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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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UK State Racial Hate Machinery Grinds On

14-05-2011 17:20

The five young men arrested for daring to be brown-skinned in Cumbria (aka behaving suspiciously near Sellafield nuclear plant) have all been released without charge [1] - and had not, contrary to MSM lies [2], been taking photographs of the plant.

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Call-Out For Solidarity With Greek Struggle, May 13-15

12-05-2011 14:12


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Demo Against Santander (Brighton branch) - Fri 13 May 4pm -6.30pm

12-05-2011 13:53

Meet outside Santander on 56 Western Road.
Santander invests in cluster bombs.
Cluster bombs are brightly-coloured lethal bomblets which can be mistaken for toys by children. In Libya, Spanish versions have rained down on unarmed residents of Misrata.

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Solidarity actions to Simos Seisidis in London

12-05-2011 11:52

Solidarity actions for Simos Seisidis in London

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The serious injury of demonstrator Yiannis K. and the attempted police cover-up

12-05-2011 08:41

Regarding the extremely serious injury of demonstrator Yiannis K. and the attempted cover-up by the police

Yiannis K., who is currently intubated in a critical condition at the intensive care unit of the Nikaia Hospital in Athens having received murderous blows to his head by the Riot Police, was one of the thousands of demonstrators who participated in the General Strike demonstration of May 11th. More specifically, during the entire demonstration – including the moment when he was attacked at Panepistimiou Ave – Yiannis was in the block of the assembly of resistance and solidarity of Kypseli/ Patision.

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I'm glad Indymedia UK is still here!

11-05-2011 20:56

I'm sure this constitutes "non-news" but it does also constitute a collective sense of relief at still having an open publishing platform to express whatever's on your mind....

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Commemorating Palestine's Nakba

11-05-2011 16:27

This year, Israel's Independence Day theme was "Looking after one another - the year of mutual care," denied anyone not Jewish, especially Palestinians, but also Israeli Arabs, one-fifth of the population treated more like a fifth column than citizens.

President Shimon Peres and other Israeli officials ignore its decades of slaughter, destruction, and ruthlessness against regional Arabs, belying any notion of morality. Palestinians understand well, by far paying the greatest price, ongoing daily.

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Greek general strike: 1 comatose demonstrator, dozens wounded.

11-05-2011 15:23

One person, described on athens.indymedia as being struck on the head with a truncheon, leading to severe hemmorage. Not yet clear whether he will survive. The local hospital collective came out and said something about police brutality.

Dozens of others injuired, police in one hospital sking about injured

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Mark Kennedy - Billy No Mates

11-05-2011 13:41


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FIT cops cover up attack on Ian Tomlinson

11-05-2011 10:02

Steve Discombe CO2558

Two years ago, FIT cops Steve Discombe, Alan Palfrey and Ryan Cowlin stood only feet away from Ian Tomlinson when he was hit by PC Harwood, a blow which led to Tomlinson’s death. But, according to an IPCC report out today, they claim to have seen very little of the attack and didn’t even bother to include it in a written report. In fact they appear to have done everything they could to prevent the truth becoming known.

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Iranian refugees suspend Hunger Strike after 37 days -- "the fight goes on"

10-05-2011 18:54

6 may demo 1 © 2011 Peter Marshall
The six Iranian activists protesting against the Home Office in Croydon and central London will stop their hunger strike tomorrow (Wednesday 11 May). They are calling for supporters to join them outside the Amnesty International head office (1 Easton St, London WC1) at 12 noon tomorrow, where they will cut the stitches sealing their mouths.

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Lips are sealed NIL by mouth

10-05-2011 16:25

Iranian Hunger Strikers and Petition submission by Peacestrike to 10 Downing Street

It is now 35 days since they started their action.

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Radio Kebele! interview RAMONA AFRICA on the 26th anniversary of states's attack

10-05-2011 13:05

Radio Kebele! interviewed RAMONA AFRICA about the 26th anniversary of the bombing of MOVE in Philadelphia, United States.

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We Will Rise! - Song for our times

09-05-2011 21:18

We will rise! Sung by Côr Gobaith by Dr Vole, Zayeet & Paula Boulton written for Côr Gobaith, Dec 2010-Jan 2011 recorded live at Transition Llambed's party, Lampeter, 26 Feb 2011

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Met police compensate 'Samaritan' they abused

09-05-2011 17:46

Metropolitan Police make four-figure payout to "Samaritan" abused by a Camden officer, after his complaints were not upheld by the Met and IPCC.