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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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New Evidence Shows that Icelandic Police Lied about Mark Kennedy

03-05-2011 13:00

Icelandic police "deal" with Mark Kennedy
New Photographic Evidence Shows that Icelandic Police Lied about their Dealings with Mark Kennedy

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New Leeds ABC website launched

03-05-2011 12:11

As part of our activities for Mayday 2011, Leeds Anarchist Black Cross have launched a new dedicated website.

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Ian Tomlinson Verdict Jury Deciding Now

03-05-2011 10:58

Ian Tomlinson was murdered by a copper during the g20 protests a couple of years ago - the jusy at the inquest into his death are right now considering their verdict....please follow the news today and wait for their answer. thank you.

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Keep the A's out of San Jose

03-05-2011 10:07

we need your help!

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Advice for Anyone in the March 26 Black Bloc

02-05-2011 20:39

Having recently been nicked by the Met and witnessed several squats being raided in a mass fishing expedition. A quick bit of information for those who think their name or photo may be on their list seemed in order

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Demo this Friday in London: Support the Iranian Hunger Strikers

02-05-2011 15:51

Six Iranian refugees are now reaching their fifth week of a hunger strike to demand asylum in the UK and protest against mistreatment by the Home Office. This Friday we will march to the Home Office in Westminster to join our voices with their courage in demanding fair treatment for refugees.

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Facebook uses implication IDs to track link sources

02-05-2011 13:00

The following link will not work as I have altered my implication ID to the number 666 and so facebook rejects the forward. Apart from me changing the ID, this is right click copy address.

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police computer seizures - an alert to activists

02-05-2011 00:56

speaking recently to several people caught up in the pre-wedding police raids on squats, a pattern has emerged. having just read a guardian article on snoop software supplied to governments, i offer an alert to activists who may have had computer equipment seized.

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Stop these attacks on our right to protest - defend the Fortnum 145

01-05-2011 15:57

Protest outside the hearing of Fortnum & Mason anti-cuts occupiers
MONDAY 9th MAY, 9am
70 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 2AX
Called by Defend The Right To Protest, in support of the Fortnum145 defendants campaign - - details at end, below

On 26 March, around 140 people were arrested and detained for taking part in the occupation of Fortnum & Mason to highlight tax avoidance. Their protest was peaceful, as documented by eyewitness reports and video footage. They were told by police that they were free to leave – but as soon as the protestors left the building they were arrested. The occupiers now face charges of aggravated trespass and the possibility of a prison sentence.

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MET manufactures threat and then contains it!!!

01-05-2011 09:31

It was never going to be convenient for the cops to admit that all their intelligence was pointing towards the fact most anarchists couldn’t care less about a couple of toffs getting married. Having endured not only the humiliation of a large mobile black bloc on 26th March, but also the earlier debacle of escorting Charles and Camilla’s car straight into a public order situation, the Met were in desperate need of restoring some credibility.

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IMC UK Shut Down #IMCUKshutdown

01-05-2011 07:32

The Bradford consensus decision is invalid on two counts if it was the intention, deliberate or otherwise, to expel Group A from the global network.

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Spies and Infiltrators

30-04-2011 20:20

Does anybody recognise this man?

Covert Human Intelligence Sources

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Statement from Queer Resistance re: Events on 29th April in Soho Square London

30-04-2011 16:25

On 29th April Queer Resistance the LGBTQI anti-cuts collective planned a Royal Zombie Wedding Celebration in Soho incorporating a picnic breakfast, performances, a zombie blessing and marriage ceremony by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence followed by a zombie flash mob through Soho.

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Pro-Iranian officers in Syria's ruling clique plot coup against Assad

30-04-2011 08:25

US President Barack Obama signed an executive order Friday April 29 imposing sanctions on members of the Assad family for brutality against civilian protesters after learning that pro-Iranian officers and intelligence chiefs within the ruling family and top military command were conspiring to overthrow President Bashar Assad.
The sanctions order also named the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) for aiding the Syrian crackdown.

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Latuff: download all my cartoons in support of the brave Syrian people here

30-04-2011 08:06

As the brave Syrian people are mown down in their hundreds by Assad's pan-Arab fascist regime, aided by Hezb'allah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (Al Quds division), here are all my latest cartoons in their support.

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Riot in Kelvingrove park, Glasgow

29-04-2011 19:21

Apparently in Glasgow a non political, unofficial street party of the kind encouraged by Cameron himself, has been attacked by police.

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solidarity gathering at the chilean embassy (28/04/2011)

29-04-2011 14:06

solidarity gathering at the chilean embassy (28/04/2011)

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Ten anti-monarchists detained in Charing Cross

29-04-2011 12:22

Ten anti-monarchists, young socialists and anarchists, have been stopped, searched, surrounded and detained by police near Trafalgar Square.

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Resistance in Bristol

29-04-2011 02:12

Resistance to police state methods and brutality is ongoing in Bristol as a second riot breaks out on Stokes Croft. Police brutally attack protestors at Stokes Croft and rampage as far north as Cheltnam Road, Bishopston (see video). Rioting in St. Pauls as well with Tesco attacked. Prison riot rumoured at Horfield nick.