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Afghan refugee resistance in Belgium

@ | 03.10.2013 12:47 | Afghanistan | Anti-racism | Repression | World

Since the occupation of a church in July, Afghan migrants (including many of families) in Brussels been organising a sustained struggle against the Belgian state's asylum policies.

Still resisting: call for the release of arrested comrades
Still resisting: call for the release of arrested comrades

They have organised many demonstrations outside ministerial offices and other state targets.

The intensity and visibility of resistance from those who are normally expected to remain in the shadows was causing too much of an embarrassment to the authorities. So when the Afghans descended on the Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo's office on 25th September, they were met with tear gas, water cannons, and mass arrest: 47- 70 (reports vary) were taken to the detention centre. Kids were tear gassed too.

Here's one report from Wahid, an arrestee:

"After the police have us arrested in Rue de la Loi Brussels, they have beaten me a lot in the bus: they have touched my genitals, they have beaten with helmet to my head and also kicked to my mouth. When we arrived
in Merksplas, the police put me in a separate room in the basement where they have beaten me one by one, took off my clothes and asked me to say sorry and beat me. they executed [sic] me long time,... they have everyone brought in different locations: in Liege, Merksplas, Zaventem, ... "

The next day, a reprisal was delivered as 400 Afghans were illegally evicted from another occupied building on the Rue du Trône.

Video of repression (French):

Video in English:

People injured & tear gassed:

Eviction videos:

Photos & reports on their FB page:

Tomorrow at 12.30, in Brussels, Afghan refugees will ask to meet Belgian prime minister Elio Di Rupo to denounce the harsh asylum policies of this country. Their fight is shared by Afghan refugees in all EU countries, where deportations to Afghanistan are regularly carried out. You can join their fight by:

Sending your protests to Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo or ask him to meet the Afghan Refugees during tomorrow's demonstration in Brussels: // Fax 022173328

Signing this petition in which the Afghans request a meeting with the Prime Minister:



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