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Austerity? Everyone to Downing St, Oct 20th 6pm

Eric N Ernie | 08.10.2010 18:20 | Public sector cuts | Repression | Workers' Movements

A leaflet to inspire the huddled masses to prepare themselves for the announcement of the Government's cuts programme on Wednesday 20th October. Two marches are heading in the direction of Downing St and a protest is planned outside No.10 to greet and disdain this vile assault upon the population.

On Weds 20th October, two marches are converging at Downing Street at 6pm

1) Student March to Downing street: Assemble 4pm outside ULU, Malet Street

2) Camden Trades Council March to Downing Street: Assemble 5.00pm at Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Marches will join the Coalition of Resistance Rally at Downing Street: Assemble 6pm

Whether you support the Coalition of Resistance Rally or not, seems like a good place to start the street protests against the cuts, the Con-Dems, oh and capitalism itself! By the way, you are not obliged to protest only at No.10. The world is our oyster!

Top tips from the past -

Keep mobile
Avoid the coppers' kettles
Choose your own terrain for actions

Have fun on streets!

Eric N Ernie


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