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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Euromayday Arrests Update

08-08-2005 16:02

Two people arrested and charged during London Mayday 2005 action in court today (Monday August 8th)

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Akha wife of American Activist Persecuted By US Immigration

08-08-2005 14:59

Akha-US Family Stranded in South East Asia
An Akha woman from Thailand who together with her American husband Matthew McDaniel fought to protect Akha human rights in Thailand has repeatedly seen her visa to the US delayed. The family sees this as direct retaliation for their human rights work.

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Parliament Square protest video

08-08-2005 13:37

7min video of Parliament Square protests 7/8/2005

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Craig Murray on the death of Robin Cook

08-08-2005 12:07

Blair arranged Robin Cook’s defeat at Cabinet when Cook wanted to stop the export of British Aerospace Hawk jets to the Suharto regime of Indonesia, which has a strong history of vicious repression of its disparate peoples. I was told by a Cabinet Minister who sided with Cook, that Blair managed Cook’s cabinet defeat in as confrontational and humiliating a manner as possible.

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No2ID campaign meeting in Oxford

08-08-2005 10:30

The local No2ID group for Oxfordshire, based in Oxford, is meeting this week to discuss opposing the introduction of ID Cards and the Database State, and are part of the national No2ID Card campaign (

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Remembering the ESF

08-08-2005 00:39

Good article from a person who's eyes were opened to the dark side of left/reformism social change.

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Parliament Square - Study of the Right to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly

08-08-2005 00:14

This article contains reference material and legal background to the right to freedom of peaceful assembly.

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Palestine at the Festival!

07-08-2005 18:57

This is a short account with 9 photos of the cavalcade at the start of the Edinburgh fringe festival in which the DabkaTroupe from Nablus, Palestine took part.

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Parliament Square Demockracy

07-08-2005 17:12

defiant arrestee
this afternoon police arrested another five protestors under draconian new legislation that bans any protest not agreed with police in advance. the ban applies to just one or more people in a large exclusion zone around parliament and government buildings. a prospective protestor is supposed to apply to police a week before the demo, and they have the right to ban the protest, or enforce all sorts of restrictions on it without any independent judge, effectively giving them political power over citizens in this area.

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Parliament protests still go ahead

07-08-2005 16:25

Protestors unfurl banner on the green outside parliament
Around 100 people demonstrated outside the Houses of Parliament for two hours. Five people were arrested as police tried to enforce the new law preventing assembly outside the building.

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07-08-2005 15:51

Video of arrests in Parliament Square today.

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"Shame on you" cries crowd as police arrest 5

07-08-2005 15:46

Protestors assemble with banner
"Shame on you, shame on you..." chanted the crowd as police arrested 5 in Parliament Square today.

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General strike has spread all Kurdish cities in Iran

07-08-2005 12:57

The Iranian Government has unleashed unprecedented attack on Kurdish People
in different cities of Kurdistan , by murdering and committing of atrocities, massive
arrests. Now, an unannounced curfew is governing in all parts of the Iranian

Majority of Kurdish people in Kurdistan of Iran has joined the today 07/08/05 General strike.

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Cook resigns for ever from Blair's bellicose bunch

07-08-2005 12:56

Cook: "History will be astonished at the diplomatic miscalculations that led so quickly to the disintegration of that powerful coalition."

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Report from the Occupied Territories, Friday, 5 August 2005

07-08-2005 04:10

Bil'in, where peaceful demonstration are brutally dispersed by the Occupation Army, is a victim of the infamous Apatheid Wall, that takes away 60% of its agricultural lands.

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August 1: Parliament Square - video

06-08-2005 20:46

Police use Serious Organised Crime and Police Bill on peaceful protesters for the first time.

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Balata drama group tour arrive at Edinburgh!

06-08-2005 10:04

This is a short report with 7 photos of the arrival of the Balata drama group from Palestine at Edinburgh airport on Friday 5th August.

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Defend Eucharia and Timeyi Campaign - Saturday 13th August 2005

05-08-2005 20:44

The DETC is campaigning to save the life of Eucharia and her four-year-old son who are threatened with deportation to Nigeria, from where they fled after members of their family were killed. Eucharia's husband and six-year-old daughter disappeared and have not been seen or heard of since.

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Braced for Martial Law

05-08-2005 18:32

State Sponsored Terrorism in Your Face

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05-08-2005 14:38

The US Defense Science Board has recommended that a covert counterterrorist force be established. The Proactive, Preemptive Operation Group will 'stimulate' reactions from terror groups prodding them into action so that they can be attacked. A classic application of the Hegelian Dialectic.