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Attack in Bristol for Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

17 January Group | 18.01.2011 12:53 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

In the early morning of 17 January, two telecommunications utilities vehicles, of British Telecom, were set on fire in Bristol.

This attack was made in solidarity with with Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and all those who are fighting inside and outside the prison walls.

We denounce the trial against the accused and imprisoned of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire. We denounce all trials, refusing to recognise the authority of the State and its judicial apparatus.

We send comradely greetings to the imprisoned cell of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and say that we recognise ourselves, our actions and our ideas in a common project of destruction.

We salute all rebellious and revolutionary prisoners and all people rising up against capitalism and the State.

Long Live Anarchy!

For an international informal anarchist federation.

17 January Group

17 January Group


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