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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Homophobes riot against serbia pride event

10-10-2010 22:12

Church and culturally endorsed homophobia still runs wild in Serbia, where today a Belgrade pride parade suffered the attacks of several hundred bigots. The majority of clashes seem to be between cops and bigots. Win win I suppose, although it's obviously never that simple.

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Animal Abusers in Hackney

10-10-2010 15:21

Trendy vintage boutique Pelican Paradise displays heads of Butchered Animals for sale

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Democracy Rally, Breaching the Fencing, London - Pictures.

10-10-2010 13:49

Imprisoned in Parliament Square.
As the United Kingdom approaches a direct confrontation between domestic and foreign policy funding, and as the situation in Afghanistan begins to darken ominously with sponsored media sources around the world changing tack on the ninth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan, anti-war campaigners gather in Parliament Square after a rally in St James Park to forcibly enter the Square in order to assert their right to protest against the war.

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HLS site demos

10-10-2010 12:02

On 21st and 22nd October 2010 there will be demonstrations at both laboratories.

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Media disinformation: Washington's "Regime Change Hit List": Iran versus Hondura

10-10-2010 08:52

Honduran people protest against the US-sponsored coup, June 2009
It would be hard to find a better test of the integrity of the establishment U.S. media than in their comparative treatment of Iran and Honduras over the past couple of years (2009-2010).

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Amsterdam: and the squatting ban

09-10-2010 17:08

A report of the last few weeks in Amsterdam in relation to the squatting ban and rising tensions in the city.

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BBC: The Ministry of Information

09-10-2010 09:20

BBC: The Ministry of Information
It has become increasingly clear that the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and its News departments are making a concerted effort to misinform and mislead the public.

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English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson asks EDL members to leave :Youtube

09-10-2010 03:18

The English Defence League is facing a major upheaval after EDL leader Tommy Robinson addressed the EDL members and told them that some members had to go following accusations of theft of money, rumour mongering and other problems. Tommy Robinson has made a short film based on The Muppets called The John Snowy Shaw Show. Granny Doris has also been ejected along with others in EDL.

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Leicestershire Old Bill Land in hot water today

08-10-2010 21:03

They propose plans to issue their own exclusive press card for the Saturday 9 Oct EDL Demo

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Austerity? Everyone to Downing St, Oct 20th 6pm

08-10-2010 18:20

Everyone To The Streets on October 20th please!
A leaflet to inspire the huddled masses to prepare themselves for the announcement of the Government's cuts programme on Wednesday 20th October. Two marches are heading in the direction of Downing St and a protest is planned outside No.10 to greet and disdain this vile assault upon the population.

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Birmingham Tory Party Conference demo - in photos (continued)

07-10-2010 15:44

Photos of the march that took place Sunday the 3rd of October in Birmingham to protest the Tory Party Conference

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Birmingham Tory Party Conference demo - in photos

07-10-2010 15:34

This one says it all
Photos of the march that took place Sunday the 3rd of October in Birmingham to protest the Tory Party Conference

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Call for support action days with belarussian arrestants on 14-16 of october

07-10-2010 09:49

Arrests and searches are still going in Belarus. We call to support belarussian activists on international solidarity days 14-16 of october.

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Video and photo report from the Tory Party Conference protest

06-10-2010 23:44

On Sunday 3rd October, around 6000 people gathered to protest against the cuts planned by the Tory government at their party conference in Birmingham. The entire area around the ICC (International Convention Centre) became an exclusion zone with 15ft high metal barriers erected. West Midlands police had originally agreed that the march organised by the Right to Work campaign could go ahead, but soon reneged on their promise. On the day the march was of a standard A to B affair: colourful banners, a variety of blocs from different unions, but it took a ramshackle route through Birmingham city centre's side streets, resembling a tour of the 'city living' upmarket apartments more than a visible and vocal protest march. It was obvious to all present that political manoeuvring had taken place to minimise the political efficacy and visibility of the march. This was not helped by the Right to Work campaign stewards 'liaising' with West Midlands police to compromise protesters who identified themselves as anarchists. Chris Banbury, an SWP member and RTW steward allegedly threatened protesters holding a banner with 'arrest' if they did not move from the front of the march.

Tory Party Conference protest video

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Radical Workers Bloc - London, October 23rd Poster

05-10-2010 23:19

Web image
Poster for the Radical Workers Bloc - London, October 23rd

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FBI Raids Activists' Homes in Sinister COINTELPRO Replay

05-10-2010 16:35

"With Friday's raids, the federal government under "change" huckster Barack Obama, has taken their repressive program to a whole new level, threatening activists with the specter of being charged with providing "material support of terrorism." A felony conviction under this draconian federal law (Title 18, Part I, Chapter 113B, § 2339B) carries a 15 year prison term."

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What now? Beyond the CPC, a look at what went wrong.

05-10-2010 16:23

Ok, so we are back home now, bruised but far from beaten, obviously there were some rather glaring failures of the Unauthorised March which we will cover first. Then we will move onto post march actions and how we can look at future resistance in our communities.

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RTW Steward threatens protesters and tries to get them nicked.

05-10-2010 11:46

After unveiling our banner at the front before the march left off on Sunday we were told "Put that banner away or ill get you all nicked"

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Camden clampers clamped then towed away an OAP's wheelchair.

05-10-2010 01:40

We all get old, each one of us. Indymedia is a tool for reporting on social injustices so we are posting this. Clampers in Camden clamped then towed away a wheelchair belonging to an old aged pensioner. Local youth filmed the outraegous attack and tried to stop the clampers. They told the men who were taking the wheelchair "You are atrocious" and they are absolutely right!

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Free Diop Olugbala

05-10-2010 01:16

Diop faces sentencing on Oct. 13 - Call & email the judge!

Mondays and Tuesdays: October 4, 5, 11 & 12
Judge Roxanne Covington
call: 215-683-7142

Tell her to reverse Diop's conviction. No charges, no sentence!

Your calls have been effective throughout this case - forcing the State to change judges three times. We need to let this judge know that we won't stop fighting until Diop is free!

Let us know you called or emailed:
Send reports of calls and cc: your letters to