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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Ludicrous Assumptions

19-11-2006 03:21

Ludicrous assumptions are many but perhaps the most absurd is the assumption that those who steal the greater percentage of available wealth and continue to implement economic strategies designed to enslave are (somehow) safe and secure. From the Pacific islands to the pitch battles in Mainland China, exploited people of the world are retaliating against injustice.

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Four recent cartoons (by Latuff)

18-11-2006 22:33

White washing Israeli war crimes
Copyleft artworks by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terrorism.

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Payback: 100 Melbourne Police violently attack G20 Festive Gathering

18-11-2006 16:51

Police violently subdue G20 protestor
The G20 meeting of Finance Ministers, World Bank, IMF and Reserve Bank Governors is occurring in Melbourne and has met with local protests and street confrontations with police. A festive gathering of G20 protestors on Saturday night was violently broken up by the police. One must asume this is a payback operation for protests earlier in the day breaching police barricades and even damaging a police riot unit vehicle.

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Video of Occupation of Cardiff Castle for Palestine

17-11-2006 17:55

Video of Occupation of Cardiff Castle November 15 2006

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IDAHO-to lead gay decrim' campaign at UN

17-11-2006 14:41

Intl Day Agianst Homophobia organization launches major UN campaign today

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OutRage!- demo against poss Iran Arab executions-Sat 18th

17-11-2006 14:14

OutRage! is holding an emergency demo against the possible execution of 10 Arabs in Iran. Iran Embassy -London 1-3pm Sat 18 Nov..

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A Rossport solidarity video

17-11-2006 12:27

Here is a short video in support of the people of Mayo who are struggling against Shell's destruction of theor environent.

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Office Occupation at Oricas Head Office in Melbourne

17-11-2006 10:06

Close to one hundred protesters occupied Oricas chemical services department in Melbourne early this afternoon. The protesters gathered due to concerns over Oricas track record s in transportation blunders of dangerous chemicals and their involvement with the Barricks, Lake Cowal Gold Project.

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One two three four take a hike? from g20 today

17-11-2006 08:34

Falun Dafa stole the show, but I missed the action at Orica - though there were enough cameras around that somebody ought to be able to report?

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Please Email, Phone or Write Today In Support Of Tortured Filipino Anarchists

16-11-2006 14:55

Please take a minute to email, phone, fax, or write in support of The Sagada 11, young anarchists falsely accused of a Maoist guerilla attack and tortured in The Philippines. Today, November 17th is an international action day for them! A sample letter and contact details for officials follow this short description of the background to the case...

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November 17th - Action Day for the Sagada11

16-11-2006 10:05

Actionreport November 17th- International Action Day for the Sagada11

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International Day of Action for David Hicks

16-11-2006 07:20

Close Guantanamo! Bring David Home!
David Hicks: Five years in hell. Close Guantanamo! Bring David Home!

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Muslim student's victory against leading University

15-11-2006 22:45

Nasser Amin's long-running legal battle with the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London over free speech ends in victory

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The Responsiveness of British Police to Islamic Fundamentalism

15-11-2006 21:09

While the British Metropolitan police were quick to raid Safa Einollahi's house and suspect him for "terrorist" activities, or shoot Jean-Charles Menendez, the innocent Brazilian, five times in the head, they seem to be some what more lethargic in moving against the real threats against this country.

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Iran executes another gay man.....

15-11-2006 16:20

News posted on -Nov 15th...

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New terror warnings issued to justify policies of war and repression

15-11-2006 10:47

The overwhelming popular opposition to the Iraq war manifested in the US elections and the resulting weakening of the Bush administration have raised concerns in Britain’s ruling circles. There is fear that the anti-war and anti-Bush vote in America might become a catalyst for popular opposition in Britain to the crisis-ridden Blair government and its policies of war abroad and attacks on working class living standards and democratic rights at home.

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Massacre in Chiapas:6 Women,3 Men, 2 Children, Assassinated in Lacandona Jungle

15-11-2006 00:54

Massacre in Chiapas: Six Women, Three Men, Two Children, Assassinated in Montes Azules
mexico for a holiday, drugs and rockanroll, WHO is behind all this? for how long?

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Protest @ Mexican Embassy - 6pm - Mon 20th Nov - Solidarity with Oaxaca!

14-11-2006 18:39

Please FWD this callout!