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Kennedy Mania in the Mainstream Media

19-01-2011 19:01

The media has gone into a feeding frenzy over what was described by Newsnight as the "deepening controversy over police agents". Yet still none of them are putting together the evidence that political policing has been used to trash the 'right to protest' in this country,of which the use of undercover coppers is only a small part, with FIT Teams, kettling and general harrassment of protestors being other major parts of the ongoing police strategy. Perhaps this is because these same journos are part of the media circus that allows the cops to get away with it as we march towards water cannon and a police state.

However, the long term infiltration of environmental and direct action groups in the UK by PC Mark Kennedy for a seven year period, must be causing some discomfort for the cops, as his antics in the UK and ,according to the Guardian another 22 countries, are beginning to be unravelled.

Today's Independent claims that Kennedy, who is missing but believed to be in the USA, has called in publicity Guru Max Clifford as he "prepares to sell his story". The report further notes that Nottingham Police have launched an internal inquiry into the mess, which will run alongside a limited IPCC inquiry which 'Amerdeep Somal, of the IPCC, said will focus on the alleged failure of Nottinghamshire Police to disclose relevant material to prosecutors.'

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Statement from Cardiff Anarchist Network (CAN) on the infiltration by Mark ‘Marc

19-01-2011 15:49

This is our response to the revelation that our group had been infiltrated by Mark Jocobs for four years.

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"Mark Stone" and the Achilles' Heel of Activism

19-01-2011 15:04

They called him "Flash": Kennedy made £50,000 a year undercover
The unmasking of activist "Mark Stone" as Police Constable Mark Kennedy has sent shockwaves through anti-capitalist groups around the UK. Police infiltration had long been considered a given by the more savvy demonstrators. But the fact that Kennedy had played such an integral part in the organisation of high profile direct actions - and police repression of them - has exposed the Achilles' heel of activism: its reliance on the good will of people who are often total strangers.

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Thessaloniki 4 trial, update day #2

19-01-2011 14:23

Update from day #2 of the Court of Appeals of our four comrades in Thessaloniki, Greece. The day would be spent examining more police prosecution witnesses, including some policemen who had been involved in the arrest of Simon Chapman, and others who had arrested other demonstrators (not the Thessaloniki 4).

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Exposure of police spy in UK sheds light on covert operations

19-01-2011 10:57

Last week, a trial of six environmental campaigners at Nottingham Crown Court in England collapsed. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said they could not continue, as “new evidence” had come to light undermining their case.

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Thessaloniki 4 trial, update day #1

18-01-2011 19:52

Greek riot pig 'Keeps Simon still with his foot'
What follows is the first in a series of updates that will cover the Court of Appeals of our four comrades in Thessaloniki, day by day. The first day of court was Friday 14 January 2011...

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Officer "B" Marco Jacobs- further info and photos

18-01-2011 19:22

Further photos of undercover officer who infiltrated anarchist and other political groups in Cardiff and South Wales were published on FIT Watch today

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Forced heavy handed eviction of University of Birmingham occupiers

18-01-2011 15:53

Last night students determined to remain in occupation and create an area for free and constructive debate, where removed by excessive force by university security assist by the police.

I’m proud to say the student involved, remained peaceful in spite of personal injuries and very distressing scenes.

This report is compiled by testimonies of a UCU representative present and three students who are pressing charges of assault but, wish to remain unnamed for now.

During the period 18:30-19:00 students were removed from the maths-physics bridge, where on their first day back at university they had immediately re-occupied the university.

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Ratcliffe trial last two sentences

18-01-2011 14:25

Community service orders

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Attack in Bristol for Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

18-01-2011 12:53

In the early morning of 17 January, two telecommunications utilities vehicles, of British Telecom, were set on fire in Bristol.

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Did the CPS unlawfully authorise undercover work?

18-01-2011 12:40

Did the CPS act unlawfully in authorising criminal acts by NPOIU's undercover cops?
Do the police have the power to authorise officers to commit crime?

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Defend Dale Farm! Help resist Ethnic Cleansing

18-01-2011 10:46

7pm Wednesday 19th January
at Unite House, 128 Theobald’s Road, London WC1 8TN

Dale Farm is the last major surviving Traveller site in Essex, following a series of brutal evictions elsewhere over the years. There are around 1000 residents altogether. Those now facing eviction (yet again) since they took over a scrap yard next door to a long established legal site. The local Council is determined to drive all the Travellers out of the area. This is what they did recently when they evicted Hovefield, hounding families relentlessly until they were gone. They have promised to clear Dale Farm before the next Council elections.

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Three undercover political Police unmasked as infiltrators into UK Anarchist, Anti-Fascist and Climate Justice movements.

18-01-2011 00:14

PC Mark Kennedy (AKA "Mark Stone"), "Lyn Watson" and "Mark Jacobs"
We have reposted with updates and corrections, this has many changes from previous post!

please flag up any mistakes and we will up date in 24 hours or so. We still need more factual information about their activities. The purpose of this post/thread is to create as clear a picture of the infiltrators as possible for activists worldwide.

If you wish to post about the bourgeois press then please post here.

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US Knew Tunisian Gov. Rotten Corrupt

17-01-2011 22:58

Bin Alis demolition ?
New Wikileaks: US Knew Tunisian Gov. Rotten Corrupt, Supported Ben Ali Anyway ... The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten released a series of US diplomatic cables from 2006 on massive and pervasive corruption and nepotism in Tunisia and its effect on economic development and social problems. The cables show that the United States government was fully aware of the dangerous and debilitating level of corruption in Tunisia, and its anti-democratic implications. But they raise the question of whether Washington was wise to make Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, despite his clear foibles, the pillar of its North Africa policy because of his role, as a secular strongman, in repressing Muslim movements (as William MacLean of Reuters argues).

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PARIS FRANCE infiltration information

17-01-2011 13:14

This was published as comment on 15th jan

We republish here and will follow with a reply

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We Will Not Be Disrupted

17-01-2011 02:34

Disruption is one of the purposes of political policing and infiltration by the likes of Mark Kennedy and whoever Lyn and Marcos really are. As a counter to depression and disintegration, let’s look at how the pieces are falling from all this and think how to re-organise.

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The Mark Kennedy story just confirms what we knew all along

16-01-2011 21:09

Nearly two years on from the furore over the G20 protests, what many long suspected has finally been confirmed: the police are infiltrating the climate movement. Most of what I'd want to say about the unfolding saga of undercover cop Mark Kennedy is summed up by this very good piece in the New Internationalist, written by Danny Chivers, one of the defendants at the Ratcliffe trial. But, as someone who spent a lot of time in my old job trying to highlight the police's unacceptable attitude to the environmental movement, here for what it's worth is my two pence...

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Kennedy and Nick Stern

16-01-2011 18:11

Who is Nick Stern? He holds the copyright of a picture taken when Kennedy was undercover and also the recent pictures where he looks a bit more like a copper.

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Contact details for the NPOIU

16-01-2011 17:06

Am putting this up as there is a lot of interest in the NPOIU.
This information is from 2002.

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Mark Kennedy is planning to sue the state

16-01-2011 11:19

Sources close to exposed undercover police officer PC Mark Stone have revealed that he is currently laying the ground work to bring a case against his former employers for neglecting their duty of care towards his mental and physical wellbeing.