffer Under Netanyahu's Rule

18-10-2013 19:16

Israeli creation of homelessness
thousands deported, homes bulldozed, villages 'disappeared'

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Anti-Fascist sent "Go home" text by Home Office

18-10-2013 17:49

UKBA left red-faced after anti-racism campaigner and anti-fascist Suresh Grover and immigration caseworker Bobby Chan were sent text messages telling them to leave the country

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UG#666 - The Cancer in Occupy (What is Violence?)

17-10-2013 01:38

After the last show on Chris Hedges, this week we hear a discussion about his controversial 2012 Truthdig article in which referred to "Black Bloc anarchists" as "the cancer of the Occupy movement". He debates with Crimethinc on just how violent is it acceptable (or advisable) to be. Along the way we discuss the purpose of occupy and who defines what violence is anyway?

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On the Out – New Zine about life after prison

16-10-2013 12:59

A new publication has recently been produced by Bristol ABC. On the Out is a collection of writings by ex-prisoners and their supporters on life after prison.

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Kazoo protest over Camden’s draconian new busking bye-laws

14-10-2013 22:40

This afternoon, Mark Thomas joined a ‘Citizens’ Kazoo Orchestra’ of buskers in Camden, to highlight and protest proposed new bye-laws criminalising street music of all kinds. The presence of senior officers and intelligence suggested to me the possibility of future use against protestors.

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The Hambach forest occupation is under direct threat of eviction

14-10-2013 21:31

The Hambach forest occupation is under direct threat of eviction. For the second time in one month the police has been attacking the camp. Guarded by riot cops a flying squat of RWE workers equipped with chainsaws and a bulldozer entered the protest site.

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CURO Housing tenants threaten suicide over bedroom tax

08-10-2013 11:17

Curos's head of service development David Clarke said staff were dealing with very angry and upset tenants every day of the week.

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"Spied Upon" undercover cops film - preview tour

07-10-2013 08:45

Berlin director Jason Kirkpatrick will be presenting preview clips from his film on undercover cops, "Spied Upon", at various venues.

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TV License Threats And Intimidation

06-10-2013 23:47

I do not watch television but am receiving threatening letters.

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Support the Syrian port blockaders in Calais!

03-10-2013 15:15

How you can support the Syrian refugees blocking access to Calais ferry port

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Afghan refugee resistance in Belgium

03-10-2013 12:47

Since the occupation of a church in July, Afghan migrants (including many of families) in Brussels been organising a sustained struggle against the Belgian state's asylum policies.

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Yahoo Allowing AdChoices To Delete Moderator Posts And Replace Them With Ads

02-10-2013 14:13

Yahoo Groups, part of the international Yahoo corporation, is allowing advertisers
to delete political and poetry posts and replace them with ads.

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All Countries In Europe Consider This Texas Persecution A Crime Against Humanity

02-10-2013 01:22

Texan Attorney General Greg Abbott Has No Problem Giving Hank Skinner A Posthumous Pardon !
dublin |

These Scary Texas Demons Now Want Hank Skinner Executed Even After Destroying His Legal DNA Defense Exoneration Evidence !

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Appropriate policing of a TUC demo?

30-09-2013 13:36

Seen on rooftops overlooking Tory conference venue in Manchester on TUC demo, 29th September 2013.

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26th Oct: United Families & Friends Campaign – 2013 Procession

30-09-2013 11:05

Flyer for the United Families & Friends Campaign – 2013 Procession
Time : 12:30 pm
Date : 26th October 2013
Location: London
Meet: 12.30PM Trafalgar Square & then march down Whitehall to Downing Street

Download the flyer from:

Important that there is a bigger and bigger turnout each year for this event. The adding to the list of more families who are victims of police actions each year in-part assists this.

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8 October: 'FREE MANNING' Bristol banner drop case comes to court

28-09-2013 10:28

30 May: Banners over the M32

Change of court venue - see addition below

My banners (pictured) were seized by Bristol police at the end of May, at the start of a Bradley (Chelsea) Manning solidarity tour of Bristol and south Wales and on the eve of the Manning show trial in the U.S.

The banners were up on the Gatton Rd footbridge over the M32. Read my account of what happened.

I'll be at Bristol Magistrates Court, Marlborough St. on Tuesday 8 October at 9.15am to answer an alleged offence of 'causing danger to road users contrary to section 22(1)(a) of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and Schedule 2 to the Road Traffic Offenders Act 1988'.

Support (and banners!) welcome.