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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Ariel Sharon to Visit London in 2 Weeks

30-06-2003 20:01

The Israeli Prime Minister, Former Defence Minister and Unit 101 leader (1970s Zionist militia)is coming to visit Blair on July 13th. His itinerary hasn't been published to the press yet but when it is, hopefully it can be leaked out and people can stalk the fucker! Just a bit of background: Sharon was responsible (found guilty in a court of law and subsequently dismiessed from his post as Defence minister) for the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camp (in Lebanon) massacre in 1982. Approx 2000 Palestinian refugees were slaughtered. He was also responsible for the massacre in Jenin camp last April where over 600 homes were also demolished by military bulldozers over a 4 day (out of a total invasion time-span of 12 days) intense trashing/apache/F16/Tank assault on the camp - itself just 1 km square in size. And Sharon is also responsible for the daily Nakba and slow-drip massacre in Gaza and the West Bank, which sees assassinations, children culled, political leaders murdered or jailed and daily humiliation of life under occupation continue unabated, 'Peace Process' or no peace process.

Al yukaom istammer
Al Kefah istammer

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Activists in court for Day X protest at outbreak of war

30-06-2003 17:19

Four anti-war activists are appearing in Lion Yard Magistrates Court, Cambridge, this week for taking part in protests at the outbreak of war on Iraq.

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Incredible photos of Black Block in Sacramento

30-06-2003 09:51

Some amazing photos of the black block taking the streets in Sacramento California during the WTO Biotech Ministerial.

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Evian an Thessaloniki Solidarity in Berlin

29-06-2003 12:07

Actions and Demos in Berlin in Solidarity with those arrested in Thessaloniki and Evian.

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Thessaloniki Prisoners Solidarity Benefit gig

28-06-2003 23:50

Thessaloniki Prisoners Solidarity Benefit Gig.
Friday 4th July.

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Gate Crashers' Ball at Menwith Hill - 4th July

28-06-2003 14:42


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Human Rights Abuses under Mental Health Act

28-06-2003 10:46

London artist and media activist beaten up, sexually assaulted and detained in hospital in Lambeth under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act since 4th June.

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28-06-2003 09:22

There are many ways that we can support Simon Chapman and show our solidarity with the 8 prisoners.

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Protests against the policing of the G8 summit continue

28-06-2003 08:58

Swiss embassies world wide were targeted by activists this week in order to maintain pressure on the Swiss authorities to comply with the Universal Declaration of Human rights. After actions against the G8 meeting in Evian where met with repression and brutality. Groups presented embassies with a letter outlining contraventions to the

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Call for solidarity

27-06-2003 17:21

Solidarity with the inprisoned comrades from Thessaloniki anti-EU demonstrations

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No Justice in Thessaloniki

27-06-2003 16:34

U.S. protester from Vermont falsely arrested and beaten in Thessaloniki during E.U. Summit protests. Released on bail, then re-arrested for deporation.

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solidarity in greece

27-06-2003 16:32

protesters treated barbarically by authorities and judical system in the aftermath of anti-EU demonstrations

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Anti-border camp in Krynki (POLAND)

27-06-2003 14:25

Anti-border camp in Krynki, near Białystok (POLAND) next to Belarus border

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Geneva violence: Questions for Ambassador

27-06-2003 14:19


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Stonehenge :: Summer Solstice 2003 Pictures

27-06-2003 10:26

Have made a 'best edit' selection from my jaunt to Stonehenge, to celebrate the Summer Solstice, but still sadly miss the festival that was / should be there. This is the Photo - record of my time there.

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USA Exposed as Fascist, Hegemonic and Increasingly Evil Empire

27-06-2003 03:32

America has become a shameful and bellicose deciever and lier to the rest of the world. The world needs to be aware that it is the U.S. that is the world's biggest rogue regime and to respond to its threat to the dignity and survival of the human race.

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A Report from Thessaloniki (1)

26-06-2003 20:06

The international demonstration against fortress Europe and the EU of neoliberal capitalism and war taking place in Thessaloniki on Saturday 21/6/03 ended up fragmented, divided and under police repression. Anarchists and riot police were in direct confrontation for hours. The other blocks demonstrated peacefully and ended the night with a music festival. No solidarity towards the besieged black block was given.

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Prosecution back down - charges dropped against Anna & David!

26-06-2003 15:08

Two oxford activists had their charges of highway obstruction
dropped this afternoon.

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Hear Palestine: News Of The Military Occupation

26-06-2003 12:12


Wednesday, 25 June 2003