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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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U.S. Senate bill Rewritten So Cops / Feds Can Read Your Email Without Warrants

21-11-2012 14:43

After Sen. Patrick Leahy’s warrant-less Internet Access bill is passed, Americans should expect a spike in arrests and property forfeitures by the feds and local police.

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Interview With Militant Prisoner John Bowden

20-11-2012 09:51

Free John Bowden
Recent interview with John Bowden by Bristol-based publication 'From Here On In' to be published in the next issue (

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Canada Resurrects Vampire—bill C-30 That Will Suck Internet Freedom Dry

19-11-2012 14:59

Can Canadians Hold Out Against Their Government's Forceful Efforts to Wiretap Their Lives? The Obama Government also wants the power (without a warrant) to introduce as evidence in U.S. Civil; Criminal and Administrative prosecutions any phone call record, email or Internet activity.

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Celebrations of the anniversary of the founding of the Zapatistas

18-11-2012 16:13

In San Cristóbal they commemorate the birth of the EZLN: November 17, 1983

On this day the latest phase of the Campaign Worldwide Echo in support of the Zapatistas culminates.

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Straight Talk on Gaza

18-11-2012 09:25

Palestine's democratically elected government is targeted. West Bank coup d'etat authority has no legitimacy. Abbas' term as president expired in January 2009. Israel rigged his 2005 election. What's ongoing is illegal aggressive war. Israeli provocations caused it. Israel's entire history reflects belligerence. It lives by the sword. It's a modern-day Sparta. Operation Pillar of Cloud was planned months ago. All military campaigns take many weeks or months of planning. Attacking Gaza coincides with Israel's January elections.

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Gaza Bombing Demo 16th November 2012

17-11-2012 20:14

Protest held in Birmingham, supporting Gaza and Palestinian victims of Zionist butchery.

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Seasonal solidarity – London ABC letter writing and christmas card afternoon.

16-11-2012 13:48

London ABC xmas card ( Strangeways prison riot 1990)
London ABC letter writing and christmas card afternoon.

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destroyed squat and wounded people after polish patriot march

14-11-2012 12:57

Green Technology Centre squat attacked by far right in Wroclaw, Poland

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“This land has already been allocated to those who actually work it and live on

13-11-2012 17:28

In recent days, support bases of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN ) from Comandante Abel and Unión Hidalgo communities were evicted from their land and dispossessed of their crops, by paramilitaries from the municipio of Sabanilla, openly protected by the State’s Public Security forces.

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Eviction at Hambach Forest!

13-11-2012 07:13

The eviction of the Hambach Forest, occupied against the biggest coal open-cast pit in europe, have started just in the moment. The eviction will need some time because there are a tots of people in the trees.
If you can camoe over, or make actions of solidarity!

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Corrupt Police at Orgreave & Hillsborough

09-11-2012 23:18

The purpose of the (failed) police fit-ups at Orgreave was for the police to try and make sure striking workers served, if possible, life sentences, for the crime of resisting attacks by police

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Greece, Athens: General strike 07.11.2012 - riots (photos)

08-11-2012 16:36

Greece, Athens: General strike 07.11.2012 - riots (photos)

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CURO Housing renting its homes as holiday lets to wealthy tourists

07-11-2012 17:03

CURO Housing proposes to privatise 600 affordable homes in Bath and re-let them on the private market and for holiday lets

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Solidarity across prison walls: Harmondsworth demo for Prince

07-11-2012 12:58

Detainees at the window. Photo by Peter Marshall
Following the suspicious death in Harmondsworth last Tuesday, and the release of an important statement by Ghanaian detainees claiming the man had been beaten, stripped naked, and left to die in an isolation block (see here:, No Borders and other groups held a noise demo outside the detention centres.

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Film Night & Talk - Justice For The Shrewsbury 24

07-11-2012 10:58

The Shrewsbury 24 were builders who took part in pickets of building sites during the first ever national building workers strike. Six of the pickets were stitched up on conspiracy charges and sent down for up to 3 years. Their crime was to be part of a trade union campaign to get a decent rate of pay and safer working conditions for all building workers.

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Anti-Eviction Guide Hambach Forest

07-11-2012 10:57

The Hambach Forest is occupied since half an year now. The forest will get cutted for the coal-open-cast-mine "Hambacher Tagebau". This is together with two morge open-cast-mines in the region and the power plants that burns the coal, europes biggest producer of CO2. They have already started to cut the forest, and the eviction of the camp can happen every day. So read this anti-eviction-guide and see what you can do!

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Call out for days of Propaganda and Action for Piotr Silajev!

05-11-2012 14:51

From Barcelona we are making a call out for international days of propaganda and action to support our compañero Piotr Silajev on the days of 19th-21st of November.

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Free Aurore Martin!

04-11-2012 18:58

Following a European arrest warrant of October 2010 issued by the Spanish Government, Aurore Martin, a Basque militant (not a terrorist) got arrested on November 1, 2012.

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STOP THE KILLING: Noise Demo @ Harmondsworth IRC Tues 6th Nov

03-11-2012 13:31

Noise demo @ Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre, Tuesday 6th November 2012 @ 1.30pm


Meet at the main entrance to Harmondsworth and Colnbrook IRCs, West Drayton UB7 0HB

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Ghanaian Detainees Statement - Death of Prince Ofosu

03-11-2012 09:27

Another Death of a Detainee in Harmondsworth IRC
Management at Harmondsworth IRC posted a notice yon Tuesday 30th October 2012, informing detainees of a "Death of a resident" saying no more than "we regret to inform you of the death of a resident” No further details were given, no name/nationality and manner of fatality. Home Office when asked about the death, confirmed there had been a death but as their want, refused point blank to give any details whatsoever.