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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Friends of Syria Declare War on Assad

03-04-2012 21:11

On April 1 in Istanbul, Washington-led rogue leaders discussed ways to destabilize and topple Assad. They recognized the violent Syrian National Council (SNC) as the "sole representative of the Syrian people." Doing so assures continued conflict, not peaceful resolution. Killer gangs were promised generous funding. They've already gotten plenty, as well as weapons, munitions, and training. Now they'll get more. Washington and rogue NATO partners plan conflict, not peace. They want Assad replaced by someone they control. Violence rages to achieve it. Expect lots more followed by war if current efforts fail. In Istanbul, pretense dissolved. So did Annan's sham peace plan. Couched in diplomatic language, it was more theater than resolve to end conflict peacefully.

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Police brutality at Bristol squat eviction (liveleak video)

02-04-2012 23:12

more like a hostage situation
From 'They unlawfully entered, partied all night, were told to leave prior by other police. Resulted in some scuffles, a little pavement-face action and a girl dragged away in a headlock.
Many UK wannabe 'freeman' types were going nuts on youtube, while forgetting the basic concept of unlawful entry and loss.'

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HMP Britain

02-04-2012 22:29

The answer to ALL UK security and crime problems ...

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Calais Update

02-04-2012 11:36

Thursday 29th March and the surrounding days have seen a shocking and rapid escalation of police harassment, arrests and brutality against people with and without papers in Calais – far beyond the normal level and in what seemed to be a premeditated assault on the migrant communities and their supporters.

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Squatters march in Brighton

31-03-2012 18:39

In response to the ban on squatting being passed in the House of Lords on Tuesday, Squatters and their supporters took a meandering march through Brighton and Hove today.

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Chile: Day of the Combatant Youth (photos)

30-03-2012 18:48

Chile: Day of the Combatant Youth (photos)

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Peru: Solidarity action with Tortuga and the Security Case prisoners (Peru)

30-03-2012 12:12

claim by "FAI-IRF/Group of Revolutionary Cells of Informal Organisation/Cell of Iconoclastic-Insurrectional Action" for solidarity action with anarchist prisoners in Chile Luciano Tortuga and Juan, Fredy and Marcelo.

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Extradition Watch: Richard's Story

29-03-2012 23:09

Audio Shami Chakrabarti
On 29th March 2012 Liberty, hosted a public meeting at Sheffield Hallam University on the subject of the threatened extradiction of Richard O'Dywer. The meeting was addressed by Shami Chakrabarti, Julia O'Dywer, Isabella Sankey, an impromptu appeareance from David Davis, Jawed Siddiqi and Jessica Zeun.

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Thomas Jefferson: "An Equal Application Of Law To Every Condition Of Man Is Fund

29-03-2012 15:48

Laws not respected
Iran is playing a particularly important role in this midst, as it is more concerned than any over the situation of Bashar Assad in Syria; the mullahs have found that they cannot afford losing Assad, and they can therefore not allow the situation get out of their control

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Washington Admits Aiding Syrian Opposition

29-03-2012 09:52

On March 25, The New York Times headlined, "US and Turkey to Step Up 'Nonlethal' Aid to Rebels in Turkey," saying: Other US allies were urged to do the same. Insisting no weapons will be sent belies heavy Western and Israeli ones delivered through porous borders for months. ... They include powerful explosives, small arms, submachine guns, machine guns, sniper rifles, rocket and anti-tank grenade launchers, among others. They've been used to kill civilians and security forces, as well as destroy government facilities. Russia repeatedly denounces Washington's one-sided support while claiming peaceful resolution intentions. Obama says aiding Assad's opposition furthers transitioning to a "legitimate government." In other words, he wants independent Syria replaced by a client state America controls. Then on to the next target for the same purpose - Iran.

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April 6th, 2012 – Day of actions in solidarity with anarchist Stella Antoniou

28-03-2012 19:28

Call out for solidarity in Greece and thru out the World with anarchist comrade Stella Antoniou in pretrial detention from the "Assembly of solidarity to imprisoned and prosecuted fighters" in Athens // Reposted from

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Harlan Interfauna demo - 13/4/12

28-03-2012 14:51

Demonstartion to be held at Beagle breeding kennels in Huntingdon!

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photography bye-laws in parliament square

27-03-2012 22:55

last week, while covering the protests on budget day, i wandered on to the grass at parliament square. a heritage warden and various police told me both that i couldn't be there, and i couldn't take photographs there. holding my ground and after further inquiry, i was told by the head of the security company managing the 'heritage wardens', that the GLA have a list of websites that the bye-laws prohibit posting to, even non-commercially. the GLA press officer has so far failed to respond to my calls asking for a copy of that list.

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Anarchist comrades in Thessaloniki recieve court decision (Greece)

27-03-2012 12:52

news of the judicial process undertaken by the state against revolutionary anarchists Giannis Skouloudis, Sokratis Tzifkas, Babis Tsilianidis, Dimitris Dimtsiadis and Dimitris Fessas

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Anti-anarchist "Bombs Case" political trial update, March 5 to 23 (Chile)

27-03-2012 10:38

account of the "caso bombas", ongoing anti-anarchist judicial repression in chile

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The Syrian People’s Revolution, One Year On: Torture, Disappearances and Exile

25-03-2012 11:27

A year ago, when the Arab Spring began — or, as the events were then called, the revolutionary movements in the Middle East (which had already toppled two western-backed dictators in Tunisia and Egypt) — I remember being surprised, and also worried, when Syrian activists held a “Day of Rage” in Damascus on March 15, and, the day after, other protestors in Damascus — mostly well-established human rights activists — called for the release from prison of other human rights activists, many of whom had been held for many years.

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Bradley Manning Solidarity in Wales: 11 - 29 April

25-03-2012 10:13

There are going to be events happening in solidarity with Bradley Manning across Wales during April. As well as organised meetings, talks, discussions and so on, we hope to be out on the streets during the day bringing Bradley Manning's situation and the global issues his case raises to the attention of the public. Please join us!

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FCUKBA: a month of immigration repression and resistance

24-03-2012 23:02

Random UKBA raid on a workplace
Feb 25th-March 24th: A months' work for those lovely people of the UK Border Agency, safeguarding our nation from the invading hordes of furriners